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TheFaceShop Ink Lipquid Review

Hi Loves!

Do you fancy lipsticks but sometimes wish they were more moisturising? Or perhaps you like lip gloss but wish they were less sticky and more pigmented?

THE FACE SHOP INK LIPQUID 001 Well, TheFaceShop make up creators definitely heard your wishes because they’ve come up with Ink Lipquid which promises to be Lipstick, Lip gloss & Lip Tint all in one, plus it’s super moisturizing. What I love about Ink Lipquid is that it delivers the colours while retaining its hydrating sensation and it has a sweet scent.


3 Key Points of Ink Lipquid:

  1. Lasts for 12 hours with serum base moisture
    Maintains moisture on lips with 70% water base (*Clinical test complete)
  2. Color stain maintained for 12 hours
    Vivid colours that are long lasting on lips for up to 12 hours (*Clinical test complete)
  3. A light touch with the pen’s tip completes fully colored lips
    An ink pen tip like brush helps in application of colour, presenting a clear lip shape

The new Ink Lipquid is equipped with THEFACESHOP’s very own makeup technology- “Moisture Holding System”. This makeup technology helps maintain moisture with its water-holding ingredient.

In addition, the “Ink Staying Polymer” technology helps maintain fresh and clean make up through creating a light and transparent film layer that holds moisture and color.


Overall I find that these Ink Lipquids appealing because of the moisturizing texture, scent and lasting tints, if you’re picking the lighter colours, you may have to swipe 2 layers, especially if you have darker lips like I do.

TheFaceShop Ink Liquids are available in stores island wide.

Thank you TheFaceShop Singapore for sending these Ink Lipquids over for review!