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Get Summer Ready | Personal Care Beauty Reviews

As we enter into the month of June, this means Summer is fast upon us… And in the thick of summer, it’s important for us to care for our skin and hair to make sure we’re prepared for and protected from the heat and humidity!

As you would know by now, if you’ve been reading my past few blog posts and following me on my IG,  I’ve literally got tons of beauty products for review and it would take me too much time and inertia to review them singly / per range on a dedicated blog post, so I’ve decided to compile relevant products together in a multi-review post! So here goes the first of such posts to come. 😉

V-Mina Personal Care Review Ena Teo Enabalista_0000I was sent this V-Mina Feminine Hygiene Trial Pack some time end last year and I particularly like the Cleansing Mousse. I am not a daily user of female personal hygiene care because I feel that normal body care products are sufficient for me. However during “that time of the month” aka periods, using personal hygiene care feels extra nice. Read more about V-Mina on their site here and purchase their products online here.

OKDGG Beauty Products Ena Teo Enabalista_0000 OKDGG Beauty Products Ena Teo Enabalista_0001So many Korean beauty products, so little time to try and buy them. If you’re a huge Korean skincare, makeup and fashion lover like I am, you might be happy to know of OKDGG which is a mega online shopping mall that houses 1,300 brands under one site and they are currently offering free shipping for purchases over $100(usd) and below 10kg!  I have tried the Jeju Aloe Vera gel which is a very refreshing and moisturizing water gel based cream, I’d recommend this for days after a day at the beach. The Too School For Cool Milk Tint red is a pastel red lip tint with a glossy effect.  Still haven’t tried the Wonder Patch Belly Wing, but if you have, leave a comment and share your views! For more makeup and skincare products on OKDGG, visit here.  And I do love a pretty pink delivery box. 🙂

Dove Volume Nourishment Review Ena Teo Enabalista_0000If you’re looking for a lightweight Volume enhancing and nourishing hair care, try Dove’s Volume Nourishment range consisting of Shampoo, Conditioner and Root Lift Spray. I personally have rather thick hair so I can’t really attest to the effects of this range in a sense that its effects aren’t that remarkable for me. But when I tried the range for review, I liked that it was lightweight and effective in cleansing and didn’t leave any greasy residue on the hair. Also, my friend Fion says the Root Lift Spray really works for her. 

Rich CC Hair Care DCS Skincare Stenders Skincare Review Ena Teo Enabalista_0000

Another haircare range I’ve tried is Rich Pure Luxury Miracle Renew CC Shampoo and Cream. Honestly I thought the product packaging was so ordinary despite the impressive name “Rich Pure Luxury Miracle Renew CC Shampoo”. However after using it, I was impressed by it and also really like the grape scent. I also saw it being on featured on one of the local magazines’ beauty awards (sorry can’t recall  now which magazine it is).

A quick research online shows the write up on the official US site as;
Infused with wine extract, the shampoo actively brighten hair colour and protects hair from environmental damage. It also moisturises hair and scalp thanks to an algae extract derived from seaweed that’s rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. The shampoo contains a beautiful blend of argan oil and hydrolyzed wheat, soy and corn proteins to create soft, shiny hair that’s smooth and free of frizz.
Instructions: Apply to damp hair, massage into a lather then rinse. Repeat if necessary. For optimum results use with RICH Pure Luxury MIracle Renew CC Conditioner.

I also used the CC cream after wash and before blow dry and it’s a non greasy and moisturizing formula. Would definitely recommend this moisturizing and nourishing hair care range for dry hair. You can purchase the product on SuzanniBeaute here for $13.50 for 250ml, which is cheaper than Guardian retailing at $17.90. 😉 The CC Cream retails at $16.50 on SuzanniBeaute.

Have previously posted about DCS Nutriderm here. As for the Stenders skincare, I like the moisturizing toner but find the Hydrating Facial Gel a tad too concentrated for my skin, but my friend Christabelle likes them just fine. What’s your current skincare favourites?

