Oh, Graduation!

Graduation ceremony was about a month back,
but been too busy with Fide Fashion Weeks and work in general,
so here are the pics,
better late than never!

Ena's Graduation Ena's Graduation

On my way to the venue, at expo. Fringe all pinned up, prepped for the mortar board. Wearing Urban Decay’s makeup fix spray for the first time and it worked wonderfully well. Also sporting one of my current fave lip colour, Maybelline’s Coloursensational in Fuschia Flash. I got the lippy when I was in UK and I think they rebranded it as Bold and Matte series in Singapore. I had on a coat of nude colour as the base so that the colour will stand out better and last longer. πŸ™‚
Ena's Graduation Ena's Graduation Ena's Graduation

First time in a mortarboard! Definitely a milestone in life.
Ena's Graduation

With cutie Shella.

Ena's Graduation

O hai.

Ena's Graduation

It’s me again!
Personally I feel that these western graduation gowns were made to fit the western physical frames better and generally just overwhelm the more petite asian frames. Thank God for heels so that I can bask in my Harry Potter moment, heh.Ena's Graduation Ena's Graduation

With Adeline, from Kizuna trip, who is blessed with long legs! See how it looks like the gown’s made for tall frames like hers? πŸ˜‰Ena's Graduation Ena's Graduation

With Shi !Ena's Graduation Ena's Graduation

w Sifra and Ashley! Not quite sure why Sifra and I have a shocked expression, LOL.
Ena's Graduation Ena's Graduation

With Des, also from Kizuna trip, who was part of the duo who designed the collaterals and paraphernalia for Graduation! So proud of him!Ena's Graduation Ena's GraduationEna's Graduation Ena's Graduation

Ena's Graduation

With bestie, Bini! :*
We’ve been through 3 years of Lasalle together and
we always talk about how we want our future to be like and
so many dreams and ambitions we want to accomplish.
We’ll continue to hold each other accountable to our dreams and
become the capable women that we aspire to be! <3Ena's GraduationWith Christabelle who is always a ball of fun and never fails to bring the entire room laughter!Β 
Ena's Graduation

w Ade, Alex and Shao Jie, graduating Kizuna peeps!
It’s amazing how months ago we were all huddling in the cold of Japan and
in a blink of an eye, we’ve graduated!
Ena's Graduation Ena's GraduationA piece of gold paper slot in between each of the graduands’ booklet, folded to be released at the end of the ceremony.
It symbolizes how we’re now ready to take flight.

Ena's Graduation
Probably only in LASALLE where you get dance faculty graduands pirouettingΒ on stage when collecting their certs
and a STOMP performance by juniors at the end of it.
Ena's Graduation
With PriyaEna's Graduation

Our sweet and super patient finance tutor Lawrence who says he never misses a graduation to see his students graduate,
which is his source of pride and joy.

Ena's Graduation

With tutors Lawrence, GIlles and Ginette!

Ena's Graduation

With our class girls and Circe!
Ena's Graduation

Our studio / business management tutor, Gilles!
Thanks for being ever patient with us and giving us unending advice and guidance.
Ena's Graduation
And Circe! <3
For HK trip which was definitely an eye opener for us,
for teaching us how to deal with drama in our lives with a good laugh,
for your generosity, your love for art and believe in feminine power whilst staying as a beautiful woman and wife,
thank you.:)Ena's Graduation

With Pris, who is a wonderful dear, despite dramas and the years in school, remains as sweet as ever.
Stay that way and never let anyone steal your spirit. <3
Ena's Graduation

With Shi again!
It’s always a joy to do grp work w her cause she’s super conscientious
and parties are always fun with her!
Her bf took this pic for us, might not be long before we attend someone’s banquet? πŸ˜›
Ena's Graduation

WIth Mum and Pop
Always grateful to them for being cool parents in supporting me to go Arts college and study Fashion
Even tho it’s pretty rad even for my generation.
Mostly for believing in me and giving me the right biblical values in life.
I thank God for my family everyday.
My sissys were at work so they missed my graduation, I still love you guys ya!
Thanks for doting on your youngest sis and I will be happy to be forever your younger/est sis. πŸ™‚

Graduation day was definitely one of the happiest day of my life,
equal parts thankful and happy to have gone through a rigorous study
and emerged not only with a cert that’s accredited by Goldsmith uni
but also a stronger person in my mind and spirit
with a clearer vision of lives and life
and with many friendships which will surely stay with me in this lifetime

Most of all,
Thank you God.

17 thoughts on “Oh, Graduation!”

  1. Congrats on your graduation! Knowledge is definitely not the only thing we are graduated with. You bring along friendships and experiences with you. These things tend to last longer in your memory bank compare to say what you did for tutorial in your year 1 class. =P

    1. Thank you Siew Yee! Hehe these photos will last me a last time so I’m thankful they turned out well. πŸ˜€ Aww, school will pass in a blink of an eye, enjoy yours while it lasts! πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Eszter!!! Of course I can! I have a list I saved but I have actually yet to try out any of them: http://sg.openrice.com/singapore/restaurant/article/detail.htm?article_id=712 I would recommend you to refer to our local Singapore top food blogger’s list here: http://www.ladyironchef.com/2011/03/best-cafes-singapore/ and http://www.ladyironchef.com/tag/best-hidden-cafes/!

      For cafes which I’ve been to personally, if you’re looking for a classy afternoon tea place that’s nestled amongst high fashion boutiques then check out Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery, see my blog post here: http://enabalista.com/2012/09/22/high-tea-arteastiq/, I highly recommend it.

      Most recently I visited a laid cafe, Symmetry with my friends at #01-01, 9 Jalan Kubor, see my instapic here: http://instagram.com/p/f9yH5ROk6F/ ^^ The prices are a little steep at Symmetry and not entirely convenient, haha. But if you’re there, must try their fries with truffle oil, it’s awesome.

      Also, Happy Birthday in advance my dear!!! Where else are you planning to head to? Perhaps we could meet up for tea? πŸ™‚

      1. We are leaving soon to the airport and I am still reading reviews. I actually started reading ladyironchef yesterday as my husband (also) suggested. I keep thinking which place would be enjoyable for ZoΓ‘rd… Maybe I should accept that cafes are not exactly playgrounds for babies… He will either have a nice time (when he is in a good mood anyways – after all being with his parents is a “nice thing” for him) or he will be fed up with the situation if he will get bored easily. We will just have to take our chances I guess. You are so kind to help us out… Let me go and check out everything before we take off…

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