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Thank God for good health! :)

My mother is not having a case of a tumour re-growth but rather a hormonal imbalance that’s been causing her lethargy and headaches! So thank God! 😀

It’s really a case of doctor’s mis-communication because the hormonal doctor wanted to wait and consult the brain tumour doctor before administering medicine but the brain tumour doctor was like, no it’s ok, the hormonal doc can go ahead it’s got nothing to do with brain tumour and in the end no medicine was given for my mother’s condition and hence she experienced headaches, vomiting and admission to A&E… Stupid doctors.

But we’re superrr glad she’s ok now after having the right dosage of hormonal medicine as well as sodium (which she was lacking but to reasons unknown) she’s recovering well! 😀

THANK GOD for His providence!!!

My mum is currently in a C-class, 7 beds ward. On her right is an Indian lady who recently had her foot or a part of her foot amputated due to gangrene caused by diabetes. She was mostly half asleep during my hour plus long visit and was moaning in pain. I felt really bad for her to be suffering so much physically.

On my mum’s left is a Malay lady whom I’m not sure what illness she’s suffering but she seemed quite bored as she was playing with a gadget that seemed like an I-touch and was playing oldies like “Sunshine in the rain” and “All by myself”. She didn’t have any visitors while we were there during visiting hours and she even had a plastic bowl of chips which I found quite amusing.

Opposite to the Malay lady was a Chinese lady whom I overhead the nurse telling her son to advise and motivate the mother to stand and walk around as lying in bed all day does not improve the condition and in fact causes a whole lot of other problems like constipation and lack of blood circulation.

A trip to the hospital is always a sobering one. After my mum’s two brain tumour operations and my sister’s several also brain tumour and shunt operations, my family is quite familiar to hospital visits. But seeing people suffering physically is always a good reminder to be thankful for our abled bodies and good health that God blesses us with.