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Dejavu comes true for The Lion King

I’ll be catching The Lion King tonight and it’s gonna be a a deja vu experience come true for me!

Quite a while ago, I vividly remember dreaming about watching The Lion King musical in a setting that resembles the Sands Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, I remember the actors dressed up in animal like costumes running down the aisle to interact with the audience – it was all too real! So when I received the invitation to watch the musical a few weeks back, I remarked to my bestie that it’s a deja vu coming true for me!

I’m really excited about walking the red carpet and catching the Lion King grand premiere, touted as the World’s #1 musical with my bestie tonight! 🙂

The Lion King runs for a month starting from today until 26 August 2018, tickets start, from $65 get your tickets on Sistic website here!



Get Your Home Ready For Chinese New Year

Hi guys!

How has your 2018 been so far? If January flew by for you (as it did for me), no worries, it’s but a trial period! 😛 Chinese New Year is now round the corner (16 Feb 2018, in case you’re wondering) and it’s another opportunity to start anew!

With Chinese New Year fast arriving, places to get your Chinese New Year decorations such as Chinatown are beginning to get really crowded! That’s why for this post, I’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at online store Masons Home Decor to share how you can get your home ready for Chinese New Year with these popular decorations, so your guests and you can crush the Instagram game this festive season! 😉 

1. Wall Decoration – Stickers, Scrolls, Banners

 A must have item to usher in the Lunar New Year is a pair of red vertical banners with auspicious phrases written on them. These auspicious phrases would be in Mandarin and would indicate well wishes of joy, good health, and prosperity. The upside down ‘fu’ Mandarin character on a red background in the form of a wall sticker or hanging décor is also extremely popular. This, bundled with the vertical banners/scrolls at your door would be perfect in setting the mood right, and welcoming your guests in style.

Image from

2. Lanterns

Lanterns provide an oriental touch to any space. Most homes in Singapore are very modern and many may feel that lanterns would not suit the theme of their home décor. There are in the market however, lanterns that look extremely modern. These lanterns are not your usual traditional looking lanterns made of paper or plastic, but they are made of premium fabric. Check out Mason’s premium fabric Chinese New Year lanterns that are perfect in blending in with a modern home décor theme, and at the same time introduce an oriental festive atmosphere.

3. Red Cushions / Bean Bags

As we already know, house visiting is a huge tradition for most Chinese in Singapore. Apart from welcoming guests in style, ensuring that their comfort is not jeopardised would be a big point to note for the host! A change of linens to the red colour or the introduction of red cushions would inevitably bring about the CNY atmosphere. The colour red in the Chinese culture represents fortune and joy. If you would like to go the extra mile in providing comfort, perhaps you could even throw in a red bean bag to allow your space to accommodate to more individuals. After all, bean bags are a comfy home decor tool that can be easily moved around the home!

Image from

4. Artificial Flowers

Cherry Blossoms and Peonies are must haves when it comes to floral arrangements for the New Year. Cherry Blossoms signify longevity while Peonies are a representation of good fortune. These are two attributes that many individuals would want! These flowers are also suitable for decorating the home after the festive season ends.

Image from ebay.

5. Pineapple

In the context of Chinese New Year, Pineapples have a deeper meaning than the pineapple tart party. Yes, it is definitely a must have CNY goody, but it is also too a must have CNY décor! Pineapples are known to be lucky items. In some dialects, the term pineapple can be directly translated to ‘prosperity is here’. This is why, you can see hanging pineapple decorations in many shops or offices you visit. Having pineapple decorations all over your home would represent a home that is bound to be blessed with good prosperity and wealth.

If you’d like to beat the crowd outside, you can get your home Chinese New Year ready by shopping from Mason’s array of Chinese New Year decorationsIf you would prefer to get the whole family together to partake in some DIY CNY decoration making, check out this article here Regardless of how you are going to attain your decorations, I hope you have a great time with your family and loved ones this festive season while ushering in the celebrations!



A few of my favourites from Affordable Art Fair 2015

Hi Loves!

Back in November, I attended Affordable Art Fair 2015 with my gal pal Christabelle, just like we did last year. It’s held at F1 Pit building at Marina South.  This year there were 86 participating galleries from Singapore, Asia, Australia, America and Europe with works by 650 artists from all over the world. I have snapped a few of my favourite art works from Affordable Art Fair, sorry in advance if I don’t have the proper credit to the artists!
Affordable Art Fair 2015 001 Affordable Art Fair 2015 002 Affordable Art Fair 2015 003 Affordable Art Fair 2015 004 Affordable Art Fair 2015 005 Affordable Art Fair 2015 006 Affordable Art Fair 2015 007 Affordable Art Fair 2015 008 Affordable Art Fair 2015 009 Affordable Art Fair 2015 010 Affordable Art Fair 2015 011 Affordable Art Fair 2015 012 Affordable Art Fair 2015 013 Affordable Art Fair 2015 014 Affordable Art Fair 2015 015 Affordable Art Fair 2015 016 Affordable Art Fair 2015 017 Affordable Art Fair 2015 018

Thank you Affordable Art Fair SG and Tequila PR for the media invites to the private view before the fair opened to the public!



Cathay Motion Pictures Award 2015 Award Ceremony

Hi Loves~

Back in July, I was invited to attend Cathay Motion Pictures Award 2015 private screening and award ceremony and it was a pleasure to watch the screening of all the 15 finalists’ works.

Cathay Motion Picture Awards is an annual short film competition created to fulfil Cathay Organisation’s commitment towards the development of Singapore’s film industry. Utilising its assets in cinema exhibition as the platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talent, Cathay pioneers the path as the first and only movie exhibitor in Singapore to organise a short film competition. The winners have very attractive prizes. For results and videos, visit CMPA website here.

Cathay Motion Pictures Award 2015 Results 001 Cathay Motion Pictures Award 2015 Results 006 The lovely hosts of the evening.Cathay Motion Pictures Award 2015 Results 002 Cathay Motion Pictures Award 2015 Results 003 Cathay Motion Pictures Award 2015 Results 004 Cathay Motion Pictures Award 2015 Results 005Congrats to all the winners!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.45.28 am Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.45.36 amIt’s a tough job being the judges because a lot of the finalists are really good. My favourite short film was Zoe (super cool effects, btw), which unfortunately didn’t win the top 4 prizes. :/ All these contestants are crazy resourceful and talented, because they only had 2 days to script, produce & film and submit a video after the theme is released, so some of the directors double up as actor/actress – awesome or what right?!

Thank you Cathay Singapore for having me at the awards ceremony!

Ending of the post with a few shots with the lovely red telephone booths at Plaza Singapura… Thanks to Kenny of Kennybite Productions for these shots.

Plaza Singapura Red Telephone Booths 002 Plaza Singapura Red Telephone Booths 001



Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar at 1-Altitude

Hi Loves!

