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Sponsored Review | CLEAR Shampoo Review featuring Martin Hong

UPDATED with review and pictures of hottie Martin Hong! 🙂

Hi my dear reader! I have been busy and I hope all of you my lovely readers are doing well this week! 🙂

CLEAR shampoo is famous and touted for its Anti-dandruff shampoo formula (hence the name Clear) therefore I am very happy to bring to you Martin and my reviews of CLEAR Shampoo – New breakthrough in scalp care Nutrim 10 range!

I will present my review in this post and Martin’s review will follow up in the next post! 🙂

First up!

1. Clear Women Ice Cool Menthol 

Clear Women Ice Cool Menthol shampoo is a refreshing and revitalizing shampoo. If you like to start and end off your day with a refreshing hair wash, this is what you are looking for! It is suitable for all scalp and hair types and it has an invigorating burst of menthol freshness. Personally I am not a fan of menthol as I find it is too masculine a scent for me. 😛 But if you are a girl that loves her mint, I’d say go for it! 🙂

Next up…

2. Clear Women Anti Hair-Fall

Clear Women Anti Hair-Fall shampoo is my preferred choice between the two! 🙂 Created with Hair Lock Technology, it is suitable for weakened scalp and hair. The shampoo strengthens from the root to tip and increases hair’s defense against hairfall* and breakage. What I love about this shampoo is that it actually smells and feels nourishing! During and after the wash, my hair feels cleansed, smoother and nourished. The scent is lovely and fantastic, I highly suggest test-smelling the product the next time you visit the supermarket. As girls, it is important for us to prevent hair fall so this is a fantastic product! 🙂

Both shampoos retail at leading pharmacies and supermarkets at an affordable price of $9.40 for 350ml and $14.30 for 700ml.

Now we continue on to the Men’s range!

My dear friend Martin is a CLEAR shampoo user, so he gladly accepted my request to review their products on my blog! 🙂

Check out Martin in his usual coolness (I grabbed this pic off his facebook, hahaha).

Before you scroll down… You might want to check that your parents are not peeking over your back because otherwise they will start asking “Why are you looking at pictures of a top naked pretty boy washing his hair?” 😛

Martin’s Guide to a head of CLEAR cool hair!

This is the secret to my cool hair!

First you squeeze a generous amount on your hands…

Then you lather your hair… Now is the time you can style your hair to look like Beckham!

Massage the shampoo on your hair…

Wash it off and feel fresh~

Dry your hair well…

And this is how you will have great looking hair!

Martin’s review: What I like about CLEAR shampoo is that its effective (it’s an anti-dandruff formula) and that it leaves this cooling menthol feeling on your scalp. It’s like rubbing ice cream all over your hair, its pretty awesome. And after you wash it off, you can still feel the minty-tingly sensation and it just makes you feel really fresh.

CLEAR shampoo has 2 ranges, one is ‘Cool Menthol Sport’ and the other is ‘Anti-hair fall’. I’m not old enough to need the second one lah, but the first one really works for me. So for anyone who likes an effective-fuss-free-awesome-feeling shampoo, this is the perfect product.

To end off…

CLEAR Shampoo Sample Redemption for my dear readers to try 7 different types of new CLEAR Shampoo with Nutrium 10. They are now up for redemption at www.thesamplestore.sgHurry redeem your free samples before stock runs out! 🙂