Skincode Bloggers’ Event & Whitening & Brightening Kit Review & Giveaway~!


Thank you all who have participated in this Skincode x Enabalista GIveaway, it has ended! ^^
These are the following winners~ You will received an email from me informing you that you have won~
You can go down to collect the set from Skincode office, from this Friday (2 May) onwards!
Address is:
Parklane Medical Centre, 35 Selegie Road #02-25A
Parklane shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Hours for collection: Mon-Fri – 10am to 5pm, Sat – 10am to 1pm.

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Hi lovelies!

How have all of you been? Have you been treating your precious skin well?

If you feel like your skin is in need of a perk me up, I just might have the solution for you today! 🙂

Recently Skincode Singapore held an exclusive bloggers’ event at Novotel and I had the pleasure of attending the intimate session. Even though Skincode was a brand new to me, I readily accepted their event invitation because it’s a Swiss brand, and the Swiss are famous for their skincare. 🙂

In case you’re new to the Skincode Brand, let me fill you in a little about them, you can find these information from their site.


Skincode AG, a Swiss-based beauty company founded in 1998 by a team of professionals with profound knowledge and experience in the cosmetics industry reinforces Switzerland`s reputation for state-of-the-art skincare.

The Skincode range includes two results-oriented lines to answer to your needs and to suit your personal preferences. Built on the principle that the skin is a living organ and its genetic “code” must be respected, the collections provide consumers with high-performance, innovative skincare products reflecting the precision, purity and quality that are synonymous with Switzerland.

Skincode Essentials is an advanced dermocosmetic skincare line formulated to satisfy the daily skincare needs of both women and men. From cleansing to anti-aging, moisturizing to beautifying and even lightening, Skincode Essentials has you covered. The products, dermatologically tested, contain a sophisticated blend of natural extracts and biotech ingredients (some medical grade), while being 100% free of fragrance, preservatives, colors and animal derivatives, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. CM-Glucan, a key ingredient in all of the products, protects the skin’s natural defense mechanism and stimulates Collagen and Elastin production, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Switzerland has a long tradition of cellular therapy, people from all over the world have been visiting Swiss clinics to receive such rejuventating and anti-aging treatment. Skincode Exclusive is a luxury-orientated, revolutionary cellular skincare line designed to address the specific needs of mature skin. The powerful anti-aging treatments speed up the cell renewal process, which slows with age. The key ingredient: Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation 2 (ACR Complex G2) is a truly ground breaking development in the fight against aging skin. Skincode Exclusive products are formulated without Parabens and with an allergen-free fragrance.


Recently the founder of Skincode, Prince Niclas Massalsky came to Singapore and he was interviewed on Straits Times. You can check out the article here.

Now I’ll let the photos from the bloggers’ session do the talking~ 😉

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Enabalista Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Enabalista 2

Aren’t these cupcakes the cutest promotional desserts? ^^

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Enabalista Blogger

So cute, that I have to take a picture with it first!
I was told that this is one of Skincode’s best seller and star product, Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules. 
Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Star Product Skin Capsules

Another photo of it, along with sample satchets and stationary set prepared for the evening.
Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Star Product Skin Capsules Write up

Here’s the cupcake icing and the product write up, side by side! Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules contains luxurious silky serum that will help improve skin’s elasticity, regenerates and soothes the skin. Each of us got to test out one capsule and boy, the experience was remarkable! When applied, the capsule oozes out a small liquid dose that feels powdery and velvety yet after application the skin is silky smooth. Amazing description, I know! You simply have got to experience it to believe and understand it. This serum truly embodies the touch of luxury as it leaves the skin smooth and pampered, much like a coat of velvet on your skin. Ahh~~~

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Presenter

The evening was equal parts presentation by Ceceila Weidner, Skincode Global Beauty Consultant and Trainer and equal parts hands-on workshop where we got to test the products from both the Skincode Essentials and Exclusive ranges. Essentials as it is named provides the basic essential skincare, whereas Exclusive is more focused on anti-aging concerns. I lost count of the products we tried, it must have been between 10-20 of them! It was one of the most hands-on presentation and skincare workshop I’ve attended. And I’ve got to say, nothing beats being able to experience the efficacy of the products hands on even if it’s for a short 5-10 minutes! I can attest that Skincode is so proud of their products that they simply believe people will love their products after testing and usage. More on that later when we get to their product counters. Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Extra Gentle Skin Refiner

