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Sans & Sans Delivers Classic Looks with a Twist


Hi Lovelies!

A while back I’ve had the pleasure to be invited down for Sans & Sans’ fashion show which I unfortunately couldn’t make it to due to a clash of schedules. However I did pay a visit to their cozy boutique at Marina Square Shopping Mall to pick out a few items. 

Perhaps you don’t frequent Marina Square Shopping Mall and haven’t had the chance to check out this boutique before. So allow me to introduce the Sans & Sans brand!

Sans & Sans is a homegrown (Singapore) label and it’s a brand built on the rich oriental heritage to cater to the sophisticated customers today. Think Shanghai Tang, but in a more affordable bracket.

Without further ado, check out the store:

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 002_new

The overall vibe of the store’s decor concept is Modernity meets Heritage, as contemporary chic apparels and accessories juxtapose against vintage-style furnishing. The experience of ruffling through the collection is both exciting and cozy.

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 004_new
Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 003_new

Items are also thematically arranged to colours and styles.Here you have the earthy browns, beige and green colours.Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 001_new

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 006_new

One can expect new arrivals each week, accessories and bags are sourced from all over Asia. Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 007_new

A very cute hat stand with some of the hats available for sale.

Now for the looks I styled whilst I was there!Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 008_new

I matched a blue collared white long sleeved top with what I call the Sherlock Holmes style pants for a formal look, one that exudes British sensibilities, don’t you agree?Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 009_new

Here in the same top with a cute asymmetrical skort (skirt shorts) which is one of the 2 items I love. Do you ever feel that you keep wearing an item over and over again because it fits so well and you love it that much? That’s exactly how I feel with this pair of skorts. Major love, guys.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.11.47 am

Proof of major Sans & Sans skorts lovin’. @ena_teo on insta, guys. 😉

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 010_new

This, guys, is my current favourite blazer.

Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 011_new

Wearing the grey version so you can see the beautiful fit and detailing of this piece.Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 012_new

Lastly in this white and black striped blazer (don’t mind my love for jackets/blazers, lol). Whilst this look will be perfect for Derby fashion at the horse races, it’s equally fitting in the board room as well. That’s what I love about Sans & Sans, their apparels and picks are able to bring you from the office in the day to a casual party with your friends later in the night.

As you can tell, I tend to pick out the black and white tones in the looks above, for a more balance view of the variety and styles that Sans & Sans offers, check out these looks, featuring my sweet and lovely fellow blogger Gwen:
Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 001Sans & Sans Blog Review Enabalista 002Now, don’t you agree that you could totally sashay out of the corporate building into any cocktail party with any of the looks above?

Visit Sans & Sans stores:
#02-342/343, Marina Square Shopping Mall
Tel: 6337 8909
#02-04/05, Orchard Central
Visit www.sans-sans.com.sg

Thank you Sans & Sans Singapore for the invite and pieces.



Audi Star Creation 2014

Hi Lovelies! <3 <3 <3

Yes I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted (9 days, to be exact) and I am terribly (read: 1 month) behind my events updates! *covers face*

Nonetheless, I am getting down to blogging and posting the wonderful and beautiful photos from Audi Fashion Fest, Blueprint and many exciting fashion events I’ve attended in May! Yay! *throws confetti in the air*

Without further ado, let’s go!


Into its fifth year, Audi Star Creation is a regional design competition that identifies, nurtures and brings together aspiring young fashion designers from around Asia to battle it out in a runway showdown at the Tent @ Ngee Ann Civic Plaza in Singapore.


This year’s finalist, who were challenged to design around the theme “The Asian Perspective”, were short listed from 418 submissions from 14 countries including Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


The top three winners are Rebecca Corrine Lam from Hong Kong, Zhou Jun from China and Newman Han from South Korea.

Additionally on 13 May at the Audi Red Carpet Night gala dinner, Rebecca Corrine Lam also took home the Audi Young Designer Award, whom judged thought her creation best embodies the Audi design spirit of innovation, technology and progression.

The 12 finalists had to submit six original and commercially viable designs that creatively portrayed the theme. The runway showdown took place in Singapore on 12 May at Tent@Orchard.

