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Beauty Blogger Tools & Refreshing Facial with Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer

Hi Lovelies!

This is my final entry for SBA Best Beauty Blog contest and I’ve been having fun,I hope you’ve been having fun watching my reviews too. 😉

In my final instalment, I have 2 video demonstration and review for Panasonic’s Facial Ionic Steamer EH-SA31.

Watch my first impressions Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer Demo & Review here:

Watch how I enjoy my Post Party Refreshing Facial video here:

My Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer EH-SA31 Review

It’s my first time using and reviewing a home facial steamer and before that I thought that it was so much of a hassle. However after using it I realize I’m falling in love with this Facial Ionic Steamer. It’s just as Panasonic boasts it would be on their site here.

It’s a simple 6 minutes steam facial. It uses nano technology so that the steam is Nano-sized Ionic Steam particles so that our facial skin can easily absorb the moisture, thereby leaving our skin hydrated and refreshed after 6 short minutes.

I really enjoy the 6 minutes of steam on my face whenever I’m using it as the sensation is similar to a sauna experience; except only for the face. I personally feel that the heat also increases the blood circulation on the face which I feel is really great for the overall health of the facial skin; much akin to how my face feels after a good 20-30minutes jog. 🙂

So as you can also see from my videos above, the Facial Steamer is super simple to operate. All one needs to do is to fill the water container with distilled water, turn on the knob from 0 to 1 and in under 1 minute the steam begins and the 6 minutes process begins.

Also, what’s great is that after a party, the 6 minute facial also helps to remove any residual makeup that’s hard to remove around the eyes, such as mascara or eyeliner and after the facial, all one needs to do is to wipe them away. Plus the entire process is also relaxing and enjoyable.

My Panasonic Multi Styling Straightener EH-HW51K Review

Another product that I have used is the Panasonic Multi Styling Straightener EH-HW51K. Similar to the EH-HS95K Straightener, this multi styler also double ups as a hair curler, in addition to the hair straightening function. I’ll show you what it looks like:

It has 6 adapters to attach to the ceramic head for various styles, basically 1 Straightener, 1 Volumizer and another 3 different heads for varying levels of  curls from medium to extra large curls.

For photo comparison, check out my full post over at SBA blog here.

My thoughts on Panasonic Beauty Tools as a Beauty Blogger

As a lifestyle and beauty blogger, I am fortunate to get to use and review the latest beauty products and gadget in the market. Before joining this contest, I have only had experience using Panasonic Hair Dryers and other non beauty electrical products. BTW, their Hair Dryers are also well known and touted as one of the top of the brand class. 😉

On onset, it seems like a lot of these beauty products like the eyelash curler and the Ionic Steamer seem quite frivolous and non-essential, but after using it I am convinced that these beauty tools help to make complicated beauty processes available for women replicate them at home at ease and convenience. Before the heated curler came along, you could only replicate curling your eyelash with heat in the salons. But now, you can do it with ease and safety at home. Similarly with the facial steamers. These products also definitely come with a price tag but if you consider the service you pay when you go to a salon, it is definitely justifiable to pay for these products and use it for an unlimited time (until the product wears out of course) at home! 🙂

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You can purchase Panasonic beauty products at the stores listed here.

Thank you SBA and Panasonic Singapore for giving me this opportunity to use and review these lovely products. I hope that you my readers have also enjoyed the video tutorials and reviews during this period.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have been voting for me diligently on the Panasonic voting site here. <3

Thank you for reading and your support!



