Celebrating Father’s Day with 8 Crabs

On Monday night, my family and I celebrated an early Father’s Day over a sumptuous 8 Crabs dinner feast!

Two nights before, my sister and I sat down in her room and scrolled through 8 Crabs’ website to check out their menu – they have plenty to offer!

8 Crabs Website

We booked for a 6-7PM delivery slot as my parents have a tendency to eat an early dinner. Dinner arrived early at 5.45PM, delivered by a friendly deliveryman. While preparing to plate the dishes I also asked my Dad to put on a shirt for photo-taking, haha!

Our 8 Crabs dinner feast in their boxes before plating.
Our advance Father’s Day Dinner after Plating

From L-R; We ordered their 8 Crabs Award-Winning Chilli Crab in Extra-Large ($88) 1 piece of Extra Large sized crab is approximately 900g-1kg(Live), 2 sets of Fried Man Tou ($6/set), Salted Fish Fried Rice – Small ($6), Mee Goreng – Small ($6), Sambal Kang Kong – Small ($10) & Butter Battered Calamari – Small ($14). Doesn’t the meal look more appetising after plating? I don’t recommend doing this every evening, but definitely worth the trouble on special occasions like this one!

8 Crabs Chilli Crab

8 Crabs Chilli Crab did not disappoint! The crab came Extra Large as ordered and my family couldn’t finish it. The meat was sweet and fresh, the sauce was thick and flavourful, Overall I find that the chilli sauce was sweet and not spicy, which makes it good for sharing with the family if you have elderly or younger children in tow!

8 Crabs Fried Man Tou with Chilli Crab Sauce

The man-tous were also fried to perfection, with a golden brown exterior and soft on the inside. They definitely paired perfectly with the sweet chilli sauce!

8 Crabs’ Extra Large Crab Pincer

A little fun fact at this point, 8 Crabs pride themselves in serving grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs that’s prepared by 5 star chefs, offering the best value on the planet.”

8 Crabs’ Salted Fish Fried Rice

My family and I were very impressed by 8 Crab’s Salted Fish Fried Rice generous portion for its small size. This dish is on the oilier side, so if you are looking to order this, I suggest to balance the meal out with another gravy based dish like their Gravy Hor Fun or Clayout Beancurd.

8 Crabs’ Mee Goreng

8 Crabs’ Mee Goreng also came in a very generous portion for small size. The noodles also added a nice variety in addition to having Fried Rice for carbs. It’s flavourful without being spicy.

8 Crabs’ Sambal Kang Kong

8 Crabs’ Sambal Kang Kong comes with a very flavourful deep broth sauce that goes very well with the Salted Fish Fried Rice!

8 Crabs’ Butter Battered Calamari

8 Crabs’ Butter Battered Calamari is my family’s another favourite after the Chilli Crab – it’s crispy on the outside and soft inside. The squid is very fresh and tender. My mum and sister particularly likes the seasoned veggies on the side – they thought that it was a very nice touch to this dish! My sister also added Chilli Lime sauce to the mayonnaise to make a spicy creamy sauce to pair with the calamari.

Daddy & Mummy with the 8 Crabs Feast <3
And one more with le sis and I~ <3

In conclusion, 8 Crabs’ dinner feast definitely felt very worth-while! The highlight and star of the dinner, 8 Crabs’ Chilli Crab in Extra Large is delicious and came in a huge portion – so big that my sister and I had a seafood pasta dinner the following evening with the remaining chilli sauce. The carb dishes came in very generous portions as well, the meal we ordered could certainly feed 5-6 people comfortably. We realized on hindsight that we ordered too many fried dishes, so we recommend you to order some gravy dishes to balance out the meal. If you’re looking for a more affordable Crab restaurant with an approved Chilli Crab dish, do check them out!

8 Crabs’ Dedicated Fathers’ Day Site: https://fathersday.8crabs.com/

If you’re considering to order a Crab Feast for your Dad this Father’s Day, be sure to head over to 8 Crabs’ dedicated site here.

Have a great one with your family, and blessed Fathers’ Day to you (if you’re a Dad) and your Dad in advance!

Disclaimer: Thanks 8 Crabs for sponsoring vouchers for this meal! All views and opinions are my own. 🙂

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