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Fun Insta-Prints with Printic!

Hellooo guys!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have your Instagram or phone photos developed and held in your hands?

Then you’ll love to know about the Printic App, which does exactly this and more!

PrinticApp Website Blog Review

Printic, printing one memory at a time…Printic App Andriod Blog Review1

You can find it on Google Play for Andriod users.Printic App Itunes Blog Review

You can also find it on iTunes, for Apple users.

Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 1

This is how the Printic app looks like on my screen!Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 2

Free delivery worldwide!
Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 3

When you open the app, you get to choose all kinds of prints possible – books, calenders or just regular prints!

I selected “Create Awesome Photo Prints”!

Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 4

So you’ll be directed to your albums for selection. Here’s mine!Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 5

Then you get to select how many copies you want, crop the photo, change the background colour, edit and include the text. See the black bar below. Have you read about my Watsons on Wheels event here?
Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 6

Here’s my text and my chosen font.Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 7

Then you select who you want to send the prints too. I blurred out my address. 😛Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 8

2 Printics will cost SGD$3.68, which is $1.84 per piece! Printic App Blog Review Enabalista 9

It would be however, a lot more worth it to buy the credits.
5opc Starter Pack for US$26.40 would be about SGD$33, which works out to $0.66 per piece!

Printic Blog Review EnabalistaMy prints came in a double envelope. A Printic orange envelope within a stamped white envelope.
Printic Blog Review 3

Here are my prints! Check out the sample print I did above, in the bottom left corner. 😉

~ Review~

Overall I find this Printic App very cool, easy to navigate (fool proof) and convenient. Delivery took less than 1 week to arrive. For this review, I intentionally picked various background colours to show you how the black, red and yellow backgrounds would look like!
Also, as a word of advice, emoticons DON’T show up. They become weird symbols. So don’t use emoticons.

The quality of the prints are also really good. It’s glossy and in high resolution. Of course, you have to use good resolution and not blur photos in your phone to begin with. 🙂 Perhaps my only complaint is that the fonts when printed, appear bigger than they are on screen.

I would recommend this app to everyone to mail a photo of you and your loved one / friend to surprise them on their birthday or on a special occasion. Especially if they are staying abroad or away from you. A thought and gesture like that will be sure to melt their heart! 😉 Just be sure to send it at least 10 days in advance, so that you know it will reach on time.

If you’re a new user, download the app for free, use the code “MAILLOVE” and receive 2 free prints!
You will have to input the code on the top left corner of the app’s home screen, under coupon.

Lastly, you can use these prints to decorate your room, office or kitchen. Here’s some inspiration:

Photo Wall Decor Idea 1

Pegged to a bird cage wire frame. Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 2

Photos pegged to lines coming down from a steel bar. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 3

Or a simple “laundry line” concept on the wall. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 4

Or maybe in a modern & clean vertical line. Photo from here.Photo Wall Decor Idea 5

What about as a wreath? Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 6

Or in neatly arranged photo frames? Photo from here.
Photo Wall Decor Idea 7

Last but not the least in an epic and romantic heart shape as a grand gesture. Photo from here.

You’re welcome for the ideas. 😉

Thanks Printic for the prints!

Thank you for reading~ <3



#LaterPost | Pink Party Bash!

About a month ago in November, I joined my ex-colleagues in Clozette/GlamAsia
to check out the Pink Party Bash!
It was one of the last projects that I was managing before I left,
so it was good to see it come to fruition. 😀

Here’s at the bash venue, St James Power House station… My pink outfit of the day!

2013-11-17 14.12.40 Pink Party Bash 2013 Pink Party Bash 2013

The highlight of the day was to see the models of the mix media nail art competition groups
who have prepared two months for this day!