Glam Gala Dinner Makeup & Hair Tutorial with Panasonic Hair Styler

Hi Lovelies~

photo 2As a continuation to my previous post and video on Sweet Date Look Makeup and Hair, here’s my video tutorial on Glam Gala Dinner Makeup and Hair tutorials, showing you how easy it is to curl your hair with Panasonic Nanocare Hair Straightener/Styler EH-HS95K, it’s as easy as A-B-C! 🙂

Watch the video here:

Watch out for my next and final instalment where I share how I use the Facial Ionic Steamer and my review for another Panasonic Hair Styler~ 😉

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Elizabeth Arden’s Exquisite 5 Min Ceramide Self Foaming Mask & Untold Eau Legere

Hi Lovelies! <3

Today I’ll be introducing 2 products that I’ve been using and loving. 😉

So a while back (I know I’ve been using this to intro A LOT of my updates, lol, I’m really working towards saying “So a few days a go”…) I was invited to Elizabeth Arden’s Blogger Event for their new launch of  Ceramide Boosting 5 Minute Facial and Untold Eau Legere.

As usual, photos of the event followed by my personal review! 😉

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 21.06.19_new

Elizabeth Arden adds the new Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial to its range of Ceramide youth-restoring skincare products.

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 21.05.33_new Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 21.00.19_new

We were each given a piece of paper to chronicle our own UNTOLD story…

Once again we have Elizabeth Arden trainer Angeline to introduce the new products and the story behind them to us… 🙂

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 20.19.41_new

Elizabeth Arden adds the new Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial to its range of Ceramide youth-restoring skincare products.

It’s a 2 step, bi weekly (u can use it 1-2 times a week) system that includes a luxurious Self-Foaming Mask and Replenishing Serum. The duo boasts to help to detoxify surface impurities and boost radiance for the ultimate flawless looking complexion. 

Step 1: Self Foaming Mask 30ml

This ultra light mask glides easily onto the skin’s surface. After seconds, the unique formula works itself into a light foam, activating chemical and enzymatic exfoliators to gently cleanse as well as a purifying system to help detoxify surface impurities and promote skin cell turnover. Skin is left cleansed and primed for the second step.

To apply: Dispense a cotton ball sized amount of the Self Foaming Mask into hands. Apply a thin even layer to dry or damp uncleansed face and neck. Allow product to gradually foam into a luxurious Mask as it draws out surface impurities. During the mask’s activation, a tingling sensation is likely to occur, after the mask is fully activated (about 2 minutes), rinse well with luke warm water. Pat dry.

Key ingredients include: 

– Lactic Acid and Protease Enzyme that gently exfoliates and dissolves surface skin clogging impurities
– Botanical Extracts – a blend of bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, and lemon botanical extracts which contain naturally occuring apha hydroxy acids, that helps exfoliate skin.
– Targeted Peptide:  a purifying peptide that helps prime skin for optimum treatment
– Glycerin: a humectant (molecule that keeps moist) that replenishes skin with moisture.

Step 2: Replenishing Serum, 15ml

The serum’s silky formula delivers Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Triple Complex deep into skin’s surface. It helps reinforce skin’s protective barrier providing enhanced moisturizaion and a smoother texture as it soothes sensitive skin. The serum is further enriched with Retinyl Linoleate and Tropical Fruit Extract to help firm, strengthen and retexturize skin’s appearance. Soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Rice Kefiran leave skin calmed and soothed.

To apply: Immediately following step 1, apply Replenishing Serum to dry face and neck with fingertips and massage evenly in a circular motion, Let the product absorb to replenish and deeply hydrate the skin. 

Check out the on-set demonstration!

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 20.38.28_new

This is how it looks like after the Self Foaming Mask looks like after spreading it across my hands.Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 20.38.35_new

Amazingly it bubbles like champagne~

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 21.05.42_newFollowing the launch of UNTOLD Eau De Parfum, Elizabeth Arden reveals a new dimension of UNTOLD – UNTOLD Eau Legere!


The fragrance is aptly bottled in a piece that reveals its multi-faceted scent, like a modern day lady;
Vibrant, Spontaneous, Feminine, Mysterious, Sensual.

