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Tsubaki Extra Moist Range

Hi Loves!

The last time, I reviewed Tsubaki’s hair oil on my post here. This time, it’s about their newer haircare ranges, in particular the Tsubaki Extra Moist Range! I’ve used it for a while and I really like it because it’s great for moisturizing my coloured hair. If you’re like me and you need a moisturizing haircare range, I definitely recommend Tsubaki, plus it smells amazing!

Check out photos from their media preview~
Tsubaki New Moist Range 001The event was held at Tsubu at Orchard Gateway and we were each given a survey to decide which of the 3 new ranges would suit our hair!
Tsubaki New Moist Range 007 Tsubaki New Moist Range 004Here is the Extra Moist Range, which was best for my hair.

Tsubaki New Moist Range 008Tsubaki New Moist Range 003Here is the Volume Touch Range.
Tsubaki New Moist Range 006 Tsubaki New Moist Range 005And the damage care range. This event was before I started on my crazy hair colours, I probably need this range now, haha!
Tsubaki New Moist Range 002Ootd taking outside Tburu. Went all Print on Print on Print that day!
Tsubaki New Moist Range 009Took home a set for review~Kko Kko Nara StewWent for dinner at Kko Kko Nara and had stew with Sheena after the event!

Thank you Tsubaki and Sheena for the lovely afternoon~