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Pictures | Rockin’ 21st Party!

Hello ~!

As promised, here’s the collection of photos from my recent 21st Birthday party! 🙂

There’s something I’ve been holding in a long time and I haven’t told anyone in particular about it. I won’t be naming names so here goes the story. About 1 year plus ago I was asked to be a friend’s date for an army ball. I wasn’t very close to the friend but I agreed. Then about 4 months ago I came to know that the friend’s gay. I don’t condemn gays and I have gay friends. It’s just that I feel… used. Because we’re not very close, when he came out (on fb, friends told me about it), he didn’t tell me about it and we also didn’t talk about it because although I’m pretty open about such things, it can be pretty awkward and I won’t initiate to talk about it. But I would have really appreciated it if he had told me then, before the ball that he’s gay and he needed a date. But then again, maybe he wasn’t clear about his orientation then. And I guess I just have no guts to talk to him about it now. Oh wells. That’s why I’m talking about it here.

Ok but why I mentioned this is because it made me feel like TIME PASSES SO QUICKLY!!! In this one year, that friend came out, posted a lot of photos of him and his other (I assume) gay friends on fb. And like I just feel that in one year so much can happen!  It really did seem just like yesterday that I celebrated my birthday last year. But like for me I feel like my one year didn’t have many things happening. It felt pretty stagnant, and that’s sad.

My last day of internship ends tmr!!! I bought presents for my colleagues – Merci chocolates, Cadbury Old Gold Liqueur flavoured chocolates, Alicafe premium gold coffee and Dilmah gourmet tea ! I <3 Coffee, tea and chocolates and they make excellent gifts! Going to wrap them now and go to sleep. 😀


Partyyy like a Rockstar, Tonight!


Tonight, will be the night I’ve planned for the past 3 weeks! It’ll be my 21st Birthday bash, 2 days early! With thanks to my parents’ and elder sister’s loving sponsorship.

The day will first start with me packing my bag with mascara, eyeliner, nail polish to give my friends a Rocker makeover and as well as my party clothes to change into after checking in and prepping the hotel room!

Then I’ll go to the Salon and get my hair Rocker ready by tie-ing the sides and creating a faux Mohawk. Then I’ll meet Yi Ting, my partner-in-rockin’ and we’ll go shop for snacks and alcoholic drinks, pick up my balloons and streamers which I ordered last night and cab down to the hotel to prep the room!

Then we’ll prep ourselves and head down to TCC @ Citylink for dinner with the rest of the gang. After our 1for1 Pasta or Main course (GSS promotion) dinner, we’ll pick up my Coco Exotic Birthday cake at Epidor before heading to Ying Yang Rooftop Bar at The Club Hotel, located at 28 Ann Siang Road. We’ll then drink the first round of drinks before proceeding to the room for more games and fun.

That’s the plan. Sounds good? I’m just going to kick back, relax and let it all happen. I’ve already put in a lot of effort and I’m going chill and expect Murphy’s Law to just come upon, so no pressure there. Just hope it’ll be a day/night/party everyone who’s coming can enjoy!