A while back, I had the chance to have my hand in dessert art making under the demonstration and teaching of pastry chef Jasmin at Stellar at 1 Altitude located at One Raffles Place. It was such a pleasure and enjoyable experience to make the beautiful and delicious desserts and to be able to taste them later! We had fun making or designing rather, a platter of desserts, two of which featuring Stellar’s best loved desserts Creme Brulee and Fireball – these are sooo good. The Creme Brulee is coated with a layer of crispy caramel and is soft inside. The Fireball is presented with a coat of fire and is a ball of chocolate goodness!  Check out the photos of the demonstration followed by our own creations below~

Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 001Always love the beautiful city scene from the top of One Raffles Place!
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 002Notes to bring home for the dessert making process.Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 003Most parts of the dessert platter was pre-made, we learnt how to design them on the platter and complete with finish touches.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 004Head chef of Stellar at 1-Altitude popped by to say hi.Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 005Just some of the tools, ingredients we used and our drinks.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 006Chef Jasmin showing us how she designs the plate with edible gold liquid.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 007And her very artistically designed and plated desserts. Completely looks like a calligraphy artwork! Chef Jasmin must be very good at calligraphy. Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 008Love the beautiful night scene in the background as Chef works on the dessert art.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 009The complete look.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 010It’s not going to be easy to duplicate this edible art piece!
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 011We try…. hahahah.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 012It was amazing and fun to play and paint with the edible gold liquid.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 013We also had fun putting the edible flowers on the dessert.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 014Our table’s completed platter. Not bad right? 😉
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 015 Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 016Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 017One more city scape for the night.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 018After the fire diminishes, you get a molten chocolate ball which is oh so good.
Dessert Art with Pastry Chef Jasmin at Stellar 1-Altitude 019Thank you Chef Jasmin, Stellar at 1-Altitude & Heat branding PR for having me at the dessert making class!

Visit Stellar at 1-Altitude:
1 Raffles Place, Level 62, Singapore 048616



Cosentino City – innovative surfaces for architecture and design

Hi Loves!

MTG Plosion 007Remember my previous post about MTG ReFa S Carat and Plosion and this photo with the various tiles? I mentioned that I would give an introduction about Cosentino, which is the brand that produces and markets these innovative surfaces for architecture and design, so here it is!

Frankly, preparing and writing this post is quite different from my usual fashion, beauty, food & travel topics but I am happy to be doing so, because architecture & interior design is definitely a topic that I love too! 🙂


If you’re like me and haven’t heard of Cosentino, fret not, because their space here in Singapore is actually pretty new too! Cosentino City, as their showroom space in Duxton is known, only launched in November last year, so this year marks its first year. However the company and brand is way more established, read more about them here:

Cosentino Group is a global, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for architecture and design. As a leading company, Cosentino imagines and anticipates together with its customers and partners design solutions that offer value and inspiration to people’ lives. This goal is made possible by pioneering brands that are leaders in their respective segments such as Silestone®, Dekton®, Eco by Cosentino® and Sensa by Cosentino®. Technologically advanced surfaces which allow create unique designs for the home and public spaces.

The group bases its development on international expansion, an innovative research and development program, respect for the environment and sustainability, and its ongoing corporate commitment to society and the local communities where it operates, education, equality and health & safety.

Cosentino Group currently distributes its products and brands in more than 80 countries, and directly manages from its headquarters in Almeria (Spain) its own facilities in more than 20 of them. 90% of Cosentino Group’s turnover comes from international markets.

Cool, huh! I may be wrong as I don’t come from an architectural and design background, but I do feel that the Cosentino is like the Hermes brand in the architecture world.  I say this because Cosentino reminds me of the private high fashion brand Hermes as both are privately owned and both have such high levels of excellence in their products. Also, beyond just marketing their products, they create such wonderful environments and also give back to society through sponsorship of artistic collaborations. In essence, brands like them inspire me!
13372_438777619617979_968502822314297499_nCosentino City’s Kitchen Showroom, is a fully functioning kitchen where cooking classes are also held at. The entire space in addition to being a showroom, is also a space for events.
11188254_462584670570607_1764111894056183953_nCosentino City’s show room with discussion & lounge space.
11403403_476172035878537_8463327606040879168_nSleek display channels integrated into the table and on screen with various tiles / surfaces. This is where Cosentino team present ideas and visual application of solutions to partners and clients. We didn’t actually see an actual presentation but I’m sure the presentations are cool, heh!
11067482_444709005691507_4986488806758737249_nThe restroom at Cosentino City is a welcomed space with the sleek design.

And we also indulged a little with a variety of Spanish food (love the link to their Spanish roots here!) from My Little Spanish Place. Although I have not  been to Spain before, so I can’t tell if the food is authentic but it sure does tastes amazing and I would love to visit the restaurant soon!
Cosentino Media Networking Event 001 Cosentino Media Networking Event 002Have I mentioned that I LOVE olives? Some people take the olives out of their pizzas, but I love the taste of them, especially the black ones in the pizzas! 🙂Cosentino Media Networking Event 003Amazing spread of food~
Cosentino Media Networking Event 004Cosentino Media Networking Event 006And we also heard a little sharing about Spanish White and Red Wines, Paco & Lola & Paco.
Cosentino Media Networking Event 005Then we heard a presentation from the Cosentino team! We watched video presentations about their works and art collaborations/sponsorship, which gets me because I’m/was an art student, hahaha. And watching the snippets of Italy made me miss my times as an art student, touring Italy so much. T_T

Before I start crying as I reminisce the old times, let me share more sleek visuals of Cosentino projects and applications!
18289_444292225733185_5514350989155870477_nDekton was applied in the outdoor exteriors of Baku Airport

Material: Dekton® by Cosentino
Application: Exterior flooring

Name: Baku Heydar Aliyev Airport
Location: Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport, (Azerbaijan)
Opening Date: April 2014

Total surface area of the renovation: 4,300m2. (Total surface area is 65,000 m2 for the overall airport terminal).

11960124_509230342572706_1931807676564683267_n 11903739_509230385906035_6204608297849029860_n11986403_509223365906737_2817524540125822676_nCosentino surfaces in washrooms & living spaces.
11129901_450593728436368_4954460331389849024_n 11094684_450594015103006_3047854762154044472_n 11136738_450594141769660_8721404716427715231_nSwedish bathroom producer Svedbergs has selected Dekton in four of their Scandinavian style bathroom designs.

The four bathroom concepts – Front, DK, Stil and SiD all differ in expression and function but unite in its remarkable quality and design function.

Dekton’s high resistance to heat, scratches and stains makes it the perfect worktop material for bathroom design.

Cosentino’s ultra-compact surface Dekton is available as a worktop in the colours Danae, Sirocco, and Sirus.

Images from Svedbergs 11059940_438777766284631_3188330440586678969_nCosentino City images & visuals taken from their Facebook page here, be sure to like and follow their updates!

Thank you Cosentino Singapore & Touch PR for the lovely evening!

When the time comes that I get to choose innovative surfaces for a building or space, I will definitely keep Cosentino in mind! 😀



Hearts & Lights Aglow this Christmas at ION Orchard

Hi Loves~

I was at ION Orchard’s media breakfast the other morning and my heart was warmed to hear about their Christmas initiatives!

ION Orchard Christmas 2015 006

In a nutshell, ION Orchard celebrates the season of giving in partnership with a dozen designer brands as part of its efforts to give back to the less privileged.

