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Princess Treatment at Etude House’s World’s Largest Flagship Store @ Wisma Atria

Hi Loves!

Just last Thursday I was at Etude House’s World’s Largest Flagship Store VIP Opening @ Wisma Atria. Man, I don’t even know where to start! The experience was incredible to say the least. The folks at Etude House sure do know how to throw a big princess party! 😀 I don’t think anything I say is gonna do justice to it, so that’s why you’re gonna be treated to a feast of pretty pictures. 🙂  As Etude House’s world’s largest store, they have a dedicated booth/wall/stand for every part of your face and body. No kidding. You’ll see! And of course, one can’t escape from commenting how PRINCESSY the entire decor is. Decked in pretty pink and regal white, this store is every little / inner-little-girl’s dream. 😉 Plus, this store is SO FUN. To amp up the princess themed decor, there is a Pumpkin Carriage that you can enter with your GF/BFF to take photos with. Sorry, the cute male models were specially flown in only for the opening day. 😛 Also, there are capsule machines that will churn out 1 charm that you can add to your unique Etude House bracelet. For the month of October, you get to collect 1 pink token for every $20 spent, up till 5 tokens/$100 per receipt. Thereafter, you’ll have to spend $30 to redeem 1 pink token. And there are also special discounts and gift sets (while stocks lasts) for sale to celebrate their opening, so be sure to head down before the month is up! 🙂

Wisma Atria B1-20. Opening Hours 10am to 10pm.

EH Flagship Store @ Wisma Atria 1 EH Flagship Store @ Wisma Atria 2 EH Flagship Store @ Wisma Atria 3 EH Flagship Store @ Wisma Atria 4Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista5_new

“All of You are Born as a Princess.”


Nail BoothEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista9_new

Lips & Tint BoothEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista4_new

Skin Care Booth and that’s only showing half of the ranges offered!Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista10_new

Beauty Tools WallEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista7_new

Hand & Perfume ShelfEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista6_new

EyeLash BarEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista31_new

Super Love this! Sticker Wall of Tips & a cute pink cover /book that you can collect the tips with! <3 Totally reminds me of my primary school sticker collecting days, heh. I still love stickers! #NeverGonnaGrowUp

New Hand Cream Range in Castle shaped containers. Love both the Fruity Floral and Rose Floral scents!Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista12_newEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista13_new

Just 1/3 of the 50 available Play101 Pencils pictured in store. It’s the only shop in Singapore where you can find the entire range of Play101 Pencils. These pencils are very special because you can use them as lipsticks/pencils, eyeshadows and blushers! Super crazy, I know!Etude House_Play 101 Pencil (1)

Korean celebrity make up artist & youtuber Pony who collaborated with Etude House for the Play101 pencil collection. Super pretty!Etude House_Play 101 Pencil (2)

The amazing looks that you can create with the 101 pencils. <3 I love the ones with the softer, romantic looks, as well as the ones with the dark lips!Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista33_new

Some more of the swatches of the Play101 pencils and how well they hold up after a while and from smudging. Pretty well I must say! The dark red tend to smudge a little more because it’s more moist which is probably best suited for lips sticks. However the coral orange/orange and pink in shimmer holds up remarkably well! Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista11_new

Special media tokens and bracelet so we can collect the charms. <3Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista1_new

Pink Play Capsule Machine! Omg love it!!!Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista34_new

 I was incredibly lucky to get the Eiffel Tower! Yay!!! 😀Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista24_new

Etude House’s Limited Edition Pumpkin Carriage Cushion Case Exclusive Only @ Wisma! <3 Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista25_newEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista26_new

Special Limited Edition Disney Collection featuring Princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Belle & Jasmine.Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista15Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista16Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista17

Super pretty Belle red coral blusher, Cinderella light brown eyeshadow, Belle purple lipstick and Snow White Red lipstick. Etude House lip sticks are one of my favourites, great pigmentation yet with moisturization!

If you’re clueless/new to what’s popular at Etude House, check out some of their best beauty products!


