Update: Photos, My sister is back & Moms Needs Mars Review!

Nothing much to update except for the news that my sister is back! & for the now pretty regular update of inspirational photos I source from everywhere.

In between Advertising and Marketing classes with Desmond, Bini, Kat & I went for lunch at PS, watched Mars Needs Moms (more on that later) and Watsons shopping. Teehee.

Mars Needs Moms is apparently a Disney movie-flop because they pumped a lot of money in but it is not a hit. Maybe because of the terrorizing idea of aliens stealing a kid’s mum just doesn’t make for a movie hit. Anyways I rate it 3.5/5 and it’s a funny, entertaining show that I think I would have enjoyed more as a kid. πŸ™‚ The ending reminded me of Avatar. Hee.

My sister brought back so many goodies from UK! Chocolates, KRISPY KREMES (3 BOXES), Absolut Vodka, Chocolate crusted pop rice. YUMMMMS~ I shall post pictures of them soon~

Shall go and do some work for Studio and Marketing projects! Ciaos~

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