ION Orchard Christmas 2015 003

To mark the festivities, there will be 12 Christmas trees specially designed by key brands at ION Orchard; customised gift wrapping paper jointly designed by special needs students; and the mall’s outdoor space, ION² will be transformed into a glittering Christmas Garden. 

ION Orchard Christmas 2015 004

The 12 designer trees of Christmas for charity

In a unique collaboration, 12 brands at ION Orchard will each offer its interpretation of Christmas with a specially designed exquisite 2.4-metre-tall Christmas tree. They are Alice + Olivia, Braun Büffel, Buben & Zorweg, Cortina Watch, Crate & Barrel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ermenegildo Zegna, Kurt Geiger, Kwanpen, Moncler, Parfums Christian Dior and TWG Tea.

ION Orchard Christmas 2015 005The trees will be central to the mall’s fund-raising activities for Christmas, inspiring ION Orchard VIP members and loyal shoppers to open up their hearts and put in bids to adopt the tree or trees of their choice by using the iPad next to each tree. Bids start at S$8,000, with the highest bidder getting adoption and naming rights for each tree of their choice plus a token of appreciation from the respective brands and ION Orchard.

ION Orchard Christmas 2015 001ION Orchard’s traditional 20-metre outdoor tree will be given a sparkling makeover in the mall’s first partnership with Swarovski. It will be adorned with more than 28,000 crystals while its cavernous walk-in interior will dazzle visitors with a kaleidoscope of lights, mirrored ceilings and a rotating chandelier. This is also Swarovski’s first outdoor Christmas tree in Singapore.

At the heart of ION Orchard’s festive celebrations will be a series of fundraising activities to benefit the Community Chest, with proceeds going to the Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School.

In a partnership with NETS, shoppers can also make direct donations at several donation points near concierge counters at Basement 3 and, Levels 1 and 4. 

Funds raised will go towards helping the Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School, under the care of Community Chest. Some 350 students will benefit from the funds raised. As part of the Care & Share Movement led by Community Chest, donations received will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Government.

In addition to raising funds for the less advantaged this season, our collaboration with Community Chest creates a platform for special needs students from Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School to showcase their creativity and imagination by designing the mall’s Christmas wrappers. 

Beneficiaries from Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School will be assisting with gift wrapping at the L1 concierge on 13th November from 10.30am to 12.30pm and on 14th November from 6.00 to 8.30pm, lending a personalized touch to the mall’s gift wrapping service for its shoppers. 

ION Orchard Christmas 2015 002Outside the Swarovski Christmas tree with Sydney & Felicia~

ION Orchard Christmas 2015 007And inside the Swarovski Christmas tree with Sydney & Felicia!

Special Christmas deals for shoppers 

From 6 November 2015 to 3 January 2016, ION Orchard is sweetening its Christmas deals with a series of festive promotions to spread the Yuletide cheer and give back to its shoppers. Spend $250 at basement floor shops and redeem a $15 voucher, while $500 spent at both basement floor and upper floor shops will entitle shoppers to a $30 voucher. Exclusive to ION Rewards members, spend at least $2,000 and receive a $100 voucher and a Moleskine notebook. Complimentary Christmas gift wrappers can be redeemed with a minimum spend of $100. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information,  visit the ION Orchard website at 😉

Thank you ION Orchard for having me at the media breakfast & Christmas trees lighting event!

Happy Christmas shopping loves!



Giveaway Contest | Ebizo Ichikawa Japan Theatre

Hi Loves!

Are you a fan of Japanese theatre? Then you’ll be pleased to know thatEBIZO ICHIKAWA XI’s JAPAN THEATER 2015 will be here in Singapore in October!

Ebizo Ichikawa XI as Ishikawa Goemon in Mimasu Kuruwa no KasauriEbizo Ichikawa XI

Ebizo Ichikawa XI is from one of Japan’s oldest and most prestigious kabuki families. This October, the ‘Crown Prince of Kabuki’ will be coming to Singapore to debut two new kabuki plays, Uwanari and Mimasu Kuruwa no Kasauri. Uwanari has not been performed in a hundred years, and its debut on the 17th of October marks a significant moment in kabuki history.

Catch a glimpse of the show on video here:

 The show will be running for two days on the 17th and 18th October at Marina Bay Sands, and the show-times are indicated below for your easy reference:


17 October 2015 – Saturday

3pm & 7:30pm

18 October 2015 – Sunday


Thanks to EBIZO ICHIKAWA XI’s JAPAN THEATER 2015 & their PR, we are giving a way a pair of tickets, each worth $145!

Contest Date: 14th September to 25th September

Terms and Conditions: No age limit, no photography nor videography during the performance, and no reselling of complimentary tickets. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions.

All you have to do is to go to my IG and FB page to look out for the giveaway post and follow the steps to qualify for the giveaway!

Good luck!



Firefly In the Light Musical Review

Hi Loves~

You might have read in a post I published last year about the musical Firefly in the Light, well if you haven’t you can check it out here.

I attended the musical with my sister which was at the Arts House Chamber. The story is about Wendy, a talented school girl who wants to pursue her dream to be a singer and she leaves her hometown, only to be riddled by challenges and bog down in life… While her childhood friend and lover Jake becomes very successful in a career that she dreams of. It’s very poignant because Wendy could not realize her potential.

I believe that this musical reflects the fears of Shayna Toh, the prodigious musical writer who penned both the music and the lyrics. The title “Firefly in the Light” is ominous in that as the Firefly flies towards the light, it can mean death.  Nonetheless, I believe these fears are unfounded, as I believe that many, including I, continue to wish Shayna courage and success as she overcomes her fears and continuing pursuing her dreams and showcasing her talents.

Regarding the cast, I wished that the leads Rachel Tay and Linden Furnell had more chemistry. One thing of note, the supporting/ ensemble cast (Ivan Chan, Chia DeZhong, Sri Widati Ernawan Putri, Siti Maznah, Stephanie Phang) for this musical were superb – they had incredible chemistry, full of humour and gave their all for the performance. I feel honoured to be able to witness this one night only beautiful performance put together by such talented local cast and crew and I wish all of them continued success!

Thank you Firefly in the Light team for the kind invitation.

Firefly in the Light Photos 2 001 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 002 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 003 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 004 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 005 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 006 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 007 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 008 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 009 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 010 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 011 Firefly in the Light Photos 2 012 Firefly in the Light Photos 003 Firefly in the Light Photos 005My sister sat in the then PM Lee Kuan Yew’s spot while I was seated on Mr Ong Eng Guan’s seat. #CheapThrill. 😛

Here’s 1 of my favourite songs from the line up, the other one is “What I didn’t know”, sung by Wendy but not available on Youtube…



Spring Time with Manicure Mermaid Nails

Hi Loves!

Well, this is embarrassing… Super late post of my not so recent CNY/Spring inspired gel nails from my last visit to Manicure Mermaid! I saw Sharlene’s super cute sheep nails so I requested her to do one for me too~ 😀 My nails received a lottt of compliments and many people remarked that the sheep are super cute. 🙂 They gel nails lasted me a whopping 1.5 months, it’s super awesome! Check them out:

Manicure Mermaid CNY Spring Nails Blogger Review Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.42.56 pm

Thank you Sharlene, follow her works on Manicure Mermaid SG IG! Call/text at 91553621 for appt~



Bedroom Makeover under $300

Hi Loves!