This, my dear friends, is one of my favourite Skincode product. Or maybe THE MOST favourite. It’s called the Extra Gentle Skin Refiner, what a cute name right? But don’t let that cute name fool you, cause it’s simply one of the most remarkable masks I’ve used and I do believe I’ve tried & used several by now and I can say I am a fan of this product. If you were to ask me to recommend which Skincode product to try and start with, I would say this. Why am I waxing lyrical all about this product (and I wasn’t even sponsored to review this product, lol)? It’s simply because, after a short 10-15minutes of application, generous application may I add, just like what you see above, a gentle wipe off will reveal skin that is visibly moisturized and supple. Some of us bloggers can even see a fairer skin. As it is named, the key feature of this mask is that it acts as a gentle exfoliating mask, that will reveal a fresher and more radiant looking skin as it is formulated with a subtle blend of actives which removes dead skin cells and impurities. I can’t explain to you the science behind this mask, but IT WORKS. If this product was made in the past, the researchers in Skincode Swizterland laboratories would be akin to magicians formulating potion, cause this works pretty much like *~**magic**~*. 😀 For an in-depth review, check out this review by Denise Li on Material World.Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Cupcakes Eye Serum

Another remarkable product we tried & tested is this Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Eye Serum. It is formulated to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye area and to reduce dark circles and puffiness. As you can see, It is golden and shimmery as the photo-reflector particles work to instantly illuminate your eye area. Essentially what these photo reflector particles, aka golden particles does is it catches light so that all the darkness around your eye goes away, instantly removing the eye-bags. Amazing, huh? That’s why consumers are the most powerful people today, ask and you will be given, even instant miracle products can be created/formulated – things that were perhaps deemed impossible in the past.

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event with Trainer

A photo with Ceceila Weidner, who is an incredibly knowledgeable lady on skincare and beauty and also a very conscientious trainer and excellent presenter.

Skincode Singapore Blogger Event with Katjuju

With friendly Kat of, a site dedicated to all things eco and natural living. Check out her event review here.Skincode Singapore Blogger Event with Karen of Renzze

With Karen of, who is always beautiful and chic, be in on photos or in person. Skincode Singapore Blogger Event Ena Teo Instagram

Did you catch this post on my Instagram? Be sure to follow me on @ena_teo. 😉

At the event, each blogger got to bring home a Whitening & Brightening set for use and here’s my review~

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Order

I love the packaging. It’s clean, fuss free and I love the touch and feel of sturdy glass jar and pots.

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Hero Products

The kit is applied in this order, twice daily in the morning and evening after cleansing:
1. Cool White Essence
2. Lightening Eye Contour Cream
3. UV Protective Whitening Cream with SPF 12 (only for the day)

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Serum

1. Cool white essence as a liquid drop with liquid-gel like consistency.

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Serum on Skin

1. Cool white essence thoroughly hydrates the skin when applied.Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Eye Cream
2. Lightening Eye Contour Cream is a white cream of moderate consistent, but not oily or greasy to the touch.Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Eye Cream on Skin2. Lightening Eye Contour Cream when applied reveals a fairer shade of skin.

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Sunblock

3. UV Protective Whitening Cream with SPF 12 is a very lightweight cream with watery characteristics. Blends smoothly and evenly with no hassle.Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit Sunblock on Skin
3. UV Protective Whitening Cream with SPF 12 is colourless after blending and applied evenly into the skin. The result of application of all three products in the kit is a more hydrated and fairer skin shade. Skin is more dewy and definitely prepped for make up,  if you do apply. As they say, your makeup foundation is only as good as the skin beneath it, so boys and girls, it’s always important to maintain good skin through proper skincare!

After using the Whitening & Brightening kit for 2 weeks and counting, what I love most about it is the Cool White Essence. There is a light tingly sensation when applied and this essence keeps my face hydrated day and night, thereby curbing my skin’s usually oily glands. As a result, my skin is less oily. Yay! Having combination skin (normal with oily T-zones) Skincode products serve me well. On humid days, the kit may feel a bit too damp on the skin, however they are usually perfect for a sunny day and I can only imagine how much more remarkable they will serve in colder countries, like Japan and Switzerland! That’s all I have to say for the review and the kit, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me via comments below, on Facebook/Instagram or Twitter~!

