Life is but a high school drama

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I have so many things going on in head right now.

1. A bit of drama going on in my class right now.
2. I enjoy reading 100+ accumulated google reader posts
3. Which leads to my point that my interests are fashion and business – particularly branding.
4. Which leads to another point that high end fashion brands don’t really interest me. It’s the aspirational branding that interests me, the kind of high quality style and lifestyle that the brands inspire that interests me.

Basically I think that some pretty dramatic high school calibre drama is unfolding in my class which previously involved a certain few people who didn’t appear in class and hence didn’t do their work to the woe of their project group partners. I don’t want to name names here and before I go into details about the drama I think it’s important to know that everyone is right in their own eyes and when there is a conflict, usually both parties are at fault and both will have to compromise and change should they want to restore the relationship. It takes two to clap, no matter how much one party hope things to change it won’t if the other party doesn’t tango, so to speak.

So basically there are two close friends in class, I’ll call them A & B. Some drama happened between the two of them, but A didn’t know. A felt something wasn’t right with them when B was treating her coldly. Then A found out B has been bitching about her behind her back she’s hurt and upset and also can’t really be bothered to talk things through especially since A seems to still be avoiding her.

My 2 cents: It is NOT ok to bitch about your close friends to people you are not close to, i.e. regular classmates. It is hurtful and damaging to the relationship and you should totally talk things through with the said close friend and not avoid her.

And of course, I strongly encourage A to talk things through with B and give their friendship another shot… But it’s really all up to A & B.

I want to have a peaceful college life and I don’t want to be involved in any dramas and I personally empathize with A because it really sucks to fall out with close friend in school (from my experience last year) and besides she also have some personal issues to deal with at the same time. But in a way it’s also good because from this drama, she can see (cheesy phrase) the true colour of B and also it will make her stronger for the (what people always say) REAL world out there.

You want to know something?

The REAL world is now. There is no such thing as the REAL world. The REAL world is but a world of high school kids masquerading in suits and dresses. One thing I have learnt is that you can’t expect adults to behave like one just because they look like one. And I digress, I hope I will slowly become a mature and responsible adult. And that is what parents need to teach their kids.. not just with mere words but in action and lifestyle as well.

I digressed. So going back to my other points, I was reading my 100+ google posts and I realize that so far I have been subscribing to a lot of fashion and marketing news and reading these updated information makes me happy.

And as I skim and pause on certain posts, I realize that apart from fashion business news, I linger and read in depth on news that covers on branding. And this is possibly due to my interest in graphic design and how that builds and reinforces identity branding. It is fascinating to me how corporations use symbols/text/graphic to brand their products and organization and how good identity branding translates their values to their users and supporters. Successful branding will even draw crowds to their products because of the additional or elevated prestige and status it conveys. Amazing.

As of the moment, I am not captivated or blown away by top luxury/fashion brands. Neither do I feel a great urge or need to obtain on of those IT bags. I don’t feel I need things to fulfill my life. What I like however and day dream about is a certain type of clothes and lifestyle that some top brands convey. Brands like Ralph Lauren and Burberry for example. That laid-back smart casual attire that channels the sophisticated lifestyle you would expect the intellectual rich to have. So yes, I don’t dream for the next IT bag but I dream for a sophisticate lifestyle.

And I guess that’s what branding is all about, for those who can afford it to buy it, for those who cant, to lust after it until they can. Right now I think that these big brands runway trendy items are but a waste of money and just fancy ways for you to spend precious money on to satisfy needs that marketers have created for their own pockets.

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