Team 1 with Valerie Lim as model with a Alice in Wonderland theme:

Pink Party Bash 2013

Team 2 with a garden fairy theme:Pink Party Bash 2013

Theme 3 with a Protect the Earth from pollution message:

Pink Party Bash 2013

The 2nd team won and it must have been a tough decision as all of them did so well!
Go search #PinkPartyBash on Instagram for all the awesome pictures for that day! 😉

Here with my lovelies of the day, Cassandra a super creative nail artist who has all these pretty nail art designs! (She’s also a Clozette Ambassador, see her Clozette profile and blog),
Cherie (@cheriexsh) and Azleena (@azzychubby)!
You can thank me later for helping you make it easy to stalk them on Instagram. 😉

Pink Party Bash 2013 Pink Party Bash 2013

One of the best part of the day was that we got to enjoy gelish nail services at $20 instead of the usual $50
and all the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore! 🙂

Thanks to The Pink Room academy for organizing and Clozette for inviting!



Enabalista 2nd Birthday Giveaway Winner Revealed!

Hello All!

A big THANK YOU for all who took part in the giveaway that I’ve been holding on my humble blog in the past week!

Now for the big reveal… Winner is also revealed on the actual “live” but now “ended” Giveaway tab… *Drumrolls please*

Congratulations to Ng H.!

The winner was randomly selected using the PunchTab app, and she also happens to be my friend! 🙂 Therefore I will meet her and hope (if she’s ok with it) to take a photo with her and then upload and updated on this post later!  For those who took part, and those who didn’t or missed this one, fret not because I’m having another giveaway really soon again! I’m really happy to have giveaways on my blog and many more to come. ^^

I want to specially thank the following readers & friends for taking extra time and effort to comment on the giveaway app and supporting Enabalista.

Christabelle Peh, Jenny Soo, Jane Lee, Eddy Khoo, Jessie Sng, Loh Poh Yong, Ying Lan & Tarandip Kaur.

Thank you all specially for your kind comments and retweets for this giveaway! I am very touched by your support. :’)

I am really quite behind, more like super behind my blogging because I’ve been overwhelmed with a powerful combination of school, ECA (stands for extra curriculumm activities, for the non-Singapore educated/un-initiated) such as JRunway participation, Sofie’s wedding and church commitments the past 1 month…

Follow me on my Twitter & Instagram, both @ena_teo for more daily updates! I tweet a lot of random stuff mostly revolving around Fashion, entertainment, social/Singaporean news and a lot of personal musings and angsty tweets you won’t find on my blog. (But you can read on the side bar, lah) I instagram mostly food, fashion, myself and interesting/random stuff around my life. I know it’s not much of a marketing pitch, but I’m sure you’ll be amused by what I share, cause I get amused by myself! HAHA, #notshyatall. So follow lah ah, and PLUS I am almost always looking for more tweet buddies on Twitter so join in the conversations/tweet-versations if you haven’t! 😀

xoxo you know i love you,
Ena <3

Honestly can’t wait for school to be out, then I will be giving my first church sermon this Sat, then I can by blog-happy and HOLIDAY LOR (machiam like ORD-LOH, it’s supposed to have the feel/vibe, #incaseyoudidn’tgetit.) – I don’t know why this needs to be italicized. Really, I don’t.

My Flawless with Estee Lauder Workshop Experience

Hello beautiful people!

How are you doing today? I do hope October’s been treating you well? October’s been a whizz for me, I’ve been attending talks – perhaps a little too much that even my friends are surprised at all the talk shots I take on my Instagram, haha!

Here’s an update on the event I shared previously, not just a talk mind you, it’s better! It’s a workshop by Estee Lauder where my friend, Ming Min and I put to action what we learn in class, on the spot by creating our own Flawless looks with Estee Lauder’s new and broader range of Double Wear foundation! 😉

Without further ado, I’ll let the photos do most of the talking~

Here our host is sharing with us the benefits of Estee Lauder skincare and makeup products before going into the steps of creating a Flawless look.

Check out the slides shown at the workshop here 😉 – Flawless with Estee Lauder Workshop Slides

Various make up brushes available for each individual participant at the workshop, here’s my set!

Adeline, the make up artist/instructor for my table sharing with us the 2 types of primer Estee Lauder provides. A matt one and another is illuminating one. I used the matt one, Ming used the illuminating one, so later you can see the difference in the photos we took. We were also taught we can combine both in our make up, use the matt one for our T-zones and illuminating one for the rest. 😉Here Adeline is sharing on eyeshadow palette. There was one different coloured palette for each of us, but I shared the same one with the lady next to me cause I liked her palette. 🙂

This my dears, is the really pretty eyeshadow palette I used that day. It’s Enchanted Berries Eyeshadow Palette! 😉

The beautiful array of Estee Lauder crystal lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, Double Wear and Double Wear Light foundations! 🙂

The stars of the workshop, the Double Wear Foundations. For the month of October, Estee Lauder supports the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign through the sales of the special edition Perfectionist Serum with the Pink Ribbon packaging.

