When I was in JC, I was part of the environmental club! As part of the club, we would implement environmentally friendly campaigns, like donating old phones as part of a campaign we held with Nokia (yeah, those were the days!).

Since young, I’ve always believed in being eco-friendly, having taught the 3 simple Rs:

I remember I would cut up all my A4 papers from past years’ worksheets but were still empty on one side to use as rough paper. I stopped doing that since secondary school days, as there weren’t worksheets after JC… But that’s just a little earth-friendly activity that every student can take part in!

Well, if you have never been one to take part in environmentally friendly actions, you can start now by taking part in creating awareness for this campaign titled #EcoAfterMe!

Without further ado, I’ll introduce this site www.ecoafterme.com which allows you to take part and send your friend a fun postcard to spread awareness for environmentally friendly tips. 😉

A quick run down of how the site & postcard works! :

Eco After Me Site Contest1

Here’s how the website would look like: 

Eco After Me Site 01 Eco After Me Site 02 Eco After Me Site 03

Eco After Me Site 04

Eco After Me Website 2 Eco After Me Website 3 Eco After Me Website 4 Eco After Me Website 5 Eco After Me Website 6

Insert the photos of you/yourfriend/photo of you & friend for the big reveal~ 🙂
Eco After Me Website 8 Eco After Me Website 9 Eco After Me Website 10Then you’ll be asked for your particulars, including your friend’s address to mail the postcard to!

I think this is a really fun site and it mails a postcard to your friend for free, so send one to let your friend know you’re thinking of him/her! 🙂

If that’s not a compelling reason enough, by taking part you can stand to win a staycation!:

Eco After Me Site Contest3

After sending and receiving the postcard, follow the instructions below and
stand a chance to win $200 shopping vouchers and another staycation! 
Eco After Me Site Contest2

Now, if you’ve received your postcard, what can you do with it? 

2014-05-07 12.36.54

This is how a hardcopy #EcoAfterMe publicity postcard looks like.2014-05-07 12.37.17

2014-05-07 12.37.40

Scrapbooking materials of colourpencils and journal from The Paper Store! 2014-05-07 12.37.48 2014-05-07 12.38.01 2014-05-07 12.38.09

These coloured pencils are made with recycled newspapers! 2014-05-07 12.38.17 2014-05-07 12.38.27

You can use these stickers to stick your postcards to your journal. 🙂2014-05-17 23.23.18My sister happen to have bought these 4 stickers recently from the Paper Store at 4 for $9.90.
They have a lot of cute stickers and paper stationary, be sure to check them out. 😉

Visit their site here to find out where you can shop your stationary from!

Follow #EcoAfterMe on Facebook here!

Thanks to The Thinking3 Team, Lyrenna, Melissa & The Paper Store for the press kit.

Thank you for reading! <3



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