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Ena’s Halloween 2012

Ena Halloween Cover


This is my almost 2 months belated Halloween post, hehe. I have a handful of belated posts which I will be slowly updating here over the next week. Yay to overcoming blogging procrastination!

On a side note, how do you like my new blog layout? I really like it for its fresh and clean concept, and that’s exactly what the theme is titled, “Fresh & Clean” Cool huh! πŸ™‚ On a similar note, I really hate that WordPress is becoming all premium-ish, charging $30 a year if I’d like to customize the theme, like change the ugly blue hyperlinked text to an oxblood/maroon red that I’d like. Yes, at the moment I think it’s such an necessary waste of money to dish out $30 just for the hyperlinked text that I want. Sobs.

Anyway, enough of ranting! Photos from Halloween this year! πŸ™‚

My classmates and I went to Attica @ Clark Quay Β this year, the Sat before Halloween on 27 Oct and these are some of the pretty awesome outfits the go-getters were decked out in. Photos by Attica as credited, and the rest taken by my friend Shi Hui! πŸ™‚


Fancy a SWAT team to chase the enemies away?


I really liked the Nightmare before Christmas make-up this girl had on, so cute and the Russian doll printed dress she has on is really pretty too.

Some guys came in suspenders… sans shirt. Didn’t quite get what character/look they were after, or maybe not!

Ena Halloween 2012 1

My friends Ser li, I & Shi Hui. Ser li’s in Katy Perry inspired dress and Shi Hui is kind of inspired by middle eastern princess look I think! Nonetheless they were very gamed… unlike me, I didn’t prepare a costume! πŸ˜›

Ena Halloween 2012 2

With Pei Xuan and Priscillia – going for the Nightmare before Christmas bridesmaid look but in black.

Ena Halloween 2012 2.5 Ena Halloween 2012 3

Here’s me dressed in Nicholas’s Arabian headwear & Ser Li’s humongous specs! HEHE.

In light of Halloween, Bini, Lucius, V and I also went to USS’s Haunted House. I do think its worth it for $60 / ticket (more worth it at $45 for student ticket but it was sold out fast) but not so worth it when we topped up $40 to get express but the wait for the house without the express was… unbearably long. It’s worth it cause the set was really awesome and so were the actors dressed up as corpse, soldiers, asylum patients, olden day chinese characters in the Chinese Haunted Alley! We went to the scariest house first so after that the other houses didn’t have as much as a kick, lol.

We didn’t take photos in the Haunted houses or the alleys. Only a few photos towards the end! Photos by V / Bini / Lucius. πŸ™‚

Ena Halloween 2012 4Ena Halloween 2012 5

It was super smokey cause they kept pumping smoke at the entrance to create the atmosphere, lol.

Ena Halloween 2012 6

That’s the highlights of my Halloween, till the next post!