The 2012 Campaign theme, “Courage. Believe in a world without breast cancer. Know we’re here until its true.”highlights the Company’s 20 year commitment to defeating breast cancer through education and medical research. This milestone year is dedicated to the tremendous courage of Evelyn Lauder and her unwavering commitment to eradicate breast cancer. – Yahoo News

For more information on Estee Lauder’s charitable work on raising Breast Cancer Awareness and supporting Breast Cancer research check out the article on Yahoo News. Also follow their news and updates on their Facebook page here.

Here’s my before and after looks from the workshop! My skin is visibly more even, eyebags less visible and features are more defined. ^^ I am wearing the Double Wear Light in the picture because I don’t like to have foundation that is too thick. And also thanks to Estee Lauder’s skincare products that I’ve been using, I don’t need the Double Wear with stronger coverage for my skin. ^^My lovely friend Ming min, in her before and after looks from the workshop. She remarks that the difference isn’t obvious in the photo, which is a good thing as it shows she has good skin and features that doesn’t change much with make up right? (x But in real life, u can see that her skin is more polished and illuminates with a glow from the illuminating primer! We would both recommend the illuminating primer for girls who want a natural glow in their make up. 😉

Us besties together since 2004/5 ! >.<


Funny faces never go out of style. 😉

Last but not the least, the door gift from the workshop! Ming and I attended as guests, so we didn’t claim a $100 (price of the workshop ticket) worth of Estee Lauder product but we did go back very blessed with 3 Estee Lauder products, 2 of which are their top sellers!

Check out these beauties: 1. Advance Night Repair Eye Serum 2. Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara and 3. Advance Night Repair 4. Pretty blue pouch

I know, so awesome right? I’ve been wanting an ANR travel vial just like this one so that I can bring it with me when I travel, but I decided, especially after using the ANR for a month and finding it so awesome, that I will GIFT this whole set in my blog – Enabalista’s 2nd Birthday Giveaway instead. So that one of my followers can share in my joy too! Watch out for my next post which will contain details of the Giveaway! 😉

Our sexy night didn’t end there… we went for a very romantic stroll and seating by the harbour… x) Anyway, just enjoy these photos as I enjoyed the views that night! 😉

This looks like a Salmon sushi, doesn’t it? x)
That’s all for now folks!

Her World Day Out with YL

Hi guys!

Hope ya’ll are having a great mid-week, yes? 😉

A few weeks ago, friend YL and I attended Her World’s Day Out event at Tangs Vivo. So we took some photos while we travelled to the event. Here’s one photo post-processed in Mei Ren Xiang Ji Poco Camera (read about my review/tutorial here.) and FotoRus frame! ^^

This is the crazy queue for complimentary (read free) manicure. LOL.

So the story goes that while we were queuing up for the free manicure, I uploaded the photo of YL and I above to Instagram and tagged #igsg. Frankly, at that point of time, I thought #igsg was a form of identifying photos from Singapore (that’s why I tagged it). I didn’t realize that it was actually an uber popular, “get popular” instagram account. AND SO the photo was featured on Igsg‘s account as well as sweetyoungthing‘s (cheesy I know) account!

@igsg had some 280,000 followers then (now it’s 301,000) on Instagram and after a few hours, the photo received almost 1000 likes! :O So just imagine YL and I spazzing when we realize we had our “15 minutes” of fame, hohoho! Basically @igsg reposts popular photos, about 1 every hour and only leaves 6 photos on its account at any one time.

The same photo reposted on to @sweetyoungthing‘s instagram account.

I’ll be meeting up with @igsg’s account owner, Ken for coffee this week and we might possibly work out partnership opportunities. How exciting! I’ll update you guys if and when we’ve worked out the details! (: 

Photo of my nails, post manicure! ^^

Like how my photo looks like? I decorated the photo using Snapeee, the fairly new japanese decoration and sharing app, which I reviewed in the previous post here, check it out if you haven’t.

