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My Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience


So anyways, I blogged this before the last h’muse featured post but I shelved it cause I got caught up (went to watch Argo the movie) and conveniently (ahem) forgotten about blogging… until now my conscious tells me I really need/ought to clear all the backlog so I can start the new blogging year on a clean slate! HEHE.

— since the last time which is like almost 2 weeks ago —

It’s been such a long time since I last blogged and I feel a little shy blogging again! (Weird, I know)

Anyways I’ve been wanting to blog about this for like forever but I really didn’t have the time to…


So my wisdom tooth extraction started quite some time back, about June/July when my top right molar started hurting, so I went to a local polyclinic for a check up and the doctor referred me to National Dental Center for a visit scheduled 3 months later in September. So thankfully the pain didn’t persist and the day finally came for me to see the doc in September! I was first scheduled for an X-ray which revealed that I had a hidden wisdom tooth in my upper left gum which was impacted, i.e. it was coming out the wrong way and hitting my tooth instead of growing out normally.

So after the X-ray (which was immediate result, much like a digital photograph), the doctors – both the surgical and the braces doctor- and I discussed that I wanted to remove two of my upper molars and do a incision surgery to remove the hidden wisdom tooth.


— continuing now, sorry if this is confusing you guys, lol. —

… Interestingly/weirdly… I totally forgot what I wanted to say which was interesting/weirdly, seriously. T-T#

Anyways I guess this will more or less wrap up my wisdom tooth and molar teeth extraction experience, is that the hidden/impacted tooth that needed to be operated on to be removed, leaves a hole where it STILL HURTS whenever I drink or eat either too hot or too cold drinks or food. ARGH. Seriously! It’d literally leave my gum in pain for like the whole day. And it’s been like coming 3 months since the operation. ): Doctor did say it might take up to 6 months for the gum to fully recover. And I am only scheduled to see the braces doctor (fancy named Orthodontist) in March. Seriously, I think if they don’t call me, I’m super likely to forget, lol. Anyways I can really feel the tightness in my  mouth loosen up after removing the teeth and sans the pain when I eat/drink hot/cold, it FEELS GOOD not to have food stuck in my weirdly protruding teeth, post meal! I really wonder why/how I put up with all the inconveniences over the last almost decade. I should have removed those hideous teeth (to me, since you can’t see it unless I open my mouth at a weird angle for you to see since it’s at the back of my mouth) long ago.

It cost about $700 for the operation for the removal of the teeth. I went through full body anesthesia and I’m glad I did cause I have low tolerance for pain and can’t imagine if I did went through the surgery awake. o.O Its cheaper compared to outside private clinics cause I did it at NDC, as mentioned above.

Shall have no more angst about my teeth from hence forth but show lots of love to my teeth and think wonderful thoughts towards my teeth so I shall have very straight teeth for both my upper and lower gums! Oh this is really random, but whenever my teeth hurts, I weirdly think of having a boyfriend that’s a dentist, perhaps foolishly thinking if my boyfriend’s a dentist he can help relieve my gum ache, but then I actually just need painkillers (but the thing about them is that I don’t like to take them and I rather suffer the pain as much as I can or do whatever else it takes to lessen the pain). Anyways, enough random stream of consciousness posting! Lol. Photo time!

Ena Cool TeethCheck out my teeth. They are actually really milky cream (think baby milk powder) coloured and probably also coffee coloured from all the years of coffee drinking, lol. But for your eyes and mine, they are prettified in this pink purple hue. I kept them btw, I plan to encase them in silver and have them made into pendants so I can wear them around my neck. Not morbidly, but because I love how they look like!

2012-09-28 17.09.26

Yes this is how badly my gums swelled post surgery, also while biting the gauze. I bit them for about 5-6 hours post surgery until the wound stopped bleeding. And yes, thank you for being kind and not judging my swollen face, rofl.

2012-09-23 13.22.25

I shall post photos PRE surgery, in case you’ve forgotten how I really look like, LOL. Photo filtered with POCO app and also prettified in Rakuga-cute app. 🙂

2012-09-21 14.28.31This photo was taken at 313 Somerset mall toilet, it has this golden glow to it, in case you’re wondering where I took it and want to replicate the golden glow effect, LOL. Anyway these photos are back when my hair was still at its record length (I don’t think I’ve ever had my hair that long in my 22 years of living) and with the wild red turned copper dip dye. Kinda miss my long hair, and kinda wonder how I kept it so long cause now my past – shoulder length hair is already mighty irritating me. o.O

So that’s all folks! OH I really wanted to post the h’muse giveaway so you guys can start taking part until Christmas day BUT Punchtab refuses to send me my password (I forgot my password T-T) so I have to delay it till I get my password! Sorry guys!

Ok that’s all, for realz.


<3 <3 <3,

P.S. In case you wonder about what’s the whole point of this post, as I also wonder, it’s really just I sharing my experience cause to me, it’s really pretty epic. And when I was going through it I was curious to know all of my friends/peers experiences, those who went through it so I can know about it and be more prepared for it. Lol. For those who’s been through it, hope it was enjoyable reading mine, and those who haven/t, you can hope your experience won’t be as painful as mine! 🙂