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Slimming Massage Treatment with NouriFBC

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First slimming session at Nourifbc

Introduction to Slimming by Nouri Face and Body Concepts

I had the pleasure to experience’s Nouri Face & Body Concepts Slimming Massage treatment and I was told by Valerie, the beauty salon owner that this is a popular treatment with her clients as it’s part of the weight loss program that the award winning beauty salon offers and one of the best ways to lose weight easily without exercise for her clients.

Valerie says that many of her clients come to her while at a loss on how to lose the fat build up in their bodies, mainly because they do not have someone to keep them accountable on their weight loss journey, so she is able to provide them the regular checks and actions that will spur and motivate them towards their goals. Some of her clients are busy professionals with no time for exercise, so they appreciate this slimming massage treatment that can help them to lose weight without exercise.

The slimming treatment from NouriFBC consists of slimming massages that are specially formulated using unique body massage techniques that are able to bring about the numerous benefits found in the unique and herbal secret recipe creams that are applied onto the common problematic areas such as the waistline, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Seeing as how Valerie’s beauty salon has numerous positive testimonials and reviews, I wanted to find out first hand if the slimming massage therapy is effective or just one of those weight loss myths we see everywhere in Singapore today.

First slimming session at Nourifbc

Well of course I do know that I don’t have much excess weight to lose, however I was game to accept the slimming massage review assignment because I know that a properly done massage can help to tone up my tummy, thighs and especially my problem area, my arms. And of course, I wanted to know what’s in this slimming massage that will help people to lose weight without exercise.

The premises of Nouri Face and Body Concepts is airy with a cosy feel to it. The treatment rooms were equipped with machines that you’d find in most beauty salon establishments in Singapore
My impression after the thorough consultation with Valerie was that she has a wealth of experience as well as the necessary certifications and skills. She broke down the important details of how exactly one can obtain great results with a weight loss program using slimming massages as the key component.

According to her, it is firstly vital to have a realistic set of goals such as how much weight you plan to lose, and in which areas of your body. Secondly, your lifestyle and eating habits need some changes to achieve optimal results. No dieting is necessary, just a sensible meal plan is enough. And if you are able to take short walks to raise your metabolism, that would also contribute to the fat burning process and produce faster results.

Last but not least, the number of slimming massage sessions and the time between each session is critical. Many people assume that going for a session as and when they are in the mood will be just the same as going on a fixed schedule. The longer you wait between each session, the chances of fatty deposits hardening and forming cellulite increases.

In short, make small changes to what you eat and your daily activities while simultaneously going for the slimming massages is the best formula to seeing a trimmer figure and longer lasting results.

Valerie’s slimming massages are highly popular amongst women who have given birth and put on a significant amount of weight. That actually is harder to lose as compared to normal weight gain or excess fat. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m in good hands and I tell Valerie to proceed with the treatment session.

Without further ado, let’s go through what steps took place during my own session at NouriFBC:

Steps of Slimming Massage treatment

Body brushing for Slimming

  1. Dry Body Brushing

This process helps in exfoliating the skin and it is also part of the process for a full body detox as the dry body brushing action removes toxins trapped and accumulated in our lymph nodes. It also opens the pores for the removal of wastes found in the blood stream. It is similar to having lymphatic drainage done, for full detoxification of your body’s lymph nodes.

Steam Blanket and Aromatic Compress For Slimming

  1. Steam Blanket and Aromatic Compress

The next step aids in creating perspiration,by using steam to unblock the pores of your skin which may be clogged with sweat, dirt,oil, body creams or perfume.

This important step is necessary to perform purges of the build up of toxins in the body.

This step also reduces water retention and the aromatic compress helps in the relief of muscular tension and regulates hormonal imbalance.

Fat Mobilisation Slimming massage treatment Fat Mobilisation Slimming massage treatment Fat Mobilisation Slimming massage treatment

  1. Fat Mobilisation

This step is done with the addition of the Exercise Slimming cream which doubles up the slimming process, making it more effective in breaking down stubborn fat. This massage also boosts sluggish blood circulation. The effect of this deep massaging helps to lift and tone saggy parts of body. Following which if you add on body care products such as body ampoules and creams, they are readily absorbed by the skin, hence producing more effective and visible results.

Red Ray Slimming Therapy Red Ray Slimming Therapy Nouri FBC Slimming Treatment Blogger Review 011

  1. Red Ray Slimming Therapy

The last but not the least part of the slimming massage is the red ray slimming therapy. This step helps indigestion and bloating as the red ray and heat removes trapped wind which builds up a weak constitution. It also accelerates the effect of the Fat Mobilization process.

Post Slimming Treatment Care

Post Slimming Treatment Care

It is recommended to bring a cardigan and leggings to keep yourself warm after the treatment and let your body continue the breaking down process of the fats. Valerie also has special inner wear for the ladies to wear and creams to apply while exercising to increase the effectiveness of the weight loss.


Going through the above process and laying my thoughts out for this review made me realize that the steps all have their individual purposes as well as added enhancements that can aid the slimming process.

This does not seem to be a miracle treatment that over promises results, but rather a very well planned out treatment system that relies on each and every step being carried out perfectly to break down fat cells and reduce the amount of unhealthy weight in a person. I had an enjoyable experience that was both interesting and educational for me.

Thank you Valerie De Costa of Nouri Face & Body Concepts & for inviting me for this lovely Slimming Massage treatment. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Valerie and trust her and her more than a decade’s experience and skills in assisting her clients to reach their target physique, health and weight.

Slimming massage treatment at NouriFBC

If you’ve been looking for weight loss ideas and ways to lose weight fast and effectively (definitely not within days but a few months with consistent efforts and visits), then a visit to Nouri Face & Body Concepts and consultation with Valerie is definitely something I would recommend you to do!

I hope you have all enjoyed my review, for inquiries on their special discounts, please contact:


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