The Fear of the Unexpected

I try to quote my sources under the captions. E.g. From Source: Title. Sometimes I forget my source, so no credits. My bad. I will take the photo down if I may have infringed on any copyrights.

I just tweeted about how I was semi-freaking out from my tutor’s email reply to an email notification that 3 classmates and I were going to miss his class due to volunteering at MFW. I think I freaked out cause I didn’t expect any complications might possible arise and I do not want to come across as a bother to my tutors and fashion head…

But that is the price you have to pay, sacrifices you have to make when you want to grab opportunities for experience and exposure. You will have to somehow impose on others, get out of your comfort zone from what is familiar, comfortable. To meeting problems, trouble-shooting and making right decisions fast.

The briefing for MFW was disorganized. Hopefully the team gets better with each day. Very happy that Bev, Ace and Ser joining me to help out at the event! And Beatrice also helping out as Backstage crew.

Going to pray for a smooth-sailing week.


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