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Inspiring yet Humble; An Afternoon with Victoria Beckham at LASALLE


Hi Lovelies! <3

So technically cameras and photos are not allowed for this event… So after reading this just pretend you didn’t see photos of VB on my blog, ok? 😛

Back in May, as LASALLE alumnus, we received a very surprising yet definitely delightful email saying that the Victoria Beckham was gonna grace our Singaporean shores AND pay our Alma Mater a visit!

I couldn’t miss up this chance, so I took 2 hours off work (which is flexible in anycase) to see her in person, altho really far away, which you’ll be able to tell shortly:
2014-05-14 15.30.31 2014-05-14 15.30.33 2014-05-14 15.29.14

2014-05-14 15.31.57

MANY THANKS to The Peddar Group for bringing the VB to our school and giving us the grand opportunity to hear her speak! It was truly an inspiring to hear her in person.

Many students praised her in adoration before posing their questions, and rightly so, saying how she’s one of the rare and spectacular example of a celebrity turned designer who managed to build her fashion empire in so short a time and so successfully.

Yet through all of the praise you can clearly tell that she’s not let any of it to her head, she’s extremely grounded and she actually says it out aloud that she didn’t do it alone, she has her entire VB team that did it along with her. Do I hear a hooray for this wonderfully inspiring yet humble woman???

Additionally she adds that she sees herself as a mother, wife and her role in the family is as important as it is at work. And the time when her family esp. her sons saw her work at the runway they were clearly impressed that she was capable of what she’s done, in spite of the time she spends with them. And nothing gives her more pride than seeing her children grow up and she and Beckham makes time for the family.

In case you have not already stalked the Beckhams on the news, which are almost always good, I recommend these: Adrian Weale dishes on Daily Mail on what it’s like living next to the polite Beckhams, Brooklyn freaking Beckham works at a cafe when he could just be fronting magazine covers every month, really!, Beckham loves her daughter Harper very much and watch them being their gorgeous and humble selves here:

I am obviously very taken and a huge fan of VB the designer. I love her clean and chic cuts that she sends down the runway! And she’s just got an amazing personality and not forgetting she has also snagged a hot husband. Hehe. 🙂

Now time for OOTDs after the talk with Christabelle! 🙂
2014-05-14 16.12.14

In a Net dress and Go Jane Heels.2014-05-14 16.18.01

2014-05-14 16.16.37

With lovely Belle~

Thank you On Peddar and LASALLE for the invite! <3

Thank you for reading!



Stay Blue, Stay Cool feat. Phillip Lim Thurston from GlassesOnline.com.sg

Hey Ladies~

Are you looking for a a pair of chic glasses?

If so, you might want to check out GlassesOnline.com.sg and their array of chic & fashionable glasses & sunglasses! 😉

GlassesOnline.com.sg reached out to me to help them style 2 pairs of glasses, which I gladly accepted.

Here’s my take on two fashion glasses, available on their site! 😉

1912049_520814891365322_442201063_nStay Blue, Stay Cool. featuring Phillip Lim Thurman Glasses,
Alexander Wang cropped top, Converse High Tops and Kanken Backpack.
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Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.59.06 pm
Rock it like it’s hot, featuring Phillip Lim Chopper,
Mango Jacket, Victoria Beckham Demin Pants, Proenza Schouler Bag & Saint Laurent Booties.
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Which set do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



Trend Highlights | Polished Attraction Featuring Victoria Beckham


Hi lovelies!

It’s time for some Fall Fashion updates! Today I’ll be finishing up with the 2nd part of Fall Winter Trend Highlights. If you haven’t check out the first part here. Titled Polished Attraction, this trend highlight features key looks from the ever chic Victoria Beckham.


Polished Attraction is sub-divided to three categories, Sharply Tailored, Modern Military and Belt Up.

Sharply Tailored – Embracing the cultivated, smart and stylish individual with versatility. Key labels featuring this look are Miu Miu, YSL and Balmain.

Modern Military – Designers brought a fresh appeal to traditional military garb with luxe fabrics and fitted silhouettes. Together with Victoria Beckham, these labels rule the runway this season: Salvatore Ferragamo, Max Mara, Burberry Prorsum & Kenzo.

