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Experience Black Paint @ Takashimaya

Hi Lovelies! <3

After a minor scare from a blog suspension and fixing the naughty link that is disallowed by WordPress, I got this blog back. *Phew* I know some of you missed me and sent me FB messages to ask me what happened to my blog, thank you! :’) And I was particularly worried because I have a piece of great news that I was expecting to share with you all and I want to be in time to share it!

As you all may know by now, I previously reviewed Black Paint skincare regime on my blog and it was a truly unique and zen cleansing experience for me.


Here’s an excerpt:
What I truly love about this soap is how natural and zen it makes me feel, during the cleansing process and after it.
As pictured, it is recommended for us to apply the black paint soap over the entire face. I find the application and cleansing process very therapeutic and artistic. I feel like I am a chinese calligraphy practitioner and I am spreading ink over my face, that is the canvas. The entire experience is oddly satisfying and I recommend everyone to try this unique product! And of course, other than the interesting and unique experience, I also like that soap bar cleanses my pores, but yet doesn’t leave it squeaky clean. I used to think that squeaky clean skin is good, but I’ve now learnt that it’s better to use gentle cleansers that will clean our skin but still leave it hydrated with necessary oils on our skin. 😉

Go read it here if you haven’t!


It gives me great pleasure to announce that

BLACK PAINT Soap has won another year of Monde Selection Award “GRAND GOLD”, the highest ranking, for another year.

It has won the “GRAND GOLD” title for 6 consecutive years! *Wow* More information about Monde Selection Award here. I rejoice together with Black Paint for the success of their product and securing awards year on year! *throws confetti*

If you haven’t already seen these videos, check out these really helpful and informative videos about Black Paint skincare products!

1. How to minimise pores- 4 step pore care by BLACK PAINT

2. Black Paint Series: Product Introduction

3. BLACK PAINT No.1 Pore Care Facial Series in Japan

So, do I hear someone asking, “what’s the great news” that I am excited to be sharing?

Takashimaya Booth Location

From now till 24th Jul 2014, BLACK PAINT is having an experience counter in Takashimaya Basement 1

(near L’Occitane counter and aromatherapy shelves, see photo above) for ladies troubled by ACNE, black head, wrinkles and pigmentation problem to experience BLACK PAINT. The BLACK PAINT girls at the counter will demonstrate how to do the BLACK PAINT 4 step skin care regime to maximize result.


After that, if you choose to try their star product BLACK PAINT SOAP 120g (S$49.9), you have the option to utilize the voucher & do a purchase on purchase for a trial set for S$10 (worth S$90). Super Value!

The trial set contains all the items needed for the BLACK PAINT 4 step regime, they are :

>Best Water 50ml SG$34.9

>Oil Water Rose 30ml SG$19.9

>Water Cream Rose Lavender 10g SG$19.9

>Black Sponge (small) 1pc SG$9.9

>Facial Paper 10pc 1pack SG$3

>Black Paint Soaking Cup 1pc SG$3

Go ahead and download the Voucher on BlackPaint FB here, it will require you to Like their page first.

Hurry down in the next 7 days, or get a friend who works in town to help you purchase the set! 😉

Thank you Black Paint for this awesome deal and news!

Thank you for reading~