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Catching a Flu

A sneeze in the office

A wave of air

Carries the virus

Through the corridor

Above and across my colleagues

Straight to my desk

Or was it

A sneeze in the office

Early in the morning

A harmless conversation with the flu victim

When I caught the flu?


Swelling of the eyes

Pain of the throat

Drowsy head

Sleepy thoughts…

All day all night

Now at the doc’s

Who can’t catch the flu and

Take it away

But to administer meds

That will fight those virus in me


Aching sleepy me

Cant wait to recover and be well again


The Bird in the Rain

The bird in the rain
Is trudging along
Her wings laden with rain-drops
Heavy from the journey’s flight

Against the beating rain
The strong winds
The bird in its flight

Weary, exhausted
Her wings torn and tattered
From the bushes’ thorns

The bird falters

and falls

With broken wings, she tries to fly again
Wavering, uncertain in the midst of gloomy skies

The bird in the rain
Yearns to return home to a green nest
For her broken wings to be restored.