The 12 finalists for Audi Star Creation 2014 are:

1. Oei Shoo Jun Angeline, 27, Singapore

2. Keh Min Chloe, 19, Singapore

3. Leong Yaowen, 26, Singapore

4. Newman Han, 29, Republic of Korea

5. Hye Ra Rhee, 32, Republic of Korea

6. Hye Jin Kim, 27, Republic of Korea

7. Zhou Jun, 24, China

8. Rebecca Corine Lam, 25, Hong Kong

9. Tu Nguyen Hoang, 23, Vietnam

10. Kata Oka Hidenobu, 22, Japan

11. Peh Chin Yee, 24, Malaysia

12. Erica Devi Handika, 21, Indonesia

Here are my favourite 6 designers and their designs:

ASC2014Runway-504-Mid ASC2014Runway-513-Mid

Red Construction is the theme for Zhou Jun’s collection. Red corresponds with fire, symbolizes good fortune and joy. The collection is modern, sleek and reminiscent of Ralph Lauren yet undeniably Oriental through the use of crimson red which is representative of the Chinese flag and all things related to Chinese festivities. A graduate of London’s College of the Arts, Zhou Jun is a rising designer to watch.

ASC2014Runway-428-Mid ASC2014Runway-465-Mid

Leong Yaowen’s collection combines the iconography of the East on a Western silhouette. The result is a beautiful marriage with a contemporary vibe. Leong is a graduate of Lasalle College of the Arts and currently a stylist.

ASC2014Runway-310-MidASC2014Runway-326-Mid (1)

Rebecca Corinne Lam’s collection is titled “ZHI” which means paper in Chinese. Lam treats the cloth in her collection as paper and the resulting combination of laser cut and ink calligraphy is both culturally rich and modern.


Hye Jin Kim’s collection title Blooming Your Truth combines Buddhism symbols and Korean traditional knots. Her collection is on trend with its mix of structured and fluid silhouettes, yet the knot details makes it remarkable and memorably hers.


Newman Han’s collection titled The Scientific Expedition is inspired by the how asian cultures have been influenced by the west, on top of their own traditional culture. The collection is Sahara desert ready while looking fashionable.


Peh Chin Yee’s collection is inspired by Singapore’s National flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim. His collection shows a deep understanding of current sport luxe trends and clean silhouettes. His pieces are outstanding and wearable.

For the full set of runway photos of all 12 designers designs visit Star Creation gallery here.

Watch the video reel featuring the 12 designers:

Shall end off with selfies and photos taken on show day. 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

With Christy~2014-05-12 16.39.43

With Gabby~2014-05-12 17.42.26

Caught the winners at the photowall and requested for a photo! 😉
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

2014-05-12 21.04.55

With my fashion partner, Christabelle~ :*

Thanks Star Creation & AKA Asia PR for the invite!

Thank you for reading. 😉



Tea Time #OOTD

Some pics of my #EDD aka #OOTD from the same day of the Mary Kay workshop. 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Navy Dress SammyDress Review Enabalista

Navy Dress SammyDress Review Enabalista4Long sweater from Sammydress.com here.
Military Heel Boots from Newlook Somerset, similar here and here.

Review of Sammydress.com 

Upon selection and checkout of items, delivery takes two weeks which is in my opinion
rather typical of online shopping purchases.
This sweater is one of three clothing which I picked out and my favourite of the lot.
It arrived as a long and comfortable sweater which fits my petite frame as a mini dress, with leggings on.
Unfortunately after one wash, it has shrunk to a regular sweater top which I won’t be able to wear as a dress again.

I’ll be showcasing another dress I’ve worn for Chinese New Year, it’s a lovely piece
and thankfully the shape retains after a wash. 😉

I would recommend Sammydress.com for its chic and very affordable fashion,
reliable shipping/delivery experience and other than the sweater shrinking after a wash,
the other two pieces material is remarkably thick, perhaps too much for Singapore’s warm weather
but definitely will keep me snug in my company’s cold office.

I also realized, after receiving this package that I really do have a penchant for long sleeved tops/dresses.
All of the three pieces were long sleeved.
So much for casual dressing in Singapore’s hot weather. Obviously totally not relevant for me, heh.
Keep a look out for the other two dresses on my blog soon. 😉

Check out their dresses here.