Lip Hop Sunblocks Review Ena Teo Enabalista_0000Last but not the least, if you’re looking for an affordable sun screen range, consider LipHop, a made in Korea sun care line with products Ultra Whitening Sun Protection Lotion, Kids Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Lotion, Super Defence Ex Sun Protection Milk, Moisturizing Weightless Sun Protection Spray and Soothing Aloe Vera Gel. With all of the variety, you’re bound to find a type of sun block that suits your preference and needs this summer. I’d brought these along with me on my trip to Penang a while back and I like the lightweight Ultra Whitening Sun Protection Lotion. 🙂

What’s your summer plans? I’m definitely planning for a day in my white Kaftan and sipping mojito by the beach. 😉



Tsubaki Extra Moist Range

Hi Loves!

The last time, I reviewed Tsubaki’s hair oil on my post here. This time, it’s about their newer haircare ranges, in particular the Tsubaki Extra Moist Range! I’ve used it for a while and I really like it because it’s great for moisturizing my coloured hair. If you’re like me and you need a moisturizing haircare range, I definitely recommend Tsubaki, plus it smells amazing!

Check out photos from their media preview~
Tsubaki New Moist Range 001The event was held at Tsubu at Orchard Gateway and we were each given a survey to decide which of the 3 new ranges would suit our hair!
Tsubaki New Moist Range 007 Tsubaki New Moist Range 004Here is the Extra Moist Range, which was best for my hair.

Tsubaki New Moist Range 008Tsubaki New Moist Range 003Here is the Volume Touch Range.
Tsubaki New Moist Range 006 Tsubaki New Moist Range 005And the damage care range. This event was before I started on my crazy hair colours, I probably need this range now, haha!
Tsubaki New Moist Range 002Ootd taking outside Tburu. Went all Print on Print on Print that day!
Tsubaki New Moist Range 009Took home a set for review~Kko Kko Nara StewWent for dinner at Kko Kko Nara and had stew with Sheena after the event!

Thank you Tsubaki and Sheena for the lovely afternoon~



Majolica Majorca & Ma Chérie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event

Have I told you how much I like Majolica Majorca products?

Oh yes I have, I shall quite egoistically quote myself here. 😛

"I love this brand for its fantasy concept… It’s so beautiful lah! *^^* "
 - Ena Teo, Blogger of Enabalista.com

the quote is taken from my previous post, about the Matsuri Day Beauty workshop I attended previously. 🙂

It’s always a pleasure to attend Shishedo events because the team always put in so much creativity & personalization, creating a magical and exciting atmosphere. ^^

This time, it’s the Majolica Majorca x Ma Chérie Floral Enchantress Bloggers’ Event~

Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 18 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 19Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 3 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 2

Aren’t these fun facts and presentation just amazing?

Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 11 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 12 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 10

Equally lovely product presentation of Majolica Majorca’s Line Hunter, New Smudgeproof, double-faced eye liner, for delicate & strong, bold lines as well as Ma Chérie’s Air Feel & Moisture series.Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 7 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 6 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 5 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 4

At the last ZA event, bloggers were introduced to a reading of “My Lip Personality” based on their lip shape. This time, we got a reading of our Hair, Lips & Eyes character, based on what our favourite styles were! Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 9 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 8

This game required us to pitch the “crystal” balls through the holes in order to win beauty goodies. On a side note, another of their fun fact says “The World’s first ever cosmetics were created from copper and lead ore by ancient Egyptians” Lead cause poisoning! Aren’t we glad that technology has improved thus far so that we can actually have safe beauty products? >.<

Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 20

My eye, hair & lip character reading:

The Sweet Surrender
You’re a combination of sugar & spice, but the twist is your sweetness is the mystery.

The Delectable Mist
You are a motivated & career oriented girl but when the time comes, you can still be playful & cheeky.

The Tantalize Caress
You wear your heart on your sleeve, but your sweetness & soft nature wins the hearts of many.

I think the reading is really quite generic except for the hair reading. HAHA. I am really a motivated and career oriented girl and can be playful when I want to be!
Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 14 Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 16

Here’s the Majolica Majorca Line Hunter Eyeliner and Perfect Automatic Liner (I have one in golden brown) and Honey Plump Gloss Neo in pink and peach. I’ll be using this for a #LOTD soon and will post on my instagram. Follow me on IG, look for @ena_teo~ 🙂

Majolica Majorca Line Hunter Eyeliner retails at S$19.90, Perfect Automatic Liner at S$22.90 and Honey Plump Gloss Neo at S$12.90 at Watson stores island-wide.
Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 15

We also got to bring home Ma Chérie Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. I can’t wait to use these cause their fragrance is sweet and lovely and I love my hair to be silky smooth~ *^^*
Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie Floral Enchantress Blogger Event Enabalista 17

Most recently, Ma Chérie has introduced their refill packs to the market, which is great because it’s environmentally friendly and returning customers get the same amount of goodness at a lower cost! Yay!