That’s all for now!

L.o.L <3,

Snapeee App Review

Hi lovelies!

It’s been some time since I last reviewed an app huh! Today I’m gonna review one of my recent favourite camera, photo decorating and sharing app, Snapeee!


You can download the app on this site for free – http://snape.ee/

It basically works rather similarly to Instagram with following and recommendation functions except it’s Japanese with lots of cute-sy stickers, stamps, filters and frames to decorate your photos with! I love it! My account name on Snapeee is @ena_teo, check out my account if you have Snapeee or decide to download it after reading my review! (:

Some of the photos I’ve posted on my Snapeee account:

A photo of my manicured nails I decorated and posted on Snapeee! Note the beautiful rose glitter borders, sweet graphic stamps and filter.

Another photo I edited and posted on Snapeee! Basically if you are a fan of Japanese culture, you will love Snapeee because it’s filled with Kawaii (read cute for my non-Japanese friends) photos of Japanese food, fashion, animals and celebrity models! (:

This, my friends is the kind of Kawaii stuff you find on Snapeee. Doesn’t it make your day?!
So basically I would rate 4/5 for Snapeee for being a super cute and adorable camera, photo decorating and sharing app. It has a great variety of decorations and filters for photos. The ONLY downside I have for this app would naturally be that there isn’t a lot of people using Snapeee in Singapore, so I wouldn’t use/visit it as often as I would for Instagram.
Nonetheless, Snapeee is a great app that might give Instagram a run for its money in time to come. Instagram beware! Hehe.
That’s all for today folks! Let me know if you have come across any new and interesting apps recently, comment away! 😉
L.o.L <3,

Ena’s August in Photos (:

Hello !

First off, a big WELCOME HUGGGG + KISSESSS to my new readers who found out about me through my FB page ad. campaign! Thanks to FB, who generously offered me $50 ad. campaign fund to reach out to more readers through FB! (:

Next up, I have a whole line up of posts from outings with my friends in August, most of them which are food related. All you foodies, get ready! I have posted some photos on Instagram, follow me @ena_teo if you’re on it. If not, check my pictures out here. My Instagram is pretty much a visual folder of all the things that make me happy; friends, food, coffee, colours & pretty pictures. (:

Now I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the Stella McCartney Brass Heart & Key necklace I won from a contest organized by Clozette.

The necklace retails online for £235 on the UK website here. Thank you Stella McCartney & Clozette! (: Been wanting to wear it but I find the chain a little too short and have not been able to match it for an appropriate occasion yet. >.< Also the folks at Clozette are real nice! Many thanks to Anna’s hospitality when I was at their office collecting the prize. She’s from the Philippines and we had a good chat about the beautiful beaches there, mainly me saying how much I’d like to go to Boracay, haha!

Next up a picture I took with the lovely Kat on the first day we were back in school for a combined lecture! It’s been 4 weeks / 1 month since we started school, how time flies! it’s the finale year of degree and I will definitely miss school when it’s over! TIME! Don’t go by so fast! Slow down! >.<


I took these pictures on the same night I attended the Hermes the Gift of Time exhibition and Underscore Flight Magazine launch, on the bus ride home. Photos were processed on IPhone app Camera360. ^^

My nail candy thanks to Estee Lauder. This is in Tempting Melon (which I thought turned out to a be a beautiful & trendy coral colour) plus ribbon stickers. I did the manicure on my own btw, nice right? ^^
I love coffee! (If you don’t already know >.<) This is Mac Cafe’s Caramel Macchiato (means steamed milk).

This was meant to be on Instagram but it never got uploaded cause of bad internet connection. Say hi to my 2 new puppies, Lulu & Lala!

JUST KIDDING! They don’t exist irl. They are merely printed on a pouch my Aunt gave which I am now using to keep my reading specs safe from scratches. Makes me happy just to see them everyday. ^^


Okie! That’s all folks!

Next post on Estee Lauder’s Violet Underground Fall makeup collection coming right up! (;

Ena, Lulu & Lala