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Hydrated Skin with Asian Skin Solution

Hi Loves!

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Asian Skin Solution for their Hydrocare water boost treatment and it makes me happy to be sharing about this fantastic facial treatment with you all!

There is a very chic waiting area for customers and guests right next to their counter at the entrance area:

After arriving and checking in at the counter, I was ushered into the consultation room for a diagnosis of my skin and its condition.

So the Asian Skin Solution therapist use a device to snap photos of my skin on various spots on my face; forehead, cheek, nose and chin. And the smart diagnosis tool then proceeded to analyse my skin condition based on these factors: Pores, Spots, Wrinkles, Impurities and Keratin.

So apparently my skin condition was not very good. Intensive care is needed with respect to Impurities and Keratin followed by Moisture, Pores, Spots. It was a very sobering diagnosis for my skin condition and I am reminded to drink more water and start taking my collagen supplements religiously again, hahaha! Thankfully the condition of Wrinkles on my skin is Optimum, yay!

After the diagnosis and consultation we proceeded to the private facial room and I changed and prepared for the facial. The Hydrocare Water Boost Treatment includes make up removal (if any), cleansing, misting (to open up your pores), extraction, oxygen jet, massage, mask, application of moisturizer and sunblock.

Having my face cleansed and prepped before misting:

Therapist applying softener to hasten the softening of the skin during misting to prep for extraction, so it will not be so painful.

The application of oxygen jet on my face was a very enjoyable experience~

The hydrating mask was cooling and had a sweet fruity scent:

Very satisfied with the immediate hydrating and brightening effects of the facial!:

Asian Skin Solution also offers their own in-house skincare products; R.Defence sunblock with SPF 35 that whitens and protects skin from harmful UV rays as well as R.H2O serum, a lightweight formula that hydrates the skin instantly for long lasting moisture:

In partnership with the good folks over at Asian Skin Solution, we are giving away this very pampering session by Asian Skin Solution – Hydrocare Water Boost Treatment for just $38 (actual price at $250)! Kindly PM to Asian Skin Solution Official Facebook Page for redemption with this code <ASS-Ena>, limited to the first 20 readers/followers! And if you would like to have a bottle of complimentary exclusive R.Genes serum (actual price at $150) during treatment, be sure to give Asian Skin Solution official Facebook Page a thumbs up and share! **Terms and Conditions Apply. Results of treatment do vary for each individual.

Overall I will definitely recommend Asian Skin Solution’s Hydrocare Water Boost Treatment for its deeply hydrating and immediately brightening effects. I find that this hydrating facial is a very safe treatment for most local asian skin types in our hot and humid weather. I also look forward to going back to Asian Skin Solution next time to check if my skin diagnosis improves with treatments in time!

You can visit Asian Skin Solution at their outlets here:

Asian Skin Solution @ Paya Lebar Square (Paya Lebar MRT) 60 Paya Lebar Road #B1-37/40/41, S(409051)

Asian Skin Solution @ Square 2 (Novena MRT) 10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19, S(307506)

Be sure to call in first to book your appointment before heading down! You can contact them via their Facebook page here:

Thank you Asian Skin Solution for this review invitation and sponsorship!


For Vitality & Radiance – Hao Yi Kang’s Collagen Beauty Essence

Hi Loves!

Today I’d like to share about a new beauty supplement in the market – Hao Yi Kang’s Collagen Beauty Essence!

Before we go into the Collagen Beauty Essence let me share a little about the brand.

Hao Yi Kang is the official sole distributor of Lao Xie Zhen products. Established in 1928, Lao Xie Zhen is a well-known brand in Taiwan. Being in the industry for 9 decades, Lao Xie Zhen prides itself for bringing the best to its consumers, as a favorable and trustworthy brand.

And more about the Premium Ingredients that’s found in the Collagen Beauty Essence here:

Hao Yi Kang’s Collagen Beauty Essence is a proprietary formula that consists of Japan patented Nano Collagen Peptide and 4 plant-based ingredients that are rich in Plant Polyphenols and Vitamin C to achieve glowing radiance from within.

Beauty Collagen Essence

Proprietary Formula from Japan Formulated with Collagen, Plant Polyphenols & Vitamin C to boost production and absorption of collagen by the body

Premium Collagen

Purest and highest grade of Japan Patented Nano Fish Collagen Peptide 5000mg

Lower molecular weight allows quicker absorption of collagen into the body within 1 hour

Plant-based Ingredients

Beetroot, Figs, Hawthorn & Acerola Cherries

100% Natural

No preservatives, additives & artificial colouring Zero fats & cholesterol


❑ Achieve anti-aging

❑ Protect against radical damage

❑ Improve skin complexion & elasticity

❑ Lock in skin moisture & prevent loss of collagen

❑ Promote natural collagen production within the body

❑ Repair joints

❑ Aid in digestion

❑ Boost metabolism

❑ Aid in iron absorption

❑ Help with wound healing

Suggested Intake 

A sachet before breakfast
Start the day with beauty and vitality

A sachet right before bed.
Wake up to a glowing complexion.

20s Beauty Plan:

Build up skin foundation Consume 1 pack every 2 days

30s Beauty Plan:

Maintain youthful skin Consume 1 pack daily

40s Beauty Plan:

Pair 1 pack daily with our Chicken Essence for a nourished and radiant complexion.

