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Porcelain, The Face Spa ‘Of Snow & Ice’ Bloggers’ Event & Skincare Review

Porcelain, The Face Spa recently introduced their Cryotherapy Facial
at a beautiful bar and restaurant, Horses’ Mouth @ Forum Shopping mall.

Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event at Horses Mouth 2 Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event at Horses Mouth Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event At Horses Mouth 5 Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event At Horses Mouth 3 Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event At Horses Mouth 4

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Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event Face Test Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event Serum Porcelain Face Spa Serum

Images if not taken by me, credit to Porcelain, The Face Spa Facebook.

Also check out the video of the event night!

The night was sublime.
The food, drinks, presentation, demonstration and company was amazing.

Valerie Lim was the host of the night and it was lovely meeting the young and capable managing director of Porcelain, the Face Spa, Pauline Ng. Not forgetting to mention the band Char Siew Baos were really good live performers crooning to the melodies of the night.

Porcelain the Face Spa started out in 2009, and believes in foundation free skin.
In 2013, they won the Best Beauty Spa in Asia at the prestigious World Luxury Spa Awards.
In addition to bringing in new facial machines and treatments, they have also formulated their own line of skincare products.

Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event Products Porcelain Face Spa Blogger Event Pore SerumTheir star product, the Porcelain Flawless Pore and Spot Intensive Serum.

It is non-comodogenic (non pore clogging) and paraben (preservatives) free, ingredients consisting of Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Sodium Hyaluronate, it is designed for the following 6 benefits:
1. Pore refining
2. Moisturizing
3. Skin Brightening
4. Anti-aging
5. Improved skin tone and elasticity
6. Lightened dark spots and soothed wrinkles

After using this product for 1+week, I am loving it very much.
I use it after toner, apply 3-4 drops on my face. It is extremely hydrating which a thick water base gel-like consistency (thanks to the CoQ10 which also targets wrinkle treatment). When applied on the face it takes a minute of massage and patting for the serum to fully absorb into the skin.

Application in the morning keeps the face hydrated throughout the day and application in the night keeps my face fresh and hydrated when I am awake. Definitely recommended and safe for oily and combination skin types. If you’re just starting out with serums and you’re looking for a safe and hydrating serum (versus the nourishing serums which may be too enriching for young and/or sensitive skin), I would suggest this.

Priced at $41 for 8ml, it can last for 3 weeks. Product has to be finished within 3 weeks upon opening.
$164 for 40ml.

For more information, booking and prices of Porcelain, the Face Spa’s Cryotherapy treatment, visit their page here.
Follow them on their Facebook here.

Thanks Porcelain, the Face Spa for the beautiful evening and sample products! 😉

Thank you for reading~ <3