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The Body Shop Instablur Launch

Hi Lovelies! <3

I’m feeling happy because I am finally catching up with blogging about events that happened within the past month, HAHA. 😀 *major grins*

So, not too long ago, my insta-buddy Clarabel invited me to attend The Body Shop Instablur launch with her at Haji Lane. 🙂
2014-05-05 23.44.12

Taking full advantage of the evening light when stepping out of the office for the event!2014-05-05 19.08.40

The event started with celebrity make up artist Elain Lim sharing tips of the trade and how important it is to have a good primer that acts as a base for the make up that won’t budge for photoshoots and require little to no digital touch ups.2014-05-05 19.12.46 2014-05-05 19.12.48
She’s demonstrating on Rachel, of @RachelXoo2014-05-05 19.29.11
Next up we have photographer guru Wesley Loh, who shares how every single person can look good on photos. Do you believe that! Photography guru says so! He shares his top tips, which I’m sharing with you all too, so we can all look together. 😉

1. Everyone has their good face
2. Shoot from above the nose line
3. Shoot from higher for bigger eyes
4. Find the better side, and shoot from slightly higher angle.
5. Proper sleep = no micro sagging/no droppy eyes!

2014-05-05 19.36.50 2014-05-05 19.37.01

We have our lovely Leanne who’s the model of the evening showing how lighting plays a big part to capture a good portrait too!

So I had to give the tips a try right? 😛2014-05-05 19.40.03 2014-05-05 19.40.10 2014-05-05 19.40.22
The lightning wasn’t really good cause it’s back lit…haha!2014-05-05 20.05.55
So I tried another one with a better lightning. 😉

I personally like to shoot with my right profile cause I feel it looks younger. But it all depends on my mood. I’ve been told I look best when I face straight on tho. I’m not gonna complain cause I like taking selfies but I don’t overly spam cause yunno’ it’s not nice to be overly narcissistic. Not for me anyways! You’re free to be whatever you want to be! #idontjudge #itrynottojudgeanyways haha.

There was an excellent spread of food, thanks to The Body Shop Singapore! <32014-05-05 19.52.17 2014-05-05 19.52.25 2014-05-05 19.52.45 2014-05-05 20.00.34 2014-05-05 20.00.56
This was the best. Salmon with wheat noodles. Yummy~Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Not forgetting a pic with my lovely Clarabel. Unfortunately we both look so super tan and sunkissed here. Lol!!! We’re actually pretty fair! 😛2014-05-05 19.57.06

And this is The Body Shop’s #noretouchtbssg promise and campaign! YES, let’s be proud to show the world our insecurities, our bare faces, our uneven eyelids – that’s me, and maybe I will or maybe I won’t do something about it in the future, but I don’t let it affect my security as a being -, our big pores, our freckles, our whatnots! It’s these imperfections that make us who we are! 2014-05-06 15.04.15

Yeahhh this is more like our skin tone yeah. Except after Clarabel’s magic camera it looks like we’ve perfect skin. >.< But we don’t walk around with camera lenses so we need Instablur for that perfect primer yeah? 😉2014-05-05 20.18.29I didn’t manage to snap a shot of the queue of bloggers and ladies asking Wesley which is the best side. We all consulted him and he said I look good with my left profile (which is the one that’s more defined and mature) or a front profile is nice too. LOL. Totally different from what I like. HAHA. Anyway it’s good like if I need to take an official photo to look older I turn to my left, and if I wanna look younger, I turn to my right. Not bad right?

2014-05-05 23.39.31

Thanks to The Body Shop Singapore, I got to try out these products! Here’s my brief review also posted on my Instagram a while back already! Follow me @ena_teo. 😉

Checking out the beauty goodies in The Body Shop All in One collection:
1⃣ New 5 Action Perfector Instablur primer. After a full day of use, I would say I really enjoy this product as it is a good primer and helped to hold up my eye make up the whole day.
2⃣ BB cream; Colour adapting tinted cream 01. Haven’t tried this as I currently have too many BB creams (not to be boast but it’s about 4 and I have another 4 new ones, lol. #boonandbaneofabeautyblogger) to try.
3⃣ Concealer 02. I’m usually a fuss free make up girl (who’d believed?) and I don’t use concealers as they are usually too creamy for my combination skin or not the right colour match for my dark circles. I also have this weird thinking that if I don’t conceal my dark circles, Id be more motivated to sleep early and naturally eradicated them. Ermmm last check, I haven’t slept before 12am in the past 3 months. #delusionalgirlissues But I am glad to report that this baby works like a charm for me. It’s like a sleek lipstick applicator that comes off like a smooth cream and totally blendable. Also matched my dark circles pretty well!
4⃣ Face base 03. I find that I really like it for its smooth and fine finish and it’s my current go to powder!
5⃣ Cheek colour shade ginger it’s a dark coral colour. I like it, goes well on my warm skin tone.
6⃣ Lip & cheek shade rose pink, a light lip gloss with a tinge of colour that is more red than pink. Definitely a finishing gloss with a lip colour below. Won’t do much on it’s own.

The All-in-One Instablur is available at The Body Shop at $32.90.

Oh and I also want to share that my baby girl Clarabel also got featured on the newspaper for her review. 😉

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.38.09 am

Check out her blog here. Can’t wait for our date when she’s back from Paris! 🙂

Thanks to Clarabel for inviting me, The Body Shop Singapore for the event!

Thanks for reading! <3