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Busting Myths about Cervical Cancer & Tea @ Lady M Singapore

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About 1 month ago, I was invited to attend a brunch to know more about Cervical Cancer.

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Anyhoo, let’s get down to the Cervical Cancer talk! 😉

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Here we have A.Prof Goh opening the session, telling us 3 salient points:

  1. Cervical Cancer Rates have dropped since the introduction of CervicalScreen, Singapore’s pap smear screening programme.
  2. HPV Vaccination was made Medisave Payable in 2010 for young girls.
  3. Dispelling the myths will help all in a better education about cervical cancer and how you can prevent through regular screening and vaccination.

Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 3

Aren’t these balloons in the prettiest pastel pink and mint colours? ^^
Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 4

Next up, we had Prof Tay Sun Kuie, Senior Consultant of Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (read: the dept that specializes in the care of female reproductive system. You’re welcome.), sharing with us about the 10 myths of Cervical Cancer.

I’ll be sharing & busting 10 Myths here:

Myth 1: Cervical Cancer is not common, it can never happen to me

The number of cervical cancer cases in Singapore has been decreasing in the last 20 years because women take part in prevention programs.
Without these programs, cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer affection women. Globally, 500,000 women are diagnosed each year.

Myth 2: I am not at risk of Cervical Cancer as there is no such history in my family 

Almost all cases of Cervical cancer occer in women with no family history of it. It is caused by a common virus – HPV.
There are about 130 different types of HPV but only 15 cause cancer. The 4 most frequent and aggressive HPV types that cause cervical cancer worldwide, are HPV 16, 18, 45 and 31. – Not that me telling you this makes any difference. >.< #geektalk

Myth 3: Getting Cervical Cancer is linked to being sexually promiscuous

HPV is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact:
Sexual intercourse or contact at the genital area
Non sexual contact (mother to infant during delivery)
Women can still be infected from having just one partner.
Every sexually active woman is at risk of being infected by HPV because it is so common and so easily transmitted.

Myth 4: I am feeling well, I do not have HPV infection

Cancer causing HPV is silent.
Infected individuals do not know that they are infected and may unknowingly speadthe virus.
Early cervical cancer has no signs or symptoms, this is why regular screening and prevention are critical.

Myth 5: If I have a normal Pap smear, it means I will not have cervical cancer

A pap smear is a screening test to detect any changes in cervical cells.
One normal Pap smear is not enough to protect you from cervical cancer.
In Singapore, all woman aged between 25 and 69 years old who ever have had sex are advised to have a pap smear done once every 3 years.

Myth 6: Pap smear program is effective, HPV vaccination is unnecessary

Pap smears and HPV vaccination play different roles in the holistic prevention of cervical cancer.
Pap smear detected changed in the cells of your cervix which may develop into cancer later.
Vaccination help to prevent certain HPV infections and reduce the risk of developing cervical pre-cancers and cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 7

Lastly we had A/Prof Anne Goh, President of Pediatric Society and a gynaecologist sharing the remaining 3 myths and her own personal doctor stories with encounters of Cervical Cancer story, one that I will share below.

Myth 7: I am already sexually active, so the vaccine will not work for me

The best time to vaccinate is prior to sexual debut.
However, HPV vaccine has been proven to protect thousands of women in the clinical trials who were already sexually active.

Myth 8: My daughter is too young to be vaccinated. She won’t be at risk of cervical cancer at the age of 10.

Immune response is stronger when vaccinating young.
Singapore has included HPV vaccination into it’s National Childhood Immunization Programme starting from age 9-26 years old.

Myth 9: Vaccinating adolescents will encourage sexual promiscuity

The goal of vaccinations is to reduce the risk of cervical cancer.
Therefore, vaccination should not encourage promiscuity.

Myth 10: I must wait for my daughter’s menses before vaccination

Vaccination will not impact the onset of the menstrual cycle.
The antibodies generated by the vaccine will not interfere with adolescent development.

Side Effects associated with HPV vaccine:
injected site pain, redness
low grade fever

Prof Goh mentioned that one of the most heartbreaking case she came across was a mother of 2 children, who came back for a check up with she was in the last stage (stage 4) of the Cervical Cancer and within a few months she passed away, leaving behind 2 young children. It was obvious to Prof Goh that the mother only had one partner (her husband in marriage) and still, Cervical cancer happened to her due to the common HPV virus. And she also mentioned that the majority of her cervical cancer patients are the common aunties in our midst. It is not a taboo, it is reality. In fact, she has not come across a single sex worker in her career because sex workers are regulated by law to go for check up regularly, to make sure they are in the pink of health.

Prof Sun spoke earlier that, there is no guarantee that you will not get Cervical cancer, unless you take the vaccination AND still go back for checks every 1-3 years. 
Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 8

So if you’re sexually active, it’s time to get your pap smear done and follow up with a vaccination plan! Even if you’re not sexually active, it’s best to get vaccinated before you are. Go ahead, call 6499 9133 to make your appointment.

Now for pics of Lady M cafe where the talk was held~

Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 12

Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista Lady M 2
Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 9Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 10

Best cake stand, ever! ^^

Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 11

I had this, very yummy!
2014-04-12 16.16.14With blogger Crystal at the event~
Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 14

My latte from Lady M, couldnt resist as I had an appointment in the morning and by 3pm I was in need of a perk me up!

I didn’t manage to take a pic, but their mushroom soup is incredibly yummy too, must try!

Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 15

Cervical Cancer Protect To Tell Enabalista 16

Event pics with Sam & Ash & Yvonne! Be sure to check out their blogs! 😉

Hope you found this talk as information as I did! 😉 I’m doing my bit to spread awareness on Cervical Cancer prevention!
Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. 😉

Here’s an infographic to end off the post!


Thank you OCG Communication for the invite.

Thank you for reading! <3

Disclaimer:  Protect to Tell – Cervical Cancer Awareness” on 12th April 2014 Sat (the “Event”) was held as a lunch session, organised and sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Pte Ltd. I was not paid for participating in the Event. All personal views expressed here are entirely my own.