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8 Beauty Features for This Chinese New Year

Hi Loves!

There are many important things about Chinese New Year, one of them is reuniting with relatives (many of whom we only meet once a year, sadly). And of course we want to look our best when we’re about our New Year visitations; giving and receiving warm greetings as well as when we’re smiling for the cameras, for the memories down the years! In this 3rd (or 4th, if you include my new year home decor with IKEA post, heh) and final instalment for this year’s special Chinese New Year feature, its all about Beauty! If you haven’t be sure to check out my features for good food and savvy style respectively! In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the latest beauty products that will help you to incorporate into and/or improve your current skincare, makeup and lifestyle routine so you can look radiant during this festive season! 😉

1. Fill in wrinkles & Firm Skin with Nuxe Merveillance Expert

Nuxe Merveillance Expert range is formulated to fill in wrinkles and firm the skin. The day cream cones in 2 formulations for normal skin & dry skin respectively. I have normal and oily T-zone (I feel like I’ve repeated this many times over on my blog, lol) so I use the Nuxe Merveillance Expert Correcting Cream for visible lines for normal skin in the day. The lifting eye cream, lifting concentrate & regenerating night cream is suitable for all skin types. I’m super loving the fresh floral scent of Daylily in the range! You can find Nuxe in Singapore at Beauty by Nature outlets, John Little, Robinsons, BHG, Watsons, Guardian and Unity shops.

Nuxe Merveillance Expert Range Blogger Review

2. Restore radiant skin with Trilogy

Trilogy’s Blemish Control Gel is a certified natural blemish gel, with salicylic acid that targets and decongests pimples. Antibacterial lemongrass and mandarin help control breakouts and ginger reduces inflammation and rose hip aids repair. I’ve used this for 1-2 weeks and I don’t think the effect of the gel is remarkable when I use in on my acne/pimple blemishes. So don’t expect an instant / overnight reduction, but if you’re all about natural skincare, this is something you might want to keep in mind! Trilogy’s Mineral Radiance Mask promises to energise, purify and deeply cleanse. This certified natural, mineral-rich kaolin clay mask promises to deliver instant radiance with a deep cleansing action. Using native New Zealand pohutukawa extract helps tone and regenerate while emollient oils rosehip and evening primrose nourish and hydrate. This is quite an embarrassing confession; I’ve not actually tried this mask despite having received this before Christmas last year, oops. However I am really sold on this clay mask based on the evening primrose oil ingredient. In case you don’t know, I take the EPO pill every night and it has helped me to balance my hormones so that I have lesser breakouts and thus healthier skin. I don’t know yet if applying it on my face for a mask will be equally good for my skin, but I’ll definitely update either on my Instagram or on the blog in another feature after I’ve used it! 😉

Big thanks to Fusion Cosmetics SG for sending these Nuxe & Trilogy products over!

Trilogy New Blemish Control Gel & Mineral Radiance Mask Blogger Review

3. Enjoy CNP, South Korea’s No.1 Cosmeceutical Brand, Now in Singapore

CNP Laboratory, Korea’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brand is now in Singapore~! Founded in 2000, CNP Lab is the brainchild of 50 dermatologists from CNP aesthetic clinic that originates from Korea Gangnam, and they understand the importance and need for good after treatment home care for various skin issues. We had the chance to try their products at the media launch and I’m impressed with their Daily Peeling Foam, a mild, self foaming cleanser that leaves skin smoother and supple after. I was told by the local CNP staff that the Propolis Deep Moisture pack which works like a sleeping pack is also really effective. Both products retail at $48.90 and you can get CNP products from selected Guardian outlets. Am also gifted their masks, Black Head Clear Kit ($14.10), Propolis Energy Ampoule ($40.90) and will update my review in time. 🙂

CNP Skincare Launch Singapore 001 CNP Skincare Launch Singapore 002

4. Brighter Skin with Laneige Collagen Drink & Clear C Advanced Effector

Come 31st March, Laneige will be launching their Collagen Drink. Sourced from tilapia fish, each bottle contains 5000mg of collagen peptide which is the amount that is used each day, and thus to be replenished. This drink promises to help brighten, hydrate and smoothen skin. It’s free from artificial colouring, preservatives and sugar and has the lowest amount of calories at only 105KJ. In addition to fish collagen, the drink also has vitamin C which helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and brighten the skin. It also has red orange extract and pomegranate extract, these two ingredients has powerful antioxidative effects and pleasant fruity flavours. Thanks to Laneige & Clozette, I’ve been gifted 3 boxes and have been drinking it for 2 weeks now. I drink it every night and it’s like a dessert for me. It’s slightly sweet and sourish but definitely not overwhelming and has no fishy scent.

