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Internships: Get Paid To Pick Up Essential Skills & Knowledge

Hi Loves!

Last week I blogged about my part time job experience, read it here if you haven’t. 😉 Today, I’d like to share about my internship singapore experiences.

When I was in LASALLE, I wanted to know as much as I could about the Fashion industry in Singapore and I realized that the way I could do so was by applying and getting an internship with a local fashion company. Over the course of 2010-2012, I took up several internship / paid positions with various companies; including a backstage stint with Blueprint Fashion Tradeshow, as well as an admin and accounts assistant with Club21, a multi-label retailer in Singapore.

Through these internships in singapore, I got to meet many local designers of local brands, such as Depression and Revasseur and international brands such as Timo Weiland. I also learnt first hand that the cliche is completely true: Fashion is a lot of glitter and glam on stage and on camera, but it’s a lot of hard work, grit, sweat, long hours behind the scenes and many years before you see the light of day as an established designer/brand/marketer.

With Andrew of Depression in 2014 during Sects Shop Opening (as a guest, not an intern, haha)

Many people always ask me how I ended up in the real estate industry as a property agent when I was studying Fashion Media & Industries in LASALLE. And it’s no secret, really. The reason is because my friend Valerie’s recommended me for a marketing internship with a local real estate developer company, back in 2011 when I was still studying and that opened the doors for me into the property world.

It was during my internship as a marketing intern at property show flats that exposed me to the world of property sales. I quickly learnt how property agents build rapport with their clients and qualify their client; if they were eligible to buy executive condominiums and if they had sufficient funds to purchase such a big ticket item as a condominium.

Of course I also learnt how incredible the potential financial reward was for a property agent, and more so for a property developer. I learnt and saw how so many different people and departments came together for a single project: developer marketing team, outsourced marketing team, architects, landscaping team, bankers and property agents. It was this world of business and sales that attracted me to join as property agent.

A lot of people spend time wondering how some people get their feet into the door of a certain company or get the opportunity to that coveted job, and the secret is this: many singapore internship opportunities are disguised as work – if you’re willing to work for little to nothing, you’ll be sure to find many opportunities coming your way.