Singapore Blog Awards 2014 (Flashback aka Super Belated Post)


Hi Loves!

I think by now you’re probably used to my super belated (read: embarrassingly late) event blog posts/updates.

Singapore Blog Awards 2014 took place last August… I have a ton of event updates and I’ve got to start somewhere, so I guess here’s a good one to begin with? 😛

It’s nice to see that most, if not all the bloggers and I still look pretty much the same except for changes in hairstyles! I guess that’s why it’s nice to take photographs now and then, to track changes in our styles. 🙂

I’m glad I took part in Singapore Blog Awards because I got to meet up with other fellow beauty bloggers who are so much fun to be with because we share the same interest in skincare, makeup and blogging! So there’s always endless conversations and we really learn a lot from one another, like product reviews, PR practices and even digital softwares that help us to blog or Instagram better! 😉

Singapore Blog Awards Enabalista 2014 001

With Kymm, June & Min Ru.

Singapore Blog Awards Enabalista 2014 002

With Erin blogger of and awesome mummy of 2 now!
Singapore Blog Awards Enabalista 2014 003

With bloggers Linda, Cheryl, Kymm, MinRu, Jodie, June, Jerlene and some of the bloggers’ plus ones!
Singapore Blog Awards Enabalista 2014 004

With Linda & Meryl!

Check out the list of winners from 2014 here!



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