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My date with J’s Nails

Nail Art is gaining popularity in this sunny island Singapore.

So imagine my delight when J’s nail’s invited me down for a session of their nail service and to review their nail salon! 🙂

J’s Nail’s Salon is located at 19 Shelford condominium, a little shop right in front of the pool area.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 1 Js Nails Review Enabalista 2

A little waiting area decked out in purple hues.Js Nails Review Enabalista 3

A wall of nail magazines, nail polishes and gel containers.Js Nails Review Enabalista 4 Js Nails Review Enabalista 5 Js Nails Review Enabalista 6

How cute are theses nail polishes? ^^Js Nails Review Enabalista 7 Js Nails Review Enabalista 8

Something about these colours gets the artist in me very excited and happy!Js Nails Review Enabalista 9

The pedicure area. Cushy red seats.Js Nails Review Enabalista 10

The manicure area!Js Nails Review Enabalista 11

Some of the current trending designs, i picked the design on the second column, second from the bottom. Opting to replace the neon yellow with blue. 🙂 These designs are done by Vivien / Joann, usually they will take inspiration from magazines and trends and input their own flair to it. So there is really no duplicate and every design is unique. Plus they will also take in your preference and customize a design as per your requests.

And the work begins!

Vivien nail artist and manicurist attended to me, she explains that opting for hard gel would be easier to mould and design the nail art. So I went for the hard gel option, versus the soft gel.Js Nails Review Enabalista 12

Here’s Vivien using the machine to sand my nails and prep them before applying the gel. And how cute are her minion designed nails?! ^^
Js Nails Review Enabalista 13

After the sanding, comes the gel application,Js Nails Review Enabalista 14 Js Nails Review Enabalista 15

Close ups.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 16

After each layer of gel applied there would be a short UV light period. As the period if very short, there should be no UV damage to the skin. Since we don’t do this daily as well. But if you’re worried, you can always remember to apply amply sunblock lotion to your hands and fingers before the session. 🙂Js Nails Review Enabalista 17

Here Vivien uses the nail covers to create a nice smooth gel layer on my fingers. Very cool huh?Js Nails Review Enabalista 18 Js Nails Review Enabalista 19 Js Nails Review Enabalista 20 Js Nails Review Enabalista 21

After the fingers have all been gel coated, it’s once again sanded. So that the coloured gel can attach onto the gel.Js Nails Review Enabalista 22

Well, I didn’t have available hands to take photos of her painting the colours on, but check out the final results!
Js Nails Review Enabalista 23

How pretty is this?! ^^ PLUS I love how she photographed my hands to look so pretty here..

A little more about J’s nails:

Established since 2007, J’s Nail started from a home-based nail art salon to become an active renegade force in the nail art industry. What comes with each therapeutic experience is not only the highest-quality nail art service, but also exclusive hours-on-end fun and enjoyment.

Services provided include Gel Manicure, Gel Pedicure, Nail Art, Manicure, Pedicure, Hand Spa and Foot Spa. Each is itself a different abyss to take you to various levels of relaxation.

J’s Nail believes in education, having been rigorously trained from Hong Kong Nail Collections Academy. From time to time, J’s Nail also works closely with the academy to keep the nail art profession up to date, and deliver the latest industry trends and choice to the customer.

Check out the certifications awarded to Joann Tsui, the founder and owner of J’s nails:

Js Nails Review Enabalista 24 Js Nails Review Enabalista 25

And here are the prices:Js Nails Review Enabalista 26

A nail design like mine shown above will cost $70 for hard gel service, + $58 for nail design, totalling SGD$128.
These nails will last 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. Usually they would recommend making your next appointment in advance. Also it is advisable to go back to them for removal service as it requires sanding. But no worries, as they will always leave a thin layer of gel covering your nails and will not actual sand your real nails! Thus your nails are kept protected. Vivien kindly explained all these to me because I’m on that’s afraid of thinning and nail breakage.

Js Nails Review Enabalista 27 Js Nails Review Enabalista 28

photo 2

A photo with the talented Vivien~

More pretty pictures of my nail art in the natural sunlight~Js Nails Review Enabalista 30 Js Nails Review Enabalista 29

I seriously love it, just waking up to pretty nails makes my day and makes me happy. My friends have all been admiring my nails too! ^^

Follow J’s Nails on Instagram: @JSNAILJSNAILJs Nails Review Enabalista 31

Follow them on their Facebook here.

Make your appointment with J’s nail salon by phone: 
Tel : +65 64647498
SMS : +65 93830014
Monday – Friday 10AM to 12PM by Appointment only.
Sat10:00 am – 7:00 pm

From May 15 onwards, J’s Nails Salon will operate from Sembawang, at Block 415, Sembawang Drive, Singapore 750415.
Call / SMS / Whatapp +65 93830014 for appointment.

Thank you Joann and Vivien of J’s Nail Salon for your kind invitation!

Thank you for reading~ <3