Are Men That Unobservant?

Hi Lovelies~

Recently a fellow blogger and good friend Sheena asked me if I’m attached… and if you’ve been following my blog and instagram you’ll know that I don’t have any pics up with a significant other.

And so after watching this video by Downy Parfum, I was caught in disbelief. Are Men really that unobservant? Are the 3 husbands caught in this social experiment really so used to the routine of married life that they did not notice their respective wives have been switched out? :O

Well… I wouldn’t know the answer because I’m neither attached nor married. Maybe when I am married someday I’ll have the answer. 😛

Watch the said video here!:

Let me know your thoughts!



3 thoughts on “Are Men That Unobservant?”

  1. hahaha! I think men are not as observant as women for sure. My husband doesnt hear all I have to say about the day. He only notices clothes that are bright or very form fitting lol But I think he would notice if there is another woman walking around who isn’t me lol.

    1. Hey Neelofur! Men don’t really like listening that much, do they? More visual creatures compared to women! 😉 Hahaha at least he would notice if you’ve been switched out! (I would worry if any otherwise :P) x Ena

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