It feels like a while since I last published a post (just check it was 1 week ago)… Time is whizzing by incredibly fast isn’t it? >u<

One of the things I accomplished over my fruitful weekend was to pay a visit to IKEA to pick up items for a mini Bedroom Makeover under $300!

IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 003 IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 002

I’ve long wanted to get a laptop cushion, for when I use my laptop while on the sofa or on the bed, and I finally found Byllan ($29.90). I got it with the white cover and a multicoloured cushion cover, so pretty! It’s also available in grey, for all you monochrome lovers. There is also a matching swivel chair which I think would be super lovely as guest chairs in a creative office space (note to self; bookmark for future office, hehe). I also got a lovely new quilt and pillow casing in Angsskara ($14.90) and a Tejn faux sheepskin rug ($19.90) which I think makes my room look super snug and comfy~

IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 001

I’ve accumulated quite an amount of shoes and products from my own vanity creativity and from blogging. Thus it has resulted in the need to put in 2 shelves in the last year, when my room’s wall was originally clear/ empty. HAHA. And I also just acquired Breim Wardrobe ($39.90), with all the miscellaneous items that were piling up in my room. It’s super affordable and relatively easy to put together (my sister helped to put them together, thanks Er Jie!!!).IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 005

I decided to get Ditte fabric ($4.90) and cover the shelves by attaching it with Velcro to the top of the shelves and also hem it down with SY Iron on hemming strip ($2.90) at the bottom. I’m thinking of going back to buy a few more fabrics from the wonderful array available so I can switch them from time to time! 🙂
IKEA SG Room Mini Makeover 004

I thank God for SKUBB shoe box ($14,90, Set of 4), they’re seriously god-sent! Bless those clever designers. These replace the odd shape and coloured shoe boxes that my shoes come in, so they look so much better now when stacked together. Plus, the design allows me to see through into the mesh and easily take out the shoes! I’m super stoked and happy with them! 😀 They also come in Pink and White colours~ They’re only 16cm high, so they can’t fit shoes taller than that, but as they’re pretty long (34cm), as long as the shoes aren’t too wide, you can still fit them in, lying down. I got a total of 5 sets. Yes, I have more than 20 pairs of shoes. That’s why I need to store most of them in my own room cause my family’s shoe cabinets ain’t got enough space for me. Hahaha. 😛

To get more bed & bathroom makeover inspiration, check out IKEA’s online bedroom gallery here and bathroom gallery here as well as this hilarious video on “How to Improve your Private Life”:

There’s also a cool microsite as part of this “Private Life” campaign with product info integrated into the slideshows, check it out here!

IKEA’s also releasing 4 cute & pretty series/collections, visit them to see the new products!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.21.50 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.38 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.29 am Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.10 am

Thank you IKEA Singapore and BBH for the products and updates!



Cozy & Intimate IKEA Store Tour

Hi Loves~

I posted on my Instagram sometime back in January that I’ll be working alongside IKEA, our friendly furniture store. I am very excited to be part of this blogger program because I love interior design and exploring home & living ideas. And as part of the program we were all invited down for an intimate and cozy tour at their Tampines showroom/store. Here’s photos from that day!
IKEA Blogger Tour 001

A huge showroom for all your home-living needs! At the entrance, there are 5 rooms which are custom made, the size and layout is localized. For example, Singapore rooms are smaller while US showrooms would be bigger. Each of the showroom costs $30,000-40,000 to create and IKEA team makes about 1000 home visits in the country as part of their survey and research. It takes about 8-10 weeks to complete each showroom area; which begins when the sales team write the brief to solve the frustration or meet the needs of the clients. Then the designers sketch a rough layout, consults and fine tunes the design with the sales team. Then it takes time to construct the showroom and 5 days to execute the design.

IKEA is all about creating a better everyday life for the many people. To do so, they create affordable yet great quality design, because the design starts from the price before the sourcing of material and production.

IKEA Blogger Tour 002

Showrooms specially designed according to actual layouts, reminds me of the showflats which I am so familiar with in my line of work as a real estate agent, heh.

We were given the tour by Malcolm, who is the incharge of the store with more than a decade of experience in IKEA. He hails from Australia and has worked in China and been in Singapore for many years. He is super knowledgeable about IKEA’s history and he is a walking IKEA catalogue because during the tour he basically just shared about key / iconic products without a book/brochure and purely from memory – that’s passion right there!

IKEA Blogger Tour 003

This coffee table is actually an iconic 50s design that’s been brought back and it tells the story of how IKEA was birthed, the founder had a coffee table which couldn’t fit into the boot of his car and so he thought of how it would be good to have detachable coffee table legs so that it can fold flat in the car. And that’s how IKEA is able to minimize cost; by flat packing when they ship products abroad and when customers can also deliver their own purchases home.
IKEA Blogger Tour 004

Some of the showrooms are under the Stockholm range, which signifies quality. Stockholm refers to the Swedish city that’s also famous for its Scandinavian design.

IKEA Blogger Tour 005

IKEA’s PS collection are iconic and there are only 20 products released under the PS collection each year, an example is the stool above.

IKEA Blogger Tour 006

There are more bamboo materials in IKEA now as it’s a sustainable material which grows fast.

IKEA Blogger Tour 008IKEA Blogger Tour 007

There are many affordable kitchen solutions for your home at IKEA. 
IKEA Blogger Tour 009

Check out this nifty side table with special cable storage.

IKEA Blogger Tour 010

Can you believe that IKEA spends $4 million (not sure in SGD or USD) buying print licenses from Europe museums and sometimes using 100-150 years old pattern designs for their textiles! Life must be pretty swanky if you’re the staff visiting museums buying prints for IKEA… 😀

IKEA Blogger Tour 011

Some bedroom solutions and ideas in IKEA.

IKEA Blogger Tour 012

This is Nordli, a customizable storage solution.IKEA Blogger Tour 013

Another PS product, a very cute and unique lamp.

IKEA Blogger Tour 022

Another PS product, inspired by old Russian wooden clocks that’s used to hide vodka… Cute background story right?IKEA Blogger Tour 014

An IKEA old school alarm that’s sure to wake you up!IKEA Blogger Tour 015

Edible markers, anyone? Safe for kids!IKEA Blogger Tour 016

Valentines Day surprise for your wife/hubby, maybe?

IKEA Blogger Tour 023

This smart cup design is stackable and can fit 962 cups on one palette for transport. The base has a little space so that water drains out, shows that IKEA design provides for good form and function.IKEA Blogger Tour 024

IKEA also has solid pots with thoughtful and ergonomic design.IKEA Blogger Tour 025

More nifty IKEA designs, 1) hooks for every surface, 2) shallower sinks help saves water and product costs and 3) another unique IKEA lamp that’s made of plastic even though it looks like glass!IKEA Blogger Tour 026

IKEA wooden horse sculpture, that will cost a few hundreds of dollars originally (hand made) but now made affordable.IKEA Blogger Tour 027

It’s the year of the Goat coming right up this CNY, I’ll be making a trip down to get my house ready for the festivities. 🙂

IKEA Blogger Tour 017

IKEA Blogger Tour 019

Ikea’s huge warehouse and storage. Always found it super cool to shop in the warehouse, a place we usually only watch on drama.IKEA Blogger Tour 018

Rolled and compressed mattresses, IKEA can now double the volume with the same transport system and this cost savings is brought to the customers.

