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Her World Day Out with YL

Hi guys!

Hope ya’ll are having a great mid-week, yes? 😉

A few weeks ago, friend YL and I attended Her World’s Day Out event at Tangs Vivo. So we took some photos while we travelled to the event. Here’s one photo post-processed in Mei Ren Xiang Ji Poco Camera (read about my review/tutorial here.) and FotoRus frame! ^^

This is the crazy queue for complimentary (read free) manicure. LOL.

So the story goes that while we were queuing up for the free manicure, I uploaded the photo of YL and I above to Instagram and tagged #igsg. Frankly, at that point of time, I thought #igsg was a form of identifying photos from Singapore (that’s why I tagged it). I didn’t realize that it was actually an uber popular, “get popular” instagram account. AND SO the photo was featured on Igsg‘s account as well as sweetyoungthing‘s (cheesy I know) account!

@igsg had some 280,000 followers then (now it’s 301,000) on Instagram and after a few hours, the photo received almost 1000 likes! :O So just imagine YL and I spazzing when we realize we had our “15 minutes” of fame, hohoho! Basically @igsg reposts popular photos, about 1 every hour and only leaves 6 photos on its account at any one time.

The same photo reposted on to @sweetyoungthing‘s instagram account.

I’ll be meeting up with @igsg’s account owner, Ken for coffee this week and we might possibly work out partnership opportunities. How exciting! I’ll update you guys if and when we’ve worked out the details! (: 

Photo of my nails, post manicure! ^^

Like how my photo looks like? I decorated the photo using Snapeee, the fairly new japanese decoration and sharing app, which I reviewed in the previous post here, check it out if you haven’t.

That’s all for now!

L.o.L <3,