My First F1 Experience

It’s been a while since I’ve done a #throwback post, you could say that it means I have been quite updated with my recent blog posts, but the truth is that while I have been blogging about the recent happenings and reviews, I actually have neglected A LOT of my older blog posts, hahaha. So much so that I’m pretty sure cobwebs would have formed over them, if they were papers lying on my desk, oops. Anyhoos, I am back on a blogging roll and I will be rolling out #throwback posts every thursdays since#ThrowbackThursdays, right? 😛 If I prove to be disciplined and roll out my blog posts as frequently as I plan to be, I hope to be able to clear all of them by the end of this year. 🙂 *fingers crossed* So how long ago are my #Throwback blog posts from? Thankfully only about 1 year plus, is that of any consolation? HAHAHA. Sorry I am amused, even by myself. #EasilyAmused

Anyhoos! Enough of the long intro, and if you’re still around despite it, let’s just drive (pun intended) in to my very 1st F1 experience, shall we?

Thanks to my friend Q for the tickets, my friend Clarabelle and I had the chance to check out F1 last year, 2014.
My First F1 Experience 001 My First F1 Experience 002Before we headed to the arena/grandstand area where our seats were, we had tea, OOTD taking and shopping first. Yes, us girls and our necessary distractions girly time. 😛
My First F1 Experience 003More than a year ago, can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Still loving this outfit nonetheless! 🙂
My First F1 Experience 004With  my babe, Clarabelle. <3 As you can see, we were both overdressed for the occasion as we got the tickets on a very last minute notice. So we did some quick shopping at H&M/Cotton On to change into more comfortable attire for F1.

My First F1 Experience 005Then we made our way! It was going to be a very super long walk to our grandstand seats. Zzz.

My First F1 Experience 006More walking. A good mix of locals and touristy crowd.

My First F1 Experience 007Obligatory shot with the handsome cars? Checked!
My First F1 Experience 008Still wish that it was a clear glass instead of these ugly fences.
My First F1 Experience 009Better shot! I am still impressed that people actually drive these cars in F1 when they look like the bigger versions of toy cars.

My First F1 Experience 010One of the spots where live shows are held during off F1 car racing periods. But we didn’t actually catch any, unfortunately!

My First F1 Experience 011

FINALLY got to our grandstand  seats… after what was about 30 minutes of walking through tunnels and stairs and paths. And we were seated for less than 10 minutes before the races ended of the night… LOL. No kidding.My First F1 Experience 012Panoramic view of the race track!
My First F1 Experience 013Honestly I could not(still cannot) understand the appeal of being seated at the grandstands when the cars just keep zooming by… They don’t even stay long enough for you to admire the car or the racer.  I think these people are invested because they follow the news/racers/cars and enjoy just being in the actual area and experience the thick of the exciting atmosphere and hear the applause and sighs at the end of the night – depending if the racer/car they support won or lost. But if you ask me, I would very much prefer to watch/follow the race from the screen. So going to F1 would probably appeal more to me if it was to catch one of the famous stars/singers performing pre/post F1 show. AND the sad thing was it was raining super duper heavily after the race and we didn’t have any umbrellas so we missed Robbie William’s concert. T_T #Cries
My First F1 Experience 015Yet another long walk to the exit.
My First F1 Experience 016It was pretty cool to be able to walk on the race track after the race ended.
My First F1 Experience 017Being stuck at one of the MRT paths due to the rain.

All in the all, I definitely enjoyed my first F1 race experience, but I was probably not properly prepped and also didn’t maximize my ticket. I definitely advise you to find out the race details – racer/car line up for the day and figure who you’re rooting for and why, be comfortably dress in something light for Singapore’s ridiculously humid weather and last and probably the most important (for me at least, lol) bring a raincoat for when it rains so you can still catch whatever awesome concert is happening after. 😉

Thanks again to Q for the tickets and to Clarabelle for being such fun company! <3



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