IKEA Blogger Tour 032

We ended the tour with an ice cream treat! Here’s my ridiculously happy face, lol. #canthelpthatIhaveasoftspotforsoftserve

IKEA Blogger Tour 021


We had the privilege to visit IKEA office. And I’m totally envious of this whole rack of materials to read !

Then we proceeded to a class by In Merry Motion to make our own DIY Terrararium!

IKEA Blogger Tour 031

How to make your own DIY terrarium?IKEA Blogger Tour 028

Find glasses, scrap materials like straws, papers and little alphabets.IKEA Blogger Tour 029

Such pretty crafts!
IKEA Blogger Tour 030

You’ll have to cut out leaves and glue them together… Add in little animal toys to finish! I had to leave earlier that day and couldn’t join the rest for lunch… but I will be back for the chicken wings and meatballs!!! 😛

Thank you IKEA Singapore, BBH and In Merry Motion for hosting us that day! <3



Champagne & Strawberry Ripple Nails with ManicureMermaidSG

Hi Loves!

To kickoff the new year 2015, I decided to get Champagne & Pink Marbleized nails that look like one of my favourite childhood wafer ice cream Strawberry Ripple… YUMS!



Watch how Manicure Mermaid Sharlene paint the pink marbleized effect on my nails on my Instagram video here!

I always enjoy my visits to Manicure Mermaid because Sharlene is good and meticulous at nail art and also because she is someone whom I can chat with the entire session. 😀

Book your appointment with Manicure Mermaid home / office based salon that’s close to Clark Quay MRT, SMS to 9155 3621 to get your nails prepped for Chinese New Year!



A Daughter’s Tribute

Hi Loves!

Sometime last year in May, I took part in Braun Buffel’s Art Competition and before the competition I was thinking of what my theme for the artwork would it. As the day of the Competition was on the weekend for Mother’s Day and my Mum’s born in the year of the Ox, I decided to dedicate my artwork to her. Titled “A Daughter’s Tribute”, my artwork is an appreciation and reminder of my Mum’s love for my family and I.

I had a lot of fun preparing for the competition beforehand and also attended the Award presentation thereafter – even though I didn’t win any of the top few titles, I still went home with a certification of participation, a Braun Buffel travel wallet and my little Braun Buffel artwork gets to travel around for the moving exhibition! 😀

I was very inspired to pick up my brushes and paint, do something creative again after dabbling a bit for this competition – in case you didn’t know, I studied and practised Art for A’s, O’s and also in Lasalle while studying for Fashion Media & Industries… 😉 I was also very inspired by the other participants’ artworks – the first place winner dressed up her Braun Buffel buffalo/artwork in rice grains – a reminder of the hard work of the farmers and the Oxen in the field as well as the Buffel founder’s efforts in missions that goes beyond fashion fads. It’s this kind of artwork that makes me think and wonder – why didn’t I think of something so deep and meaningful? 😛

Enjoy my photos from the two days as well as some random meals and encounters along the way! 😉

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 001

Bought some new materials for the competition.Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 002

Practised my ideas at home…Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 003 Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 004

Write up for my artwork “A Daughter’s Tribute”.

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 009

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 008

My blank canvas before the competition began…

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 005

Getting started on my artwork~

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 007
Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 006

“Mama” in English on one side and Chinese on another for “Mother”.

Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 010 Drying the paint…Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 011

Was the first to submit my artwork!Braun Buffel Art Competition Blog 012

With my artwork. 🙂

Vivo Lunch & Cafe Costa 002

After the competition, had lunch with my 2 sisters at Vivo City basement HK Cafe… love their beancurd skin! And also met Milo himself! 😛Vivo Lunch & Cafe Costa 001

Headed to Costa Coffee with my sister. We love their Mint slushie!

Braun Buffel Award Blog 010

The Award ceremony took place at ION atrium.Braun Buffel Award Blog 008

Participant’s Buffalos on display in public…
Braun Buffel Award Blog 009

Braun Buffel Award Blog 002

Some of my favourite picks…Braun Buffel Award Blog 007

Any my little Buffalo too!Braun Buffel Award Blog 006 Braun Buffel Award Blog 005

Summary of the history of Braun Buffalo.Braun Buffel Award Blog 003Braun Buffel Award Blog 001
Braun Buffel Award Blog 004

Top 3 artworks and I also snapped a picture of the first winner. Also got to speak to her to congratulate her for her brilliant concept and win. 🙂Braun Buffel Award Blog 011 Braun Buffel Award Blog 012

With Ritchie, one of the participants. 🙂Braun Buffel Award Blog 013

With the lovely ladies, MD & PR lady of Braun Buffel. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful and meaningful art competition!

Braun Buffel Award Blog 014

Braun Buffel Award Blog  1 001

For more information about the Buffel Art Project, visit their site here. Or check out Instagram #BuffelArt #BuffelArtProject and you just might find my artwork there too. 😛



Celebrate Life with India Circus’ Beautiful Prints

Hi Loves!

Today I am very excited to share with you all about India Circus, an online shopping site stocking lifestyle items designed by talented artist Krsna Mehta. Frankly I was so captivated by his prints and designs when I first saw the site and Mehta continues to dazzle and wow me with every new collection. I really love his work so much that I am following him on his instagram @KrsnaMehta for his latest creations, inspirations, food, dining and lifestyle posts. Here are some of my picks from India Circus and I highly recommend them because they are so beautiful and they bring a smile to my face. All of his designs will make great gifts and artistic accents to your home and lifestyle. Christmas is coming, perhaps you might want to pick a few items for your friends who appreciate a lil’ art and colour from this site. I have many dreams in life, one of them would be to create and design a site just as inspirational like India Circus. I’ve not ventured much as of yet, but I do know that if I want to achieve anything like that, I will need to start picking up my colour pencils and brushes. What would your picks from India Circus be? Let me know! 😉

India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 007 India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 003

India Vibrant Samsung S5 Cover, $23.40. For accessories, visit here.India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 006

Kingdom of Dreams Utility Pouch, $27. For pouches, see here.India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 008

Vibrant India Samsung S5 Cover & Garden of Shangri-la Utility Pouch, $30.60.
India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 009

Minaret Mystique Document Holder, $27.20.India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 005 India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 011

Kingdom of Dreams Mug, $23. For mug, see here.India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 010

Garden of Shangri-la Shot Glasses, sold out. For shot glasses, see here.

India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 002 India Circus Phone Cover Pouch File Shot Glasses Blogger Review 001The document holder fits my 13inch macbook pro to the T.

Thank you India Circus for the items.



Make Up Store Autumn 2014 Collection Preview @ Gilman Barracks



Hi Loves!