I’ve been taking this Collagen Beauty Essence almost daily for more than week now. It’s beetroot in colour and tastes like a sweet fruit concentrate – you can’t smell or taste the nano fish collagen at all! I usually have it in room temperature in the morning on an empty stomach. I like the added boost of energy that I get from drinking this beauty essence in the morning and I find that my skin is also more hydrated from within.

I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a Collagen Beauty Essence supplement especially if you are unable to have a healthy diet due to your lifestyle and need a booster. It will also make a great pre-wedding or get well soon gift for friends! 

Thank you Hao Yi Kang for the products for review! Visit their website and shop here~



Fresh Copper Colour with LEEKAJA Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Hi guys! Yesterday I made a trip to LEEKAJA Beauty Salon for a fresh coat of hair colour – been wanting to get a copper colour on my hair for a while, after watching Korean dramas and seeing it on a few actresses – muahaha. Where better to get this colour done then the korean hair salon in Singapore – LEEKAJA Beauty Salon?! 😀

LEEKAJA is one of the top hair salons in Korea with more than 200 salons all over the world (see their official website here) and their first flagship store in Singapore is located at Mandarin Gallery, Orchard. 

This is their front desk / reception area. What’s interesting about the LEEKAJA store is its very leafy and green environment that feels like a garden mixed with raw, industrial materials that makes for a very relaxed environment when you enter and during the length of your stay. I’d say the atmosphere is very welcoming and makes you want to go back again. A very unique experience that you can’t find in other hair salons in Singapore (except Walking on Sunshine, their sister branch, haha).

They even sell Cactus, something I find really random and unusual, hahaha!

I had the pleasure to be attended to by Senior Hair Stylist Sam, I had wanted a bright copper colour and would need to bleach my hair to achieve the effect. But as I had rebonded my hair two months back, it’s not advisable for me to bleach my hair as it might damage it. So Sam suggested for me to proceed with the copper colour without bleaching and that he would add a booster during the dye process so we can still achieve a more vibrant effect – yeah! 😀

What’s really lovely about LEEKAJA Beauty Salon is that it houses an in-house, not open to public cafe that serves visiting clients complimentary light bites and drinks like tea, coffee, green tea latte and even wines if you fancy! I had a cup of green tea with roasted rice blend with mini coffee madelines and a second cup of green tea latte at Sam’s recommendation. Yummy!

A picture at my station, hello!

A quick “before” look – straight rebonded hair, fading hair colour with my dark hair roots showing, a new hair colour is due!

During the process of getting my new hair colour… picture taken with SNOW app – in case you’re wondering why I have on a pair of specs out of nowhere, muahaha.

I also noticed from the IPad placed at each station that they use their own in-house hair care range, when Sam used the shampoo to wash off the dye – it smells amazing! The IPad also serves as a mini TV to show their current promotions – including a new facial salon, Civasan brought in from Korea as well. More on that at the end of this post!

Another remarkable aspect of LEEKAJA is the vast size of the salon – easily two to three times the size of a regular hair salon. The reason being they house various stylists ranging from Junior Hair Stylists, Senior Hair Stylists to Hair Directors who have their own spaces to attend to their own private clients, up to three at a time. Really amazing concept!

One of the open stations area with hair perming equipment and hair wash corner at the back.

This is one of the director “rooms”, there are a few more but it was not convenient for me to snap pictures as there were customers, haha.

This is their VIP room… it’s very private and cosy, isn’t it?

If you’re planning to attend a big event and pressed for time, you can even make appointment to have your nails and hair done at the same time! LEEKAJA Beauty Salon have their own in-house nail manicurist who can attend to your nail-care and needs. If you happen to visit when she’s not attending to customers, you might even get a complimentary nail buff session.

Pedicure corner – those chairs look super comfy!

A whole array of nail polishes and tools for your mani and pedis!

And… here are the “After” pics with my new and fresh copper hair colour! Yippee! 🙂 And a picture with Sam – thanks for today, it’s lovely chatting with you as well!

More pictures under a different/brighter light so you can see a more accurate colour representation of my new Copper hair colour!!!

I’m very happy with the new colour… I also like the loose curls… yes I know I just rebonded my hair not long ago – but I already want to have longer hair with loose curls perm done sometime end of the year! I seem to have lots of hair ideas for this year – I blame it on watching Korean dramas! Hahaha. 😛

I believe you can see how much I’ve enjoyed the session as well – and will most definitely recommend you to visit LEEKAJA Beauty Salon with your bff so you can get your hair cut/colour/treatment at the same time while sipping drinks and catching up!

Something of note – LEEKAJA is not exclusive to ladies – I saw a lot of men getting their hair trimmed while I was there – so guys, you might want to check this place out too!

Before I end off with their September promo and contact details, here are some pics of their sister brand, Civasan facial salon!

It’s very gold due to the lightning at the mall – but the walls are white and the entire space looks very modern, futuristic at the same time, I love it!

Here you go – the white walls with black edges and pink accents – mad love!

This is the makeup area for guests to primp up after their facials! They literally opened just 1 week ago and they’re just one floor above LEEKAJA – so  if you’re looking for a facial place right before or after your hair cut/colour/treatment at LEEKAJA – you know where to go!

For the month of September 2019, they are also running a $100 promotion off on hair treatment with any of their hair services, so if you’re looking to get a hair cut and treatment this is a perfect promo to use!

Book your appointment with LEEKAJA Beauty Salon:

Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road #03-13
Singapore 238897
Call: 8133 0818

Thank you LEEKAJA Beauty Salon and Priscilla for the kind invite! While the hair colour service is sponsored, all thoughts and reviews are my own.