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Helenere Skincare Cream & Mask Review

Hi lovelies!

I’ve been using Helenere, Swiss skincare brand products for some time now and here’s a video review!

If you prefer to read, instead of watching my video review, here’s a quick summary:

Before I received the invitation to review their products,
I did a quick google search and found out from Cozycot forum  that
ladies wanted to know where they could buy Helenere products in Singapore.
So I was convinced that Helenere products must be really good and I was eager to try the products for myself!

Just in case you don’t know the brand, Helenere is a Swiss skincare brand started by Helen Rosato Rossi in 1980s.
Their products are all made in Switzerland and they have a strong emphasis on R&D.
Helenere has built a strong reputation of being a skincare brand that knows,
understands and addresses women’s skincare issues which is why it is gaining increasing popularity across the globe.

Helenere Whitening Cream Review 2

Helenere White Perfection Day & Night Cream
available online here.

2014-02-25 00.22.52

Cream is pure white and moderately thick in consistency. (No filter and no flash)2014-02-25 00.21.28

Once spread out evenly, it is leaves a very light white layer that is almost colorless to the naked eye.(No filter and no flash)

After using it for two weeks, I’m really loving this cream. I use it twice daily,
in the morning and in the evening, after my shower routine.
In the day, I use it after my toner and moisturizer, just before my sunscreen lotion.
In the evening, I use it after my toner and moisturizer.

After two weeks of use, I feel that my skin has lightened,
and this cream has helped to tone my oil glands so that my face is not as oily as before.
I have used other day/night creams previously but those were generally oily in nature
and I would stop using them after one try.

However this cream is moist without being oily, and
is really a suitable cream for people who have oily and acne prone skin like me!
Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a good day and night whitening/lightening cream in your beauty regime!

Helenere Purifying Pack

Helenere Purifying Pack
available online here.

2014-02-25 00.14.08

A very light mint green colour and thick consistency.

2014-02-25 00.14.35

A visible light pale layer when spread thinly across the skin.

I have used this pack/mask twice so far. As it is named, this mask aims to purify your skin.
To use, spread a thin layer around your face for 20 min and wash away with tepid/lukewarm water.
After which, I feel that my skin is softer and smoother. Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.
I would especially recommend this mask for people whose skin is exposed to harsher conditions such as strong sun
or dirt as this mask would definitely pamper your skin. 🙂 

Thanks to Helenere for their kind sponsorship of the products!

Visit Helenere’s official website here.
Like them on their official Facebook page for cool lifestyle posts and their latest products here!
If you’re on Twitter, be sure to tweet them here via their handle @Helenere_Intl. They also often offer discount codes! 😉

Last, but not the least,
You can also choose to buy Helenere products in Singapore in 2 places!
Salon De Expression 
T: +65-6338-6958

Arleen Beauty Therapy Centre 
T: +65-6532-5668

Thanks for reading, sending you my love! <3