Belt Up – For this season, accentuating the waist with a thin leather belt adds a touch of class, glamour and sophistication.

If you noticed the H&M at the top left corner of the moodboard, (SHARP EYES THERE fella!), it’s because my friends and I worked on Fall Winter trends back in Feb/March this year for a school project, proposing Fall Winter 2012 trends for a imaginary H&M store in Singapore. Teehee.

Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2012 Runway Looks

These are soooo chic. It’s like Victoria Beckham decided to create uniforms for the Parisian girls. 

The models exude effortless chic in these military style garb. *Swoons*If you haven’t seen Victoria Beckham’s Fall Winter 2012 looks but you’re wondering why it looks so familiar? It’s because you’ve seen a similar look on Kate Moss for Mango! I didn’t realize the similarity till I was blogging this! NO WONDER I liked the look on Kate Moss so much when I first saw it. (T-T)# *faints*

That’s all for now, leave me a comment telling me how much you love reading my blog, y’all! 😛

Cause Ena Loves Ya So~! *(^-^)*

Korean Drama X Modern Fashion Feb SS 2012

If you don’t already know, I am a huge fan of korean drama and what better post is there than combining two of my life’s greatest interest, korean drama and fashion together?! ^^

I am an avid korean drama recap reader. LOL. I loyally follow Dramabeans, Koalasplayground and Soulsrebel websites for their Kdrama and TWdrama updates. But due to my busy schedule, I tend to only read recaps unless the drama is really good, or it’s my holidays than I will spend the time to watch the drama online.

There are currently two fantastic korean dramas showing, the first a sageuk (period drama) titled “The Moon Embracing the Sun” and the second “Shut Up Flower Boys Band”. I’d admit they are lousy titles, but I love what they wear! The first for their beautiful, elaborate, vibrant-coloured, silk royal garb and the second for their too cool for school rocker looks and preppy uniforms. <3

The Moon Embracing the Sun Poster.

I especially love the intricate details on the shoulders of the King and the Queen (left two). Cultural heritage makes great fashion.

I love the vibrant yellows, pinks, purple and blue colours. 

The hanbok in lovely pink/purple and green/purple combination. Might be too much if paired in this combination today but totally possible to pull off for a daring, stylish fashionista.

As seen in contemporary fashion, here in Alexander McQueen’s FW 2010, the last collection designed by himself, presented post-humously. He was inspired by the western culture and details here, but I can totally imagine if a chinese/korean designer adapts the Oriental designs for modern wear! But of course, the designs would be more suitable for haute couture, or more formal attire.

Bright cheery emerald green dress by Victoria Beckham selling on Net-a-porter here. Definitely a great colour to herald the Spring… (:

Metallic encasing gem YSL rings are all the rage in the fashion world. Retailing at $390 in-stores in Singapore now. Gems come in many lovely colours and metal ring in gold or silver. The big, bold and royal is definitely in vogue!

MCQ Alexander McQueen Kingsland Vinyl Tote retailing here.

Assad Mounser Shiprock gold plated multichain retailing here. I am loving the multi chain, summer coloured accessory. Tres chic.

For a similar look that is more accessible locally, check out Bimba & Lola at Orchard ION. Their necklaces have this very candy, seemingly DIY quality to it that is very attention grabbing.

Bimba & Lola necklace… I got this off the website, but the ones in store are different, just to  illustrate the uniqueness of their necklaces.

Going on to Kdrama number 2… Shut Up Flower Boys Band.

Boys looking cute in their rocker band look. I dig this look… a lot. Haha. Style notes: silver multi chain necklace and rings, best in cross and skulls motifs, layered look with leather jackets and scarfs (unfortunately so not possible in all year summer Singapore, sobs), skinny jeans.

Just needed to post a picture of this rookie newbie in the show, Jo Bo-ah, age is not found online. She is so pretty. 

The preppy school look is a classic look…

Burberry Pre-Fall 2012.

More boyish looks from Balenciaga’s Spring 2012 Menswear.

Rock the look with…

Alexander Wang bags

I hope I’ve inspired you to 1. Watch the korean dramas 2. Gain some fashion tips for your Spring Summer 2012. 3. Realize that you can pick up fashion tips from korean drama… or any well styled drama! 😉