Still want to know more about Skincode? I recommend this review by fellow blogger Kiyora on her blog here.

Skincode products are sold at Guardian stores, to experience the Skincode counter personally, I went down to check out the Guardian outlet at Takashimaya. You may also find them at the Guardian at Paragon and Marina Bay Sands. For the Takashimaya and MBS outlets, Skincode shelves are visibly seen at the entrance!
Skincode Singapore Guardian Skincode at Guardian Takashimaya

Look at how pretty the products seat at the Skincode lighted shelves~
Skincode Singapore Extra Gentle Skin Refiner

My favourite product, the Extra Gentle Skin Refiner at $82/tube. As mentioned, Skincode is generous with their testers. I highly encourage you to go test this product and try it for yourself~ I was attended to by Skincode Beauty Advisor Rosalyn is a very experienced beauty advisor and also very knowledgeable about Skincode products, despite it being a new brand in Singapore. You can find her on weekends at the Takashimaya counter, tell her your skin concerns and she will make the right product recommendation for your skin type!Skincode Singapore Guardian SOS Oil Ultra Matt

Another star product, the S.O.S Oil Control Ultra Matifiant at $79/bottle.Skincode Singapore Guardian Perfect for Eyes & Face Kit
A special Perfection of Eyes & Face Kit going at only $98.Skincode Singapore Guardian Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules

The most marvelous Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules priced at a cool $180 for a pretty blue jar of 45 capsules. It lives up to its reputation as the epitome of the touch of luxury. In case you’re wondering, Skincode didn’t supply me all these effusive language in describing these wonder capsules – I am merely inspired after my personal experience with it. 🙂

Last but not the least, thanks to Skincode Singapore’s generosity, 10 lucky Enabalista blog readers will be able to win for yourselves a full Whitening & Brightening set, the exact same one I reviewed above, priced at $128!

Skincode Singapore Guardian Whitening & Brightening Kit

3 Steps to join the giveaway~:

1. follow Skincode Singapore on Facebook and Instagram @SkincodeSingapore.

2. follow Enabalista on Facebook and Instagram @ena_teo.

3. Fill in a google doc form below, so that if you win,
we can track that you’ve done the steps above & that we can contact you easily!

The giveaway is open for 14 days,  from 12th April to 26th April.

The same giveaway is also happening on my Facebook page (for 10 lucky Enabalista Facebook fans), so if you like,
be sure to hop over and check out the steps to take part in the giveaway on my Facebook and double your chance of winning! However do note, each reader can only win once either from the blog or Facebook as I sure won’t pick the same reader twice. 😛

To make things even more exciting,
I will reveal 10 winners (5 from Blog and 5 from Facebook) every 7 days via my Facebook page!
The first 10 winners list will be revealed on 20th April, Sunday.
and all 20 winners will be revealed by 28 April, Monday.

Skincode Singapore x Enabalista Giveaway Terms & Condition
Open to residents in Singapore, or if you have someone who will be able to collect the product on your behalf.
(Sorry to my International readers, but fret not, future international giveaways in the works~)
Winners will be chosen by random selection.
Giveaway conditions may be subject to changes.
Judge’s decision is final.
Each person can only participate maximum once on the Enabalista blog & maximum once on Facebook.
Multiple entries are not allowed.
Multi-accounts using different email addresses are not allowed. If found out, user will be disqualified.
Winners will have to respond within 3 days upon announcement, to acknowledge that they have won,
otherwise their win will be forfeited and new winner/s will be selected in their place.
Winners will have 2 weeks starting from 28 April to collect the kit from Skincode Singapore office which is located at:
Parklane Medical Centre, 35 Selegie Road #02-25A
Parklane shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Hours for collection: Mon-Fri – 10am to 5pm, Sat – 10am to 1pm.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Skincode Singapore (Sephanie & Brian)
for the invitation to the bloggers’ event and for their kind & generous support to my blog
thereby allowing me to thank all of my dear readers’ support by conducting this wonderful giveaway~

Thank you dear reader~ <3



P.S. If you can’t wait to test Skincode products, simply redeem these samples at Samplestore, for a flat rate of $5.99 for any 4 samples:
1. Skincode Essentials Extra Gentle Skin Refiner
2. Skincode Exclusive Cellular Anti Aging Cream
3. Skincode Exclusive Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Eye Serum

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