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Get Fragrant, Shiny Hair with Tsubaki Camellia Hair Oil

Hi Loves!

Have you every wondered how some girls have sweet smelling & shiny hair? Perfumes usually last for a while and they sure don’t give our hair that beautiful shine… Today I’d like to share with you about Tsubaki’s Camellia Hair Oil to give you fragrant, shiny hair! πŸ™‚

It’s “formulated with a high concentration of selected camellia oil to protect, moisturize and repair your hair to give it that luxurious shine. And tt will protect your hair from UV rays and heat from hair dryers or styling equipment as well as preventing split ends and hair breakage.”

To apply it evenly on your hair, do so after a shower when your hair is semi-wet, pour about 20cent coin size on your palms for mid length hair, spread it first on your palm and then work it through your hair. Proceed to dry your hair with a hair dryer for a frizz free hair.

What I love most about this hair oil is the elegant and indulgent scent of floral camellia! It’s the smell of a welcoming spring… that makes you walk with a spring in your steps! I’d use this on mornings when I feel really good, relaxed and want a head of sweet smelling hair~~~ ^^ I’d recommend you toΒ use this hair oil in the day and wash it cleanly off in the night before you sleep, or to make sure you don’t have your hair in your face when you’re sleeping.Β πŸ˜‰

Tsubaki Camellia Hair Oil Blog ReviewTsubaki Camellia Hair Oil retails at Watsons stores at $26.90 for a 60ml bottle.

Thank you Tsubaki for sending this product for review! πŸ™‚