#LaterPost | Hunger Games Movie Date With My Sisters!

A super belated repost from my instagram @ena_teo.

Hunger Games 2 Enabalista Review

Monday night’s dinner & movie date w my sisters. Been craving mash potato dish for a while and it was nice to indulge in a Popeyes meal. I enjoyed watching #HungerGames2 but only found out both sisters didn’t watch the first one during the movie. Had to softly whisper the context to them. Pls do watch the first one first as it’s necessary to fully appreciate the second one. Planning to get my hands on the books to find out what happens for part 3. Can’t wait for another year! I like that the heroine, Katniss has her own doubts and fears but is still a symbol of hope for the people, making her a believable and relatable character.

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