Some really great quotes here. Been thinking and emoting a lot lately. One of the decisions I’ve made is that I’m probably gonna be too busy to be writing fashion posts & reviewing beauty products here now that I’ve got a full time job. But thoughts, I’ve got abundant of them and writing, even if for 5 minutes a day, is surely something I can afford.
To add my quotes to the ones above:

We’ve only one life, if we don’t live it how we will, when will we ever do?

I’ve decided I’ll choose to live life the way I want to because it’s impossible to please everyone.


And with that, my dear readers, welcome to a new era on Enabalista – my life, my thoughts.


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  1. The Maya Angelou quote was my favorite!
    Good luck with your full time job!
    Oh and I thanked your advice on my blog but I also want to thank you here as well…because of the article on cafes in Bangkok that you sent me…we found a great cafe called The Roast. You would have loved it too!


    xoxo, Eszter

    1. Hey Eszter! Thanks, I’m enjoying work thus far. 🙂 The Roast sounds like such a cool cafe already, looking forward to go there! Actually planning a trip next July with some friends! Will u still be at Koh Samui then? 🙂

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