Blessed 22nd Birthday

Hello! Firstly I would like to extend a warm welcome to all my new readers, as I have a substantial amount of new readers from my current giveaway. (See here.) Secondly I would  like to thank all my friends who have supported me in this giveaway by liking my Facebook page, liking the giveaway and sharing the giveaway with their friends on Facebook.

Also, I have activated my personal Facebook account’s Subscribers function so please subscribe here! There isn’t much public information at the moment, as I have not yet figured out the privacy settings on Facebook (taking a bit more time than I expected) but I will figure it out! (: When I’m done, I will also add a personal account Facebook badge on the side bar of my blog. There’s so many things I’d like to do, like adding a page on people who inspire me, I need to stop procrastinating!

So, you should probably know by now that I’m a 22 year old lady! Woohoo! *twirls around with confetti in the air* I would like to thank my Father God in heaven, my family and friends who have supported me through the last 21 years and made me who I am today. Also thank you all who have taken the special effort to wish me Happy Birthday in face, call, SMS, Twitter and Facebook! (Yes in that order, I am particular like that. :P)

My birthday week isn’t even over yet but I am already overflowing with blessings from the 5 weekdays and I am so grateful to God and everyone who has made all these happiness and joy of mine possible. :’) Thank you, thank you and thank you.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know that I was at Estée Lauder’s HQ office on Monday evening as I was shortlisted to be their Social Media Advocate. After an interview with the lovely Estée Lauder marketing ladies Amelia and Joan, I was confirmed to be selected as Estée Lauder’s Social Media Advocate. It’s an appointment which I will soon update across all my social media platform profiles. I am extremely elated and grateful. 🙂

On my birthday itself, I went out with bestie @Yinglingahh for dinner, shoe-shopping (her gift to me) plus desserts! She wrote a really sweet blog post for me, thanks dear! As she wish to be more low key, I won’t post the link to her blog, but it’s on my blog somewhere! 🙂

Shoe Shopping with YL

Our Cafe Bistro East Side Brownie.

I12’s Cafe Bistro East Side Brownie

It was too much for us, we only finished about half a brownie each! The serving size is great, the brownie is compact and not the fluffy kind. The vanilla ice-cream is awesome, the dessert was definitely too sweet, but I’ve got a sweet tooth anyway so I don’t mind. By the way, Cafe Bistro at I12 Katong has a 50% discount for their coffees, cakes and pastries after 9pm. They also have a one for one main course promotion on weekdays, great deals people!

Dinner with Jingwei on Wed at Bedok Point Bishamon. This dish, my friends is super tasty, I love it! Thanks Jingwei for the treat, I am so loved by my friends. ^^

Then when I returned home… guess what was waiting for me ?

Bag of Love containing Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Vivid Shine Cosmetics
Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Vivid Shine Cosmetics

Can’t wait to do a review on these beauties!

Just yesterday, I had a lunch meeting with my dearest mentor, Aunty Mei Yoke whom we (her mentees in church) affectionately call AMY! (:

With my mentor, over our Thai Express Birthday Platter. (:

Then I went to office to collect…

Thankful for my ERA Namecard & License Tag

So yes, my dear readers, if you need any real estate services or advice, feel free to email me at teojiaen90 @ (without the spaces) and call me at 9171 8768. (; I will also be setting up a separate blog and twitter account to update on Singapore’s real estate news and my take on the industry. Will post up the links when they are up!

Then it was training time at Estée Lauder’s counter at Isetan Scotts. ^^

Before training at Isetan Scotts Estée Lauder

First up was a skin consultation with staff counter, Nabilah. Estée Lauder has many product ranges to cater to women’s specific beauty concerns. And as my main concern was to refine pores, I was recommended the Refining and Minimizing Pore set.

Estée Lauder’s Refining Pore Minimizing set

From Left to Right: CyberWhite Briliant Cell Protection Lotion (Sunscreen Lotion), Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, Optimizer Pore Minimizing Boosting Lotion, Hydrationist Maximizing Moisture Creme for Normal/Combination skin, Advance Night Repair (Estée Lauder’s number one best seller for last 30 years) and Advance Night Repair Eye cream.

Testing Estée Lauder’s Refining Pore Minimizing set

Testing out Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, & Hydrationist Maximizing Moisture Creme for Normal/Combination skin.

After prepping the face, it’s time for Fatigue Fighter. Basically combining Estée Lauder’s double wear concealer and ANR eye creme.

Estée Lauder’s Fatigue Fighter Step
Estée Lauder’s Fatigue Fighter Duo

Training together with the other Estée Lauder’s social advocate, Jacqueline (@behindthebasics, her blog here.) Side tracking a little, she has a great sense of humour and her blog is a delightful read, do check it out!

During training with Jac (@behindthebasics) ^^
After Estée Lauder’s 5 Steps & Simply Smokey Look
With & Without Makeup. Every woman can be beautiful – Estée Lauder.
 Do follow me on Instagram and Twitter, to receive updates on the go! 😉 I have also received a few of products featured during the training above which I am excited to review soon! Will post pictures on Instagram soon. 😀
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