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TheFaceShop Singapore Cushion Screen Cell Feels Like Second Skin

Hi Loves!

I’m very excited to be finally sharing about TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell foundation after months of using and procrastination in blogging! Seriously, the media kit and packaging from The Face Shop is the best, they are always so thoughtful and it’s always a welcomed surprise!TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 006

TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 004

What is lighter and fresher than before? As light as your skin? TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 005

TheFaceShop Cushion Screen Cell promises to be lighter and fresher than before!

TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 003

Comes with SPF 50+ PA+++ to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.
TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 002

Really pretty casing too!TFS Cushion Screen Cell Blogger Review 001

This is the 99.9% anti bacterial net to ensure hygiene.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.28.55 amAdditionally these are the 3 features and effects on your skin!

When I first received the product, I was frankly completely skeptical about what the product boasts of… “Lighter and fresher than before, as light as your skin”… Really??? But after using it for 2 +months, I love it! Firstly, it really amazingly does looks and feels like my second skin, when I applied it on my skin the first few times, I had to take a double look that there was foundation applied over. It gives a really super natural look and feel. I also just read that this very TFS Cushion Screen Cell won Cleo SG’s Feels Like Second Skin Foundation award on its Beauty Awards 2015 (July), which I definitely think it’s well deserved. I’d highly recommend this if you’re looking for a hassle free foundation cushion that feels and looks natural. Plus it’s also affordably priced at S$42.90 and available at all TFS outlets island wide.

The Face Shop Singapore Lower Prices Blogger Hamper

Another reason to celebrate and visit TheFaceShop is that they’ve lowered their prices in SG, how awesome is that?! I am personally a HUGE fan and loyal user of their products including their facial masks, SMIM treatment essence, Raspberry Roots Mask and their Rice Water Bright Facial Cleanser.  In essence, TheFaceShop products feels light on the skin yet they are effective, that is why I love them so!

Thank you TheFaceShop for sending the products and hampers for review!