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Olympics Inspired Fashion 2012





It’s been a few days but…

Singapore won a bronze medal in Olympics! YAY!

Thanks to our star female table tennis player Feng Tian Wei for doing us proud!

Congrats to Feng Tian Wei for bagging a bronze for Singapore! Image credits to Redsport.sg

So while we are all still in the mood and heat of Olympics, here are a few fantastic Olympics inspired fashion items to ogle (maybe we call it google nowadays :P) over! 😀

1. Isabel Marant ‘Beckett’ trainers – mytheresa.com

These are the coolest kicks in fashion these days. Worn by lots of models off duty!


2. Miu Miu special edition bags – available exclusively at Miu Miu’s London boutiques.

How cute that they come in Olympic medal colours… guess most women will go for the gold? (;


3. Anya Hindmarch X Dunlop, selfridges.com

I don’t fancy green much, but if it’s hot pink or purple I’d love it more! Find this cute because of the 5 Olympic coloured rings! 😀


4. Limited edition Proenza Schouler PS11 bag, openingceremony.com

One of the IT bag of the moment, Proenza Schouler PS11 in a winning colour! I’m glad to report that this colour will continue to serve you well into Spring Summer 2013. Metallics is gonna be in trend then!

That’s all for now~

Image credits from Telegraph UK here.

For more Olympics inspired fashion check out:
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Designer Olympic Games Kit 2012

So Olympics have just started, have you caught the fever and seen any matches?

I haven’t seen any but I’ve seen the news, especially the fashion news for Olympics and as the title suggests, Designer Olympic Games Kit 2012 that’s worth the mention.

Seriously where and when else do you get publicity as huge as this? I know if I were a Singaporean label, I’d definitely be fighting to design a Games Kit for Singapore… #justsayin’

Stella McCartney for Britain

I personally expected something better in terms of design, the jacket is pretty nice, like it’s something wearable even after Olympics but the T-shirts could really do with better graphics.

High Street Retailer Next for Britain at the Opening Ceremony

Apparently Stella McCartney had to release a statement saying it wasn’t designed by her but i DO like how this attire is put together. I won’t be caught wearing a 3/4 pants (cause I’m petite and it just looks very auntie) so other than that, this gets a nod from me!

Ralph Lauren for USA

This games kit is IMO the best of the lot. Simple, classic and stylish. Im not a fan of the updated and huge pony logo but graphic like that is acceptable in light of how the outfits looks so good overall. And the little striped detailing of the belts? Cute.

I like the blazers but I don’t like the berets and the high ankle socks/shoes. Can I repeat myself that brands that sponsor Olympic teams are just #winning it. Get it? 😛 Anyway if I were an American Olympian I’d keep wishing Ralph Lauren keeps sponsoring and designing for USA’s Olympic team because they just stand for everything American.

Armani for Italy

Quite unfortunately and surprisingly only so-so. Really expected a lot more from Armani. But oh wells, the Italians look good in anything. Maybe even more so without. HA. 😛

Prada for Italian Sailing and Paralympic

This is much better than the above. At least the jackets seem to look more fitted. I tried looking for actual images, taken on real olympians but can’t find any on google images.

Hermes for French Equestrians 

Is absolutely regal and formal which is really cute and fitting for the sport!

Salvatore Ferragamo for San Marino

I have no idea what country San Marino is but these are some stylish designer wear. Would totally be appropriate for Pre-fall collection please!

From Top Left to Bottom: Ferragamo for San Marino, Armani for Italy and Ralph Lauren for USA.

Images taken from and credits to Fashion Telegraph UK.

Want to get into the mood for Olympics without breaking the bank for the above designer brands? I’d suggest some:

Olympics worthy nail design ^^

Image taken from Fashionista.com.

I’ve tried googling for China and Singapore’s Olympic Kits but there wasn’t any news featured on them, sadly. Chinese and Singaporean designers please and hopefully will rise to the occasion come 2016! I wonder what I’ll be doing by then, gasp!

I’ll have another post coming up on Olympics-inspired fashion items. Also gonna be posting on Fashion IT bags 2012 for Women and Men respectively as my last post on IT bags was pretty popular amongst readers. So stay tuned!