Sometime back I was invited down to Make Up Store’s Autumn’s 2014 collection preview and along with media and VIP guests we got to see 3 beautiful and very artistic looks from the autumn collections, namely Art, Scream & Paint. You’ll see why they are named that way in the photos! I really loved how the entire preview was presented. It was hosted at an art gallery at Gillman Barracks, amidst beautiful art pieces and decorated canvases according to the 3 themes and looks. Then the host presented the models and a make up artist explained the inspiration, make up & colours behind each look. There was also a host of “live canvases” models for us to test the make up on, but I think all of us were too shy to actually “paint” on their faces! 😛 So we mostly just helped ourselves to the make up bars held up by the lovely ladies and swatched the make up and I was very, very intrigued by the double coloured lipsticks and very very lovely marbled blushers, creamy and pigmented lipsticks and lip liners. You’ll see!

Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 001 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 002 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 003 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 004 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 005 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 006 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 007 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 010Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 008 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 009
Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 011
Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 013Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 012 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 014 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 015
Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 016Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 017Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 019

Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 018
Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 020 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 021 Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 022


With lovely ladies Rachel, Monica of Make Up Store, Leanna & Winnie.Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 Picks 003

My picks from the collection, the prettiest marbled blusher Roso Verona, Lipsticks in Duo Graphic & Duo Claude, Lip liner in Dali Matt & Lip stick pen in Boysenberry. How cute that the make up are named after artists? Totally love the entire concept! I have to admit that I can’t bear to use the blusher and lipsticks…. >.< They are soo pretty that I don’t bear to ruin them. T_T”‘

Here’s a look that I wore out that day!
Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 Picks 001

Using Dali Lipliner and Boysenberry Lipstick Pen… super love the colour! Very long lasting too. However the only think i wish for is that the Lipstick Pen to come in a dispensable plastic holder instead of a wooden pencil… 
Make Up Store Autumn Collections 2014 Picks 002Isn’t the colour most wonderful? Love the payout and vibrant deep purplish red!!!

Visit Make Up Store for your beautiful make up!

290 Orchard Road #03-20 Paragon
6887 5828
Open 10am-9pm

By the way, if you’re looking to buy makeup online, for instance at Luxola, check out Flipit first for makeup promo codes. 🙂


Style your iPhone with Man&Wood

Hi Lovelies!

Recently I’ve been gifted some real lovely phone covers by Man&WoodSG and I’m excited to be sharing with you about this chic brand! 🙂

Let me present to you the photos before going to the review!

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 2_new

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 3_new

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 1 1_new
Which do you prefer, the wood or the mother of pearl design? 😉

If you’re intrigued, continue reading to know more!

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.55.36 pm

Man&Wood is a Korean brand name of eco-friendly products made by Inmok Co Ltd, based in Singapore. We believe in using only quality materials because authenticity is best felt in your hand.

Man & Wood Singapore

Man&Wood currently has 2 collections; Wood-Fit & Ikins.

Man&Wood Wood Fit Review

Man&Wood Wood Fit Phone Covers Review

These are just 4 of the 34 designs they have under the WoodFit collection. Check out the full set on their site here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.07.13 pm

Yes, they have a selection for iPad Mini!Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.07.30 pmAnd they are also trés on trend with covers for iPad Air as well. 😉

Man & Wood Samsung Galaxy Covers

Users of Samsung Galaxy you’re in luck, there’s lots of designs available for you too. Hooray!

Now if Man&Wood’s Wood Fit Collection is all about Au Naturel & Wood, then Man&Wood’s Ikin Collection is Eclectic & Unique with materials such as Metal, Fabric or Mother of Pearls. Yes, Mother of Pearls, you read right!

Man&Wood Ikins Review

Man & Wood Ikins Cover

Some of the really gorgeous Mother of Pearl designs available. See the full Ikins collection here.

Man&Wood Ikins Samsung Galaxy CoversMan & Wood Ikins Collection Samsung Galaxy Covers are more limited but no lesser in beauty!

Now let’s check out the designs I picked out in detail. The beauty of Man & Wood phone covers is all about the details! 🙂

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 2_new

I picked out Nerolex from Man&Wood’s Wood Fit Collection and Cube from the Ikins Collection for my iPhone 5.
Each comes in a solid paper casing with the respective gorgeous image as seen on the site. It’s always good to see consistency from what’s online to what you open to when it’s received at home, isn’t it? 

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 3_new

I can’t fly to winterlands on whim nor do I often head out to the woods to caress the trees. But with Nerolex, nature’s wood is brought to my hands! What a privilege this is. 🙂Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 4_new

I was pleasantly surprised to open the box to reveal a pretty Nerolex covered with clear plastic. You know, like doubly protected!
Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 5_new

Beautiful wood grain in the sunlight.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 6_new

Under the shade.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 7_new

With Nerolex & Man & Wood’s Wood Fit collection, nature is literally always within your reach. I know it’s cheesy, but true… Like love. 😉Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 8_newThe feel of my new Nerolex cover is much like running your hands through a brand new wooden table, impeccable enmeshed/put together with smooth plastic which allows you to easily slot your phone in and out.

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 9_new Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 10_new

When I was selecting which cover to review for this post, Cube was love at first sight for me. It’s glamour and chic combined into one kickass cover. I’d like to think that it kinda represents my personality. HAHA. #NotShyAtAllMan & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 11_new

Under direct sunlight.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 12_new

Under the shade.Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 13_new

Appreciate that Mother of Pearl sheen… SO GORGEOUS guys, I die.

For basis of comparison, the Cube cover is visibly shinier, smoother on the surface and it is also thicker than Nerolex. The Mother of Pearl is coated with a layer of material which I think is plastic and you can easily wipe off any dirt. It looks very, very precious. The plastic layer is quite hardy but I do recommend to avoid putting it with keys as you would avoid/prevent from scratching your screen. I am honestly so impressed with the Cube design and the Mother of Pearl glow / sheen that I’m just picking up my phone every 5 minutes to gaze and admire it when I’m crafting this review. Hehe. 🙂

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 14_new

Now I feel that my wonderful phone and life companion is appropriately & honourably blinged out. 😀

Man & Wood SG Cover Review Enabalista 15_newIf our clothes express our personality, then our mobiles which we use on a daily basis also expresses who we are. Whether it’s Wood Fit or Ikins collection, you’re bound to find a design that will express your phone personality! 😉

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 4.52.32 pm

Don’t miss this chance to buy Man&Wood phone cover at a discount, use NDP2014 coupon code to enjoy a 10.49% discount! Limited to first 49 customers only.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram @ManNWoodSG #ManNWoodSG & their Facebook page for new releases & promotions.

Thanks to Man&Wood SG for sending these lovely covers my way!

Thank you for reading! :*



SK-II Workshop & Trial Set First Impressions


Hi Lovelies~ 🙂

A while back I had the opportunity to attend SK-II’s workshop and purchase their products at a huge discount. 😀

2014-06-06 11.56.02

This is the generous goodie bag that was given to the workshop participants! I also really love the bracelets and charms. 🙂 There was also a $90 voucher, which I used to purchase a set of masks for my sister, since her wedding is coming up in August and I want her to look her best. 🙂

As you would probably have guessed by now, I have too many beauty products to try at the moment and I #onlyhave1face, so I haven’t got round to try SK-II products yet!

