Rebuild damaged hair with Chez Vous’ Trilogy System: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder

If you’ve been following my updates on social media, you’d know that I’ve gone through multiple hair colours in the last 2 years and most significantly in the last year when I’ve sported light brown with ash highlightspurple (which faded to a blend of blonde & purple hues, mad love) and grey hair colours. Whilst I did not regret the multiple hair colours as they were so much fun and made it easier for others to break the ice and approach me (“Wow, purple hair, so brave!” “Another hair colour?”), my hair was really dry and damaged especially after bleaching for five times to achieve a light grey hair colour. (And to think that I once dreamt of having Platinum blond hair, my hair would be fried!)

So when Chez Vous offered me to try out their latest Trilogy treatment: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, I accepted in a heartbeat – God knows my hair needed the hair treatment!

Best Hair TreatmentThanks to Chez Vous Trilogy System: Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, my dry and damaged hair (left) was restored to a healthier and manageable state (right)! 

Just what exactly is Chez Vous’ Trilogy System? 
A simple, systematic and sustainable 3-phase approach to achieving beautiful, manageable and healthy-looking hair: Rebuild, Resculpt, Revitalize.

The three Trilogy hair services work synergistically as a complete beauty regimen for the hair, as well as separate, customised treatments for specific hair conditions and lifestyle needs.

And what does Chez Vous Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder entails?

Utilising three state-of-the-art ingredients (bond rebuilder elements, a potent mix of amino acids and anti-breakage actives) in combination with a highly- effective delivery system to penetrate these complexes deep into the hair, this treatment promotes genuine and permanent reconstruction at the cellular level.

The bond rebuilder elements repair broken bonds in the hair shaft that are prevalent in damaged hair so as to strengthen hair from deep within. The amino acids complex then seals the repaired protein bonds in the hair shaft for long- lasting resilience, giving it a distinct edge over other strengthening treatments in the market. Hair is stronger, more resilient and perfectly prepped for the Resculpting Supreme treatment to follow.

In a nutshell, it is basically a hair repair treatment filling dry and damaged hair with nutrients to repair and rebuild broken bonds and strengthen hair from within, so hair becomes stronger and healthier over time. 

Check out my hair transformation over the last few months:

Purple hair, this was after 4 times of bleaching to achieve a hair colour light enough for the purple to come through:Hair Repair Treatment Hair RepairPurple hair fades to blonde and purple hues – my favourite hair colour combination by far!:

Thereafter I had bleached my hair one more time to a grand total of 5 times to achieve a light grey hair colour, this was when my hair became really really dry and frizzy and it was very hard to maintain – I had to go through a strict regime of: Shampoo, conditioner, mask, hair moisturizer/essence at night and hair oil in the day just to tame the frizz and keep it manageable! Despite my damaged hair condition, I reallyyy loved the grey hair colour too!
Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0000

If I washed my hair in the day, this is how frizzy it would become, I had to wash at night, blow dry and sleep overnight to reduce the frizz (but I don’t always wash my hair at night, haha): Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0001Really hate and dislike mad frizzy hair! Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0009On mornings after I washed my bleached hair at night – more tame and manageable hair. 😀

This was when I started my journey on Chez Vous Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, after a coat of dark brown:

Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0003 Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0004 Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0005 Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0006

After the second session in October 2015:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0007

After the 7th session that ended in November 2015:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0008

Even after a few months later in March 2016, my hair is tame and manageable just like before my crazy hair colours! I can now wash my hair in the day and it is NOT frizzy! Amazing, almost miraculous!

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Chez Vous Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder to anyone who is looking for a legit, effective and long term solution to dry and damaged hair. While it takes a few sessions to see results, each session is less than an hour long and it’s always a comfortable and relaxing experience each time. 

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Check out the super enlarged scans of my own hair after each Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder treatment:

After the 1st treatment, hair is visibly hollow and with spilt ends:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0010

After the 2nd treatment, hair is less hollow as the treatment is beginning to fill it up, but you can still see visible split ends:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0011

After the 3rd treatment, the gaps in the hair are gradually being filled up:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0012

After the 4th treatment, the gaps in the hair are gradually being filled up, so its less hollow now:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0013

After the 5th treatment, you can barely see any hollowness/gaps now.Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0014

After the 6th treatment, the results of the treatment are beginning to really show:Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0015

After the 7th treatment, hair is now repaired and restored to a healthier state!Ena Blog Review Chez Vous Trilogy Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder_0016

It took me quite a while to prepare this blog post detailing my experience with Chez Vous Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder treatment; as I had to compile photos and information to illustrate my hair’s journey from dry and damaged to its current rejuvenated and healthy state. I hope you find this post helpful, as much as I found it satisfying to share this wonderful treatment with you too!

If you’d like, you can watch my review on video too:

In my next Chez Vous related post, I’ll be sharing my review of the Express Revitalizing Supreme!

Prices: Starting from $155 per session of the Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder, $375 for a session of the Resculpting Supreme and $185 for a session of the Express Revitalizing Supreme. A complete series of the Trilogy System is recommended for optimum results.

Chez Vous is located at #05-05 Ngee Ann City Podium, Singapore 238872. Call 6732 9388 to book an appointment, or log on to for more information.

Follow Chez Vous on Facebook for breaking news, updates and hair-inspiration.

Thank you Chez Vous team, especially Eugene, Echo, Oscar, Shawn & Jessica for the multiple Synchronized Advanced Hair Rebuilder treatment over the last few months! <3



Catch The Cranky & Kooky Addams Family @ RWS only showing till the 28th July!