The characteristics and the ingredients:

Vibrant: Sparkling Green Apple fused with playful Pink Pepper
Spontaneous: Playful fruity accents of Grapefruit and Blackcurrent
Feminine: Delicate Purple Freesia and Pink Peony
Mysterious: Nuances of Patchouli Heart LMR (plant) and Sandalwood
Sensual: Heated Ambers & White Masl

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 21.11.06_new

Our stories are pasted on the mirror and the Elizabeth Arden ladies discuss which UNTOLD story deserves a prize… I *ahem* shared about a JC crush which apparently isn’t much of an UNTOLD story, keke. The winner is my friend June! 😀

Then we had a special guest, Marco Ficarelli, the VP of Elizabeth Arden of Asia popped by towards the end of the event to chit chat with us! 🙂

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 21.45.52_new

Ficarelli says he’s personal friends with global blogger, fashion accessories and shoe designer Chiara Ferragni, someone I personally adore very much too! Maybe one day he can boast that he’s friends with Ena Teo. 😉 He also shared about the 8 Hour cream that is part of Elizabeth Arden’s heritage and promptly made arrangements for us to receive it via post to use and review. I have it with me and will be reviewing in a separate post!

An event isn’t complete with food, right?Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 19.56.58_new Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 19.57.12_new Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 19.57.19_new Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 19.57.48_new Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 19.58.25_new

We definitely indulged!

And just look at the bathroom… Which none of us got to enjoy, lol! 😛Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 20.08.54_new Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-05-28 20.09.01_new

Definitely big enough for a party! This space is at M Hotel, for all who’s keen:

Address: 81 Anson Rd, Singapore 079908
Phone:6224 1133

Review time!
Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-06-06 11.24.42_new

I’m adding this review in as as extension of my previous post! This EA Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude foundation doesn’t need further introduction as I’ve shared about it in my other post, and I love it for it being like my second skin, lightweight and the colour really matches my skin flawlessly. I can’t attest the same for you as we all have varying skin tone, but I highly recommend you to get yours swatched and let me know if you have the same experience as me! 🙂

Check out my #MOTD (Make of the Day) with this Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude foundation:

2014-07-03 12.53.21

No filter! The EA Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude foundation in Natural 5 is an amazing match for me, with moderate coverage that doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. <3

~My reviews!~
Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-06-06 11.26.14_new

I found this Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial to be remarkable, it’s my first self-foaming mask and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, like a girl experience magic popping sugar in her mouth, or bubbly champagne for the first time; but in a home facial manner, on her skin. 😛 The products work exactly as promised for me; smear the mask across the skin and the enzymes start to work their magic and activate with a tingly sensation, then the face is cleansed  within 2 minutes after which you will need to wash with warm water leaving the skin taut, that’s why it’s required to replenish the skin with the serum. The serum is silky without being too heavy, so it’s great! Retails at Eliz Arden counters island wide for $149. It is good for up to 8 facials per set.

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-06-06 11.29.02_new

UNTOLD Eau Legere, the last two words means light water. It’s definitely a story awaiting to be Told, and anything but light. I am usually not a fan of Sandalwood and White Musk, so with these ingredients forming the base of this fragrance I was quite apprehensive of embracing this fragrance. But I have come to appreciate this fragrance as I used it a handful of times for this review. I am impressed with how multi-faceted this scent is; it is amazing that a scent can be 5 tiered and layered in ways I never thought possible before. And you know what, it perfectly encapsulates what a modern lady is like; she’s Vibrant, Spontaneous, Feminine, Mysterious, Sensual all at once. Maybe you’re not, maybe you’d like to be this modern lady, nevertheless I encourage you to let this fragrance transform you into a modern woman to tackle on this world with a crisp white dress and high heels! 🙂

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-06-06 11.33.33_new Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-06-06 11.34.34_new

UNTOLD Eau Legere EDT retails at Eliz Arden counters island wide; 30ml – $65, 50ml – $92, 100ml -$117.Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Mask Untold Fragrance2014-06-06 11.30.34_new

Love little touches like this on the packaging! <3 image002

As always, thank you Eliz Arden ladies and men and fellow lovely bloggers for the warm hospitality and laughter at the event!

I am going to miss their next event this week due to a clash of appointments. :'( Nevertheless I look forward to sharing their future launches. 😉

Thanks for reading! <3