As I was busy trying out the products during the workshop and demonstration, I also didn’t manage to snap any pics. :/

I’m not sure about you, but I have conflicting feelings towards SK-II. On one hand, my first impressions of the brand is that it’s a prestige brand with amazing whitening effects but on the other hand, my emotional feelings towards it is really bad – I really hated seeing SK-II ads popping up during Youtube videos. And it’s practically everywhere online! Clozette, Luxola and basically most of the female sites when I’m on, of which I reckon by now that I am one of the targeted/intended advertising recipient. It’s one of those brands that I feel is suffering from “over exposure”, to the point that consumers like myself find it irritating.

That said however, I look forward to trying these products and to report back how I find it. 😉

Anyone has any experience with SK-II products that you wanna share?

Thanks for reading~! <3



Currently Trending World Cup 2014 Fashion & Beauty


What’s awesome about World Cup isn’t just about the hot guys, skilled players & nice jerseys & kicks.

It’s also the patriotism & the camaraderie that the games bring out in people.
It’s being able to get together and root for the same team/people/person *ahem Germany & Klose winning his record breaking 16th World Cup goal, woohoo!*.

It’s being able to put aside our various differences and arguments aside for a while and be one the same side for a while. Or even to agree to disagree and be on different sides, sometimes it’s also fun that way, isn’t it?

Whether you happen to be rooting for the same team with your friends or not, there are some World Cup inspired Fashion and Beauty products that you all can still appreciate together! 😉


Designed by the Olsen Twins, under the TEXTILE Elizabeth & James label, these World Cup inspired Tees are exclusively available on Shop Bop here. Singlets and shirts, US$88-92.

00105066-01 00105047-01 00060708-02 060214-world-cup-9-567

For a more affordable alternative, we can always trust on Forever 21 to provide some very on point and comfy fashion choices. Titled Soccer Collection and now at a very generous 40% offer, items are running out quickly, prices US$6.80-14.80 including men’s items here.


This is a pair of very quirky Karl Lagerfeld x Melissa shoe with a soccer ball as the ornament. Definitely shows you’re a very ball-sy kind of gal. Ha! 😉 For the full collection, here.061214-world-cup-fashion-1-567

I actually think this is really cute. TOMS designed a very pretty “all countries flags gathered together” print shoe. Also will be appropriate in another 2 years for Olympics. Heh. US$54 on Toms site here.Charlotte-Olympia-bags

Fancy carrying your patriotism on your clutch? Apparently Charlotte Olympia thinks so! This would be awesome for the respective countries’ independence day too. 🙂


Kate Spade keeps it classy and simple with a soccer inspired wallet. Definitely for a soccer fan type of girl.


MCM shows a little more child like influence in their soccer inspired bag with an obvious Brazilian coloured theme.

For the hardcore and wealthy soccer fans, getting a watch might be timely (pun intended) for the season.


Meet this handsome lad, Bulgari Special edition World Cup OCTO Bi-Retro.tissot-quickster-football

And this striking good-looker, Tissot: Quickster Football watch.Sally-Hansen-Xtreme-Wear-Rio-in-Samba

Sally Hansen celebrates World Cup with a special 8 piece set, here we see Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Samba.OPI-Nail-Lacquer-in-I-Just-Cant-Cope-acabana

Of course we can’t miss out O.P.I with a Brazil collection and this is I Just Can’t Cope Acabana. How cute is it? Plus, really love this bright banana colour!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.30.41 am


Sephora joins in the fun with 10 shades of Samba Waterproof eyeliner set. Ready to get wet & wild! world-cup-style-gallery-1

Benefit has an online exclusive (which is now sold out, oops) Beauty Score! Set. Always love Benefit sets that are always so thoughtful and convenient! LOccitane-Brazil-Hugs-Kisses-Duo loccitane-au-bresil-final

L’Occitane has a special collection to commemorate World Cup Season.

L’OCCITANE AU BRÉSIL celebrates Brazilian biodiversity with a new collection of well-being & beauty products. Each line associates a unique ingredient sourced from one of Brazil’s biomes in a sustainable way with local producers. The design of the packaging was conceived through collaboration between Olivier Baussan and Brazilian artists. L’Occitane au Brésil is the result of a partnership that brings together local culture with L’OCCITANE’s knowledge of nature.

Do you know of any other cool World Cup Inspired Fashion or Beauty? Just tweet me or comment with the links/photos below~! 😉

Who are you rooting to win World Cup this year?

Thank you for reading and thanks to the various brands sites for the photos & info.



Best of Blueprint Tradeshow 2014


Hi Lovelies! <3

I was at Blueprint Tradeshow 2014 and here’s a selection of my version of Best of Blueprint Tradeshow 2014.
For more info., you may refer to their official site here.
There’s some 200 local and international labels, of which I’m featuring about 20 here, enjoy!

Ana Faye

Ireland. Website here. Full 2015 lookbook here.

Before the tradeshow, I was invited down to her booth by Ana Faye, who found me online while search for press/blog releases online for previous yearsBlueprint. Ana Faye hails from Ireland, having worked as a fashion and accessories designer for several years in London, Italy and China, her love for handbags and Ireland led her back home to start designing and making her own unique line of leather bags. She now stocks all over Ireland, UK, Europe and the USA and is looking to expand into Asia.

2014-05-16 12.47.35

Unique powder blue leather bag. (Better colour reflected below), 179 pounds here.

2014-05-16 12.57.24
Ana with her creations. 🙂 Bella Shopper in Sea Green available here.2014-05-16 12.58.10

Here with Ana! 😉


Ireland. Website here.

Next up we have NatalieBColeman, also an Irish designer with confident and bold womenswear designs with a tinge of quirkiness. She presented a new FW 2014 collection that I love, which unfortunately at this point in time I don’t have the press images.

2014-05-16 13.06.32



NATALIEBCOLEMAN Gold Zipped Lambskin Biker Pants, 600 pounds, on sale here.


Singapore. Website here.

2014-05-16 13.10.28

Ling Wu is no stranger to Blueprint, having showcased at Blueprint since the beginning, Ling Wu label has grown exponential and lately even showcased in Paris. Visit her FB here.2014-05-16 13.11.08 2014-05-16 13.12.41 2014-05-16 13.12.31

Absolutely love the structure and print of this MIA reptile skin bag.
2014-05-16 13.13.11 2014-05-16 13.14.00With Ling Wu assistant & Lasalle junior, Margarita.

So so, I only had an hour’s breeze around the Blueprint Tradeshow,
as such the labels below are the brands I see on the handbook which I like and selected to feature here.

In case you’re wondering, the premise of which I decide to feature these brands are based; mainly on what I like, which is womenswear, and a kind of aesthetics veering towards contemporary chic and irreverent. 🙂


Thailand. Website here.


1 3 5 7

13 45

Stylish, contemporary, chic. Irreverent yet sophisticated. I want the entire collection, nuff’ said. See the entire Spring Summer 2014 collection here.

American Retro

France. Website here.


Lookbook in larger images/pdf here.