Award Winning Magic CushionEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista28_new

Precious Mineral BB CreamEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista29_new

Collagen Moistful Lotion & Cream

With the sweet & lovely Roanna of ParadeofLove.Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista15_newEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista14_newEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista35_new

It’s not everyday that I can be on a Pumpkin Carriage & with 6 handsome models flanking my sides, hehe!


And Pony appears for the make up demonstration! I was staring at her pretty face and baby soft skin the entire time. O-OEtudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista36_new

This is the Blooming Lips Range Coral Red lip colour that Pony recommended during the demo, OR209. Thanks Roanna for holding up the lipstick! <3


As posted on my IG, I scored a selfie with Pony after the cosy blogger interview session we had. You must be curious about the Q&A, here it is!

Interview with Celebrity Top Korean Make Up Artist Pony

Q1. What do you think is the 1 thing you have done right to become so popular?
PONY (P): In addition to trendy makeup in Korea, I also try other looks from the Western make up scene, such as my recent Scarlett Johansson cover makeup. I think that is why I am popular globally.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 12.03.02 am

Pony’s Scarlet Johansson Makeup Cover.

Q2. What’s your current favourite beauty trend?
P: Dewy moist makeup as it’s very dry in korea now.

Q3. What is your top favourite skincare product from Etude House and top favourite make up product from Etude House?
P: Skincare: Moistful collagen gel and mist
Makeup: Play101 as it comes in a variety of 50 colours to play with.

Q4. What is your secret to good skin?
P: 1. Don’t stress.
2. Before I do a scrub, I use a mask pack for hydration. And I also don’t do too much scrub.
3. I use fine foam when cleansing, so the bubble is soft on the skin and not pulling down the skin.

Q5. What is a big make up mistake?
P: Make up that is not balanced. I feel that the face is in a 100% ratio spread across the Eyes, Nose & cheek & Lips.
So for example, when the eyes has 50% of the attention, then spread the attention evenly 25% and 25% on the Nose/Cheeks and Lips. Don’t over do and have strong makeup all over your face, it will be too overpowering.

Q6. How do you recommend a fuss free make up routine for busy Singaporeans?
P: I think the Precious Minerial Any Cushion is great, as the foundation comes out evenly and applies really fast without having not too much on the face. This product cuts the steps of a normal foundation of application from squeezing and transferring to hand then face, so it is convenient. Then apply dark eyeliner and go for a bright lip colour.

Q7: If you could only choose 1 Etude House product to use forever, what would it be?

Etude House’s Cookie blusher. I recommend the warmer colours as it suits natural skin better.


Q8: Can we expect a video on your Singapore trip to be uploaded to your Youtube channel?
P: Yes I will have a cute -style video of my trip in Singapore to be on my channel! 🙂

Q9: Will there be any future project with  Etude House?
P: I am a big fan of étude house. I hope that there will be more unique products such as the Play101 pencils to come unless Etude House doesn’t want to collaborate with me. *Sad Pouts*

Q10: How do you make makeup last longer in humid weather such as in Singapore?
P: Don’t apply too much make up, the eechnique is to make skin lighter by applying thin layer. Also I recommend using a sebum control powder to help control the oil and also using the Wonder Pore Freshener before make up.

Watch Pony’s Beauty Diary Youtube Videos via  InsiteTV here. 🙂


Media gifts, door gifts, gifts with purchase! I got the Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion in Peach for normal-dark skin & Magic Cushion in Honey Beige for foundation, so I can also have dewy korean skin! Yeah! Etudehouse_Wisma_Opening_Blog_Review_Enabalista_Play101_Disney_Enabalista40_new

The entire Limited Edition Disney Collection & Vanity Case! <3 <3 <3

I’m thinking of doing a video review and tutorial, what do you all think? In anycase, I’ll be doing a separate post of the Disney collection cause this post is already super long as it is. And there’s a lot of products for review in one collection too! 🙂

Are you an Etude House fan like me? What’s your favourite product and why?

Thanks Etude House Singapore & WOM PR for the invite and making the interview possible!