Collagen Drink SHK PR cut B Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 005 Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 007 Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 008

In addition to the Collagen Drink, I’ve been religiously using Laneige’s Clear C Advanced Effector, which works as a skin brightening boosting essence, it will help prep the skin to better absorb consequent skin products. It contains 92.5% superberry extract which has a 4 fold anti oxident effect! in 5 weeks, his essence promises moisturized skin, bright skin, clear skin tone, improved skin texture and even skin tone. This product comes with special cotton pad with two textures. After washing and drying your face, pump 2-3 full pumps on the the cotton. In the day, use the patterned /ridges side in the day in an up and down motion on your face and in the night use the smooth portion and gently pat the essence into your skin, you may wrap your face with your hands gently for deeper penetration of the essence on your face. After using this product, it doesn’t promises nor deliver an instant / over night result, however I do think it has helped me to maintain an even skin tone, my forehead tends to be darker but my facial skin tone is more even with this. 🙂

Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 006

Laneige will also be launching in March their duo lip bars in 10 colours, $34 each. It’s something unique and fresh!

Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 002 Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 003 Laneige Collagen Drink Clear C Advance Effector Lip Bar Blogger Review 004

5. Achieve Beautiful Skin from the Inside with Imedeen

In addition to Collagen drink, another consumable skincare product that I am about to commence is Imedeen’s Time Perfection beauty supplement. It contains exclusive collagen rich Marine Complex, packed with proteins and polysaccharides which is naturally found in the skin, and each age defying formula is enhanced with antioxident nutrients. I read very incredible reviews of this product online before accepting it for review so I am really very excited about commencing on a 3 month trial. I will be updating again after my course ends! 🙂

Imedeen 001

6. Rosy Complexion with Etude House Stay Up Foundation & Sweet Lips with Dear My Wish Lip Talk 

Etude House has launched a new line of foundation in addition to their already awesome Magic Any cushion foundations, named Stay Up Foundation range, they have many shades to cater to various skin tones. I am loving their Stay Up Foundation in Rosy, it has a great formulation that provides moderate coverage all day without being heavy, cakey or wearing/melting/sweating off in our humid Singapore weather. You might probably already know I am a major fan of Etude House lipsticks, and it’s no surprise I am a fan of their Dear My Wish Lip Talk range, again great formulation as its neither too light nor heavy, they don’t dry out my lips and plussss super awesome pigmentation in just one coat. I am in love with PK001, PK002 and OR202 (raved by super popular Kbeauty vlogger and make up trainer, Pony).

I’ll be updating more about the Etude House Valentines Day media preview soon. 😉 Thanks Etude House SG for your constant generosity! xx

Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 001 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 002 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 003 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 004 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 005 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 006 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 007 Etude House Stay Up Foundation Dear My Wish Lipstick Blogger Review 008

7. Get Sharp Looking Eyes with Ena’s Highly Recommended Clio Kill Black Brush Eyeliner

Guys, this is my new holy grail eyeliner. If there’s only one eyeliner I can pick, it’s this. It’s super sharp, so I have accurate lines, it doesn’t smudge on my sometimes oily skin and plus it removes cleanly with my normal waterbased cleanser. I use the brown one for days when I want a more natural look. Sometimes I mix both to get a look with more depth. Clio Kill Black, Kill Brown Brush Liner, MAJOR LOVE guys.

Clio Kill Black Brush Liner Blogger Review 001 Clio Kill Black Brush Liner Blogger Review 002

8. Slim Down Like Fann Wong Did, with Marie France Bodyline

Honestly I can’t imagine giving birth and losing my figure (still single, but just sayin’! haha). So I’m sure many Singaporean women are super envious of Fann’s figure after pregnancy and this is no doubt thanks to Marie France’s awesome slimming treatments. I mean, just look at her!

Fann Wong Before Treatment Fann Wong After Treatment 2

If I were her husband Christopher, I will surely be eager to kiss her all day too, hehe!

Marie France Fann Wong Media Conf 002

I was looking for the kissing photo on Marie France’s Instagram and came across their awesome promotion. So if you’re planning to lose some weight after CNY feasting… Make use of this promo! 😉

Marie France Fann Wong Media Conf 001

That’s all for my super long beauty post for CNY!

I hope you enjoyed it!