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Thai Chick Flicks on Youtube (with Eng Sub)

As you know, I am a fan of Korean dramas and movies. Recently, under the influence of a good friend, Ser Li who has been raving about Thai dramas and movies, I gave them a try on Youtube and then went on a Thai movie marathon. 😀

Due to the popularity of my previous post 5 Chick Flicks on Youtube, I decided to write a similar post but this time in Thai version. 🙂 So here’s a few movies and more that I watched and would recommend to you, with videos embedded for your easy convenience! 😉

1. First Love (A Crazy Little Thing Called Love)


Review: This movie is really cute. It’s about how a young girl grows up and transform from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Starring Mario Maurer, a really cute Thai actor! 🙂

2.  Fabulous 30 

Fabulous 30 Thai Movie

Synopsis: Ja (Patcharapa Chaichue) a beautiful woman has everything a woman is supposed to dream of having; a successful career, a partying lifestyle, and a handsome sweetheart. On her 30th birthday, Ja finds her perfect life changed when her boyfriend wants to halt the relationship. Now, at thirty-something, Ja accepts a happy single life until a new guy (Phuphom Phongpanu) gets in her life and he’s 7 years younger than her.

Review: I enjoyed the down to earth moments of the movie, how the female lead cooks, feed stray puppies and checks out bridesmaid gowns with her girlfriends. The male actor is ridiculously handsome and is born in 1991.

3. Hello Stranger


Synopsis: Inspired by Korean culture and entertainment that fluxed around Asia, the film tells a love story of a guy and a girl who destined to meet in Seoul during their private trip to Korea.

Review: Highly recommended movie. It’s funny, romantic and heartwarming. Funny thai antics in Korea? No wonder this movie is so highly raved! 🙂

4. Just One Second 


Synopsis: Is a short film about a young couple…

Review: The couple acted by female lead Nattasha Nauljam and male lead Jirayu Laongmaneeacted (only 17 yo btw) together in a famous thai movie Suck Seed in 2011, a movie more on friendship but also with some youthful romance. Actually I can’t remember the ending of this short film. But I am using this to recommend Suck Seed, which unfortunately I can’t find the youtube link anymore. 😛

Also recommended:

5. Seven Something


Synopsis: Seven Something is a love story and is shot by three different directors. As such, the film is divided into three parts; the first named “14,” about the problems of two teenagers and social networks. The second part is named “21/28” and is about two former actor and actress lovers who work together again after being apart for seven years. The third part is called “42.195” and is about a woman who meets a young man who encourages her to complete a marathon.

Review: It is a new age movie which follows three couples. The first on a young couple with social media influences and how it makes and breaks the relationship. Second one is a romance with several meta references, including Hello Stranger, I liked the second story the best. The last story starred 2pm’s thai prince, Nickhun, that’s all I have to say for the last story. Lol. I watched in on youtube but it was taken down, so you’ll have to find this movie else where! 😛

Till the next post,