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Noël Caleb; On-stage glamour, Off-stage grace.

Noël Caleb's Logo

A new local designer label, Noël Caleb means Christmas and Devotion combined. With the spirit of thanksgiving, here’s a label sewn with every fashion designer’s heart and love.

Noël Caleb 2011 Debutante Collection: The Ballerina Diaries

For their debutante 2011 collection, Noël Caleb is inspired by the archetypal Parisian ballerina. The collection is a juxtaposition of gentle float with structural strength. A collage of the feminine from boardroom to ballet. Drapes and weaves bind in a spirt of unconventional chic. From fresh-cut cyan to candyfloss pink, Noël Caleb carry the modern Lilith through the days, and holidays.

For the Noël Caleb’s Blogger Styling Competition 2011, I collected 3 pieces from their debutante collection, styled two looks and engaged my sister, Jia Hui’s assistance for some fun photo-taking!

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For the first style, I paired the Noël Caleb outfit with a Topshop Cyan bag and Rubi Hot Pink shoes, matching the colours of the Tatiana top. The look gives a youthful and funky vibe. Perfect for a lunch date at a restaurant or a girl’s day out!

Take a look at the contrasting cyan with pink polka dot fabric on the reverse side of the skirt!

I really like the outer sleeveless jacket Paloma. Makes me look and feel like a modern warrior. ^^

For the second look, I styled the outfit with a vintage Rose Bertin bag and D&C red and white stripped shoes. It channels an old-school charm, fitting for teachers and office executives.

This look is really ideal for a tea-time break where you skip off to an alfresco cafe and dive into your favourite read while sipping coffee.

Dressed in a vintage style, I couldn’t resist posing with the bamboos and looking all old-school in it! 😛

Close up photo showing the details of the Noël Caleb attire.

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To end off this post, here’s a last image of me with a beautiful bamboo backdrop! According to chinese culture, Bamboo symbolizes the Scholar. According to Living Arts Originals website, “The bamboo is considered a gentleman with perfect virtues. It combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility; it has the perfect balance of grace and strength.”

I hope you enjoyed the post and I would like to wish you & the Noël Caleb label all the best for your future ahead!

All photo credits to my sister, Jia Hui. 🙂 You may follow her on her Twitter, here.

If you like, you may purchase Noël Caleb designs online here.

In the above photos, I am wearing:

1. Noël Caleb’s Tatiana Top, Pink with green polka dot, M size. (Although S would have been a better fit for me.)
2. Noël Caleb’s Paloma (Sleeveless), Pink, S size.
3. Noël Caleb’s Nathalie, Red, L size.