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ORBIS CLEAR Skincare is Your Solution to Menstrual Acne

Hi Loves!

Don’t you just hate it when the time of the month comes and your beautiful clear skin is ruined by pesky acne? >,<#

To combat menstrual acne, ORBIS recently launched their renewed CLEAR skincare series! Honoured with the Best Basic Research Award at the 28th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, ORBIS’ new discovery identifies female hormones (Progesterone) as one of the factors that causes a decrease in skin resistance towards acne. A world’s first, this breakthrough established that during the female monthly cycle, an increase in progesterone causes a decrease in “antimicrobial peptides” which eventually leads to acne breakouts. Now we know why these pesky menstrual acne come about!

As such, ORBIS’ renewed CLEAR skincare series come with Gromwell Root extract, a compound that enhances the skin’s own protective functions to defend against menstrual acne. The use of herbal ingredients like Gromwell Root / Lithospermum Erythrorhizon extract (which promotes wound healing with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects), actually multiplies the amount of antimicrobial peptides five times, making the solution highly effective in tackling menstrual acne.

In addition, when complemented with ORBIS’ signature OIL-FREE formulation, not only is the menstrual acne diminished, the overall skin also becomes firmer, smoother, more protected and moisturised with better clarity and texture – a foundation for beautiful skin.

Whilst it’s meant to combat menstrual skincare, this range is also suitable for acne in general as well as for men! Infact ORBIS products are commonly known to be unisex and I recommend their concealer for my male friends as well for their unisex packaging and branding.

ORBIS held a media launch to share more about the CLEAR series, check out the event below:

ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 001ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 002

The ORBIS CLEAR series consists of a Wash (Cleanser), Lotion & Moisturizer:

A bound-rich facial wash that effectively clears clogged pores, preparing the skin for active ingredient absorption. Contains Amino acid components to gently cleanse the skin

A toning lotion that is effective in penetrating through to the stratum corneum layer (outermost), even in rough skin condition, and binding itself to the sebum within the pores. The result is that the ingredients of the lotion get actively absorbed deep into the pores effectively.

This moisturiser with fine 0.1 micron mesh structure, effectively protects the skin from external damages, such as dryness, for a skin that is soft and hydrated.

ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 003

There are also masks and body lotion and wash in the range.ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 004

Gromwell Root Extract, the special ingredient to the range due to its anti-inflammatory effects, promotes wound healing and anti-bacterial properties.ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 005

ORBIS CLEAR series promises better skin protective functions and higher skin hydration.
ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 006

Award winning findings; during women’s period, increased progesterone causes the decrease of antimicrobial peptides which cause acne – hence by increasing antimicrobial peptides, the skin can combat menstrual better.ORBIS Renewed Clear Series Blogger Review 007

My Review

The ORBIS CLEAR Wash requires lathering to create a thick foam to gently cleanse the skin. It’s gentle yet able to cleanse thoroughly for a taut clear skin. The ORBIS CLEAR Lotion is refreshing formula that is able to remove any debris even after a second wipe down, the only set back is the light alcohol scent. My favourite of the lot is the ORBIS CLEAR Moisturizer – it’s got a watery gel consistency, applies smoothly on the skin and really keeps the skin hydrated for the whole day.

Before I knew about ORBIS CLEAR Skincare, I was more familiar with ORBIS supplements. I popped by their outlet at Robinsons after the media launch and here’s some interesting supplements I came across!ORBIS supplements 001 ORBIS supplements 002

ORBIS CLEAR Step for clear healthy skin, comes with Vit Bs and C and more to combat acne skin.ORBIS supplements 003

Slimming exercise pills that help you burn more while you exercise!ORBIS supplements 004 ORBIS supplements 005

Super cool isn’t it?

Product Prices
ORBIS CLEAR Wash, $20.00
ORBIS CLEAR Lotion, $23.00
ORBIS CLEAR Moisture, $26.00
ORBIS CLEAR Trial Set, $18.50
ORBIS CLEAR Powder Foundation, $28.00
ORBIS CLEAR Powder Foundation Case, $11.00
ORBIS Acne Spots Concealer, $18.50

You can purchase ORBIS products at their outlets here:

Robinsons (The Heeren, Raffles City) both at Level 1 Beauty Hall

Bishan Junction 8, #01-46

Westgate, #02-18

Let me know if you’ve tried any ORBIS products and what you think of them!