Irreverent slogan tees, varsity jackets, knee high socks, pink leather jackets, pencil skirts, suited blazers. Effortless cool, that’s what they are. The non-basic basics of American fashion editors and fashionistas. I am in love with the brand. My only complain is the name, American Retro – it just conjures the image of a deserted American Petrol Kiosk, which I feel isn’t relevant today. Perhaps something more updated would be better. Nonetheless, the name does explain the heritage of the brand, the french designers went to US and came back inspired to design a collection and brand.

Ange Révolte

Singapore. Website here.

image2 image3 image8

Titled Metaphor, Pre-Fall 2014 Collection, where there is light, there’s darkness, where there’s good, there’s bad. Frankly I think that black and white has been done to death by local designers, but there’s something still refreshing about this collections; the little details, the geometric cuts and designs, would definitely wear them. Full collection here. Fall collection also out here.

Bitching & Junkfood

UK. Website here. FB here.

There isn’t much images available from their official site, wanted to show you their SS14 collection/lookbook but couldn’t find it so I’m showing photos posted on their FB to show you a glimpse of their brand and irreverent style, which is obviously totally in line with their name, ya’know.

Major love for their fur/fur-like Daze hooded top and skirt.

Love their printed dress.

1891238_707893555923082_70149537_n 1966958_714869475225490_165505140_n 1979606_716548105057627_2119610708_n 10011288_716626018383169_1223357300_n

I want one of those feather shorts, pronto!!!
xPalladium-Swing-Dress-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2Q9kF1fRGFPalladium Dress, avail for 65 pounds, here.

Bitching & Junkfood is also stocked on ASOS here.

Carrie K.

Singapore. Website here.

Carrie K. is an artisan-crafted jewellery local brand. #localpride #sgpride!
Totes in love with her collections, see here, particularly love Reborn & A Beautiful Mess.


Reborn Tough as Nails Ring in Black Gold, US$208 here (Sold Out).YG SAFETY PIN RING 1

Reborn Safety Pin Ring in Yellow Gold, US$208 here. (Sold Out)ROSE GOLD INFINITY RING

Infinity Rose Gold Ring, US$178 here.

Crown Seal Rose Gold Ring, US$215 cuff

Spilled Burnt Orange and Gold Cuff US$160 here.
Pair it with a loose sleeveless pastel/off white maxi resort style dress. Goddess Perfection.cyan spilled

Spilled Cyan Silver Ring, US$215 here.

CASO Jewelry

Thailand. Website here. FB here.


Love these geometric shaped rings. Unfortunately not avail. online. Stockists in Thailand here.

Clara Hansen

France & HK. Website here.

Candice-street-shot-1 Audrey-street-shot-1 Agnes-street-shot-1Clean lines, modern and chic bags! Stockists and contact here.

Ema Savahl

UK. Website here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.34.09 pm Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.34.36 pm Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.34.54 pm Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.35.07 pmScreen Shot 2014-07-05 at 2.36.36 pm

Ema Savahl Couture designer with a heavy emphasis on art and textures in her creation and also worn by celebrities worldwide. I love her collections which resemble pieces of art more than fashion apparels. Those baroque details? How gorgeous they are! Check out her artworks, I mean collections on her lookbooks here. Amazingly (wouldn’t you want to fly down to their store to get fitted?) also shoppable online here.


Taiwan. Website (launching soon) here. Etsy Shop here and FB here.

10423706_630520830377635_8396988835222065241_n 10437615_629516410478077_4101362288375080342_n 10496943_631026500327068_6932431544151604686_o il_570xN.437490176_md15 il_570xN.437491342_3f97 il_570xN.497463631_pj34 il_570xN.606949156_i9t9 il_570xN.606952758_su93 il_570xN.607058473_l30zI am guessing that Fabitoria is a conjoined term of the two words that are Fabulous and Victoria because that’s what I see, fabulous victorian elements in modern takes and twists. Images from their FB and Etsy shop. These outfits are perfect for afternoon dates at the park, a museum visit and are simply indicative of a woman of elegant pursuits and activities. Maybe all of us will start visiting the museum more often when we don these pieces. Someone buy these beautiful designs for me, please.


Thailand. Website here.

LB19 LB11 LB05

LB02Major love for their digital prints and contemporary silhouettes. Their SS2014 has a lot of surrealistic and dark elements to say the least, check out the full set here.

Mischa Designs

Hong Kong. Website here.

SS14 campaign for web

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I am in love with the simplicity and practicality of the brand.
Their site is beautiful, check them out on Instagram with #JETSETMISCHA and shop away here.


Indonesia. Website here.

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It seems that you can shop from there site, but I’m unsure how their shopping cart works cause I can’t seem to add items to the cart. I find their artist collaboration on their site very cool, visit here.


Netherlands. Website here (Online Shop launching soon).

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Modern, chic, city girl living & resort holidays. This is a designer to watch.  I want everything in this collection! Full lookbook here.


UK. Website here.


They have both apparels and accessories, I prefer their latter. Stocked internationally, stockists here.


Thailand. FB here.

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Love how they mixed different prints and textures for their designs. Contemporary, colourful and very wearable.


Singapore. FB here.

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REVASSEUR’s Fall Winter Collection is inspired by Disney’s Villains. Try guessing who the looks represent!
Love the slogan T “I ADMIT I’VE BEEN A LITTLE NASTY” and planning to make a trip down to SUPERSPACE again to find out my size before I pre-order. #localpride Yes, REVASSEUR is stocked at SUPERSPACE, will be writing a post on Orchard Gateway, Orchard’s latest mall soon.

Star by Yun

Taiwan. Website here.

Designed by Taiwanese socialite, Star by Yun is a contemporary jewelry line with a touch of class and yet can also be totally irreverent and hilarious.


Designer Yun Yun Sun.

12693 196079 363094 484216 531725 454570

Means “I LOVE GOD”.238553

Means “I AM SINGLE”702996

Means “I AM A ALCOHOLIC”111280

“make me laugh and I’m all yours”313205

“date me before I’m famous”763248“allergic to stupid people”

Gotta love Yun’s sense of humour!

Sweet Villians

Taiwan, Taipei. FB here.

10382371_658772620872739_7606272403572735121_o 1958126_667539319996069_257972994372971949_n 10306459_666455706771097_5736666219377257865_n 10426614_663708917045776_449221547174064728_n 10292513_654125011337500_5427018247283323335_n 10345780_670208629729138_2471541999378001652_n 10308274_653777281372273_8201032517575677750_n 10388088_672504776166190_5402592586001773658_n10259976_653089954774339_5585296355292252025_nSweet Villians’ SS 2015 is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Love the ones with a lightning bolt at the front and the black and pink stripped shoes. Sweet villains indeed!

Yacht 21

Singapore. Website here. FB here.

A local affordable fashion label with a nautical emphasis. It’s like you’re forever having a holiday, why not right?

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They have an outlet at Bugis Junction. 🙂

A few other brands I want to highlight but can’t get their updated lookbook/collection/images readily from their sites are La Mer,  Maisha Concept (the african remix version of the Paradise song on their site is really awesome btw), Miss Milne and Organs Without Body.

 Hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading. 🙂

Thanks to Blueprint 2014 for the media pass and materials for the tradeshow. 😉