Sponsored review

Opening Act “When You’re an Addams”

This morning I went down to Resort World Sentosa for The Addams Family media call as a blogger. It’s my first time attending a media call as a blogger and I was so happy and thrilled to watch the cast present 3 items and to get to interview the cast after! 😀

I present to you video excerpts of the first 2 items presented!

Item 1: Opening Act “When You’re An Addams”

Item 2: “Pulled” It features the adorable Addam Siblings Wednesday & Pugsley during their morning torture ritual which Pugsley enjoys and how it is changing because Wednesday is falling in love! Very cute and funny!

Excerpt of Interview with Lurch. I found it immensely amusing because he’s just mumbling / speaking gibberish! Which is also very cute!

A little more about the Addams Family musical, it is based on the bizzare and beloved family of characters created by legendary cartoonist Charles Addams. It began performances in March 2010 in America and ran through December 2011, immediately became one of Broadway’s biggest hits.

“Classic, full tilt, fast paced, old fashioned musical comedy!”- Chris Jones of The Chicago Tribune

I am enthralled by the performances put up by the cast today! The introduction booklet featuring the cast and crew shows a very impressive cast with a lot of credits, like almost every individual has more than 3 shows worth of stage experience so you know it’s really a top notched cast. I can’t wait to watch the full musical coming Saturday afternoon with my sister!

With the Addams Siblings! ^^

Interview with the Addams Siblings, Pugsley & Wednesday

Actor Jeremy Todd Shinder as Pugsley Addams
Actress Jennifer Fogarty (JF) as Wednesday Addams

Question for Jeremy Todd Shinder (JTS) as Pugsley:
Ena: Do you require any special diet for your role as Pugsley Addams?
JTS: No, I just eat and stay the way I am. I’ve been told I can put on more weight as the character of Pugsley is a heavy boy but I like the way I am now and intend to remain like that.
(Ena: I have a strong feeling that we’ll be seeing JTS grow up to be a tall young man, we’ll see, if he does continue on in his career in Broadway/acting!)
JF: It’s important that the cast is chosen and picked for how they are even before the musical, so Jeremy doesn’t have to put on or lose additional weight.

Question for Jennifer Fogarty:
Ena: Is there anything you wish to do or look forward to during your free time in Singapore?
JF: Oh yes! I’ve already explored Universal Studios and Sentosa with the tour team and I’m looking forward to visit Chinatown.
Ena: You should also visit Marina Bay Gardens & the Supertrees!
JF: Yeah and those! Basically looking forward to explore beyond the 4 train stations in Sentosa! *wide smile*

During the interview, we also found out that Jeremy Todd Shinder is only 11! How very talented he is for his young age and fortunate to be able to tour internationally as an actor! 🙂

Jennifer Fogarty is 26 years old but she definitely looks much younger, like a fresh graduate! I think partly it is because of her petite frame and big beautiful eyes and her wide smile. 🙂
Her eyes and face reminds me of Emma Stone. 🙂

The Addams Family cast will be heading towards Guangzhou after their Singapore leg. Wishing them all the best!

The Addams Family musical started on July 9 and runs till 28 July 2013. So grab your tickets from Sistic while seats lasts! 🙂

Many thanks to Resort World Sentosa for the invitation to the media call and tickets for the show! 🙂

Let me know if you plan to catch the show and how you find it after you do!


Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be, will be.


Another vlog update… I try to vlog on Sunday or Monday but obviously this one’s late. But I’m not really going to try to keep to it, just going to vlog as and when I like! Now that my MacBook Pro is down, I’ve figured how to vlog and upload on my YouTube (and now blogging about it) all on my trusty iPhone4s! Whoop whoop! 🙂

So I realized I say basically quite a fair bit, I don’t know why. Lol. Gonna cut down on it in the next vlogs.

Umm yes so I could be really upset about my Mac screen going all white on me but I’ve decided not too because its pointless and it also means if it can’t be fixed ill just have to figure a way to get a new one! I just believe that God’s gonna provide for everything and whether I am happy or sad it doesn’t help to restore my Mac so id very much rather be happy! And dinner w my family was really great! So was dinner with Annabel and the movie Whitehouse Down with her. It wasn’t a great movie per se, but definitely a spectacular all action movie. So do check out if you’re a movie buff!


My babe Annabel and veal skinny pizza

Ena Skinny Pizza Singapore
Your gal Ena and squid ink seafood skinny pizza

2013-07-10 21.42.05

My family & I at my early birthday dinner at Covelli earlier tonight:)

I’m going to upgrade this WordPress blog to my own domain some time very soon! The main reason is because I’m using up almost all of the free space there is in the free account so I’m sorta forced to upgrade to get more space for more photos. Was planning to when I upload all my some 100-200 Philippines trip photos (depending how many I decide to select and share, from a scary amount of 900-1000 photos lollll) and in order to do so I’ve to upgrade. But alas my MacBook Pro crashed. I think ill still upgrade nonetheless via IPhone / or galaxy tab my sister loaned me. It’s gonna be my birthday present to myself! Using my birthday gift allowance from my parents! Ok so it’s sorta my parents gift to me. Hahaha. So I’m gonna be having here soon! Exciting times ahead eh?

Alright that’s a lot of updates for today. Can’t wait to update on the media call for Addam’s family musical tmr! And about what happens to my baby MacBook Pro! HAHA.

Be beautiful inside and out!

Remember I love you!