The Secret of Ma Chérie’s products is their Champagne Honey Gelee which is a formulation that protects hair from oxidative stress (I wiki-ed to read what it’s about, simply put it means damage to cells from the outside environment…), retains moisture, softens and adds shine to hair. For the specific ingredients and function breakdown you can read from the image above. 😉

Ma Chérie has two range:

1. Air Feel
for volume and shine to fine hair

2. Moisture
for silky lingering smoothness that treats dry ends

Be sure to follow Majolica Majorca and Ma Chérie on their Facebook here and here for their latest product updates, beauty and skin care tips & product giveaways! I won a Majolica Majorca 10th Anniversary Press Kit by taking part in their Facebook giveaway recently, which I’ll blog about soon~ I was really happy to win it cause a blogger won it at the last event and I really really like the Press Kit that came in a classic book box! >.< Us girls and our love for pretty packaging!

Play Ma Chérie’s Facebook App game to stand a chance to win up to $200 worth of products. Find out more info. from their Facebook post here! Good luck~

Also, they’re having a Oasia hotel staycation giveaway worth $2048, you’ll have to buy $15 (less than the price of one eyeliner!) worth of products, find out how to take part here.

Thanks Wendy from WhiteSpace PR and Shiseido for having me at the event and the lovely goodies~

Thank you for reading~ <3



L’Oreal Paris Bloggers’ Event & New EverStrong Thickening Hair & Scalp System Review

Hi lovelies~

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, like I am~ ^^

A few weeks back, I attended the L’Oreal Paris Hair Bloggers’ Event. Today I’m gonna blog about the event and my reviews of their products from the new range, EVERSTRONG Thickening Sulfate Free Hair & Scalp system. 😉

L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista 2 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 2 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 5 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 4 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 3 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 6 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 7 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 8 L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Bloggers Event Singapore Enabalista Flowers 9 L'Oreal Paris Eversrong Bloggers Event

The bloggers’ event was held at Lime House, 2 Jiak Chuan Road, an in-road from Keong Saik Street.
Heading back there brought back a flood of memories because Keong Saik Street was where I started my first job after JC. The place has changed quite a bit, lesser dingy pubs and more classy restaurants catering to tourists and expats. But it still has that old school charm. I would definitely head back and explore this place again.
The finger food and beverages were just right to feed our empty bellies before the presentation started. After the presentation, we had the chance to have our scalp tested and put our creatively to good use for some floral arrangement!

I love floral arrangements because I love flowers, the beauty they embody and the sweet scent they bring. I also like how floral arrangement allows for relaxation, creativity of expression and zen moments.

Quite coincidentally, the florist L’Oreal invited, Christopher, is the same florist that I learnt floral arrangement from back when I was in JC, so as to enter a floral arrangement competition! 🙂

It was such a pleasure to meet with lovely Leanne at the event who’s always such a dear. Check out her beauty focused instagram @loveforskincare. I am a huge fan of her collages, as they display great use of light and unique eye for aesthetics. <3

L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Singapore Enabalista Review L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Singapore Enabalista Review 3.jpg L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Singapore Enabalista Review 1

~My Review~

I’ve been using L’Oreal Paris EVERSTRONG Thickening sulfate free hair & scalp system for a few weeks now. I can attest that this range of shampoo, conditioner and tonic does a smashing job in fortifying thinning hair and purifying the scalp. I recently had my hair cut as I was finding long hair tough to manage and also getting worried when my hair was dropping quite drastically. I would get a lot of hair dropping whenever I showered and combing my then long hair. However, after getting my hair cut and starting on this hair care range, my hair has thankfully thickened back to normal and my hair loss has decreased. I no longer react to “omg so much hair dropped” in the shower and when I’m combing hair. Even a hair stylist commented just this weekend when I was getting my hair ends curled at a beauty event that I have thick hair, which made me happy! ^^

I am thoroughly loving this hair care range of EVERSTRONG Thickening sulfate free hair shampoo, conditioner and tonic. The shampoo cleanses well, the conditioner does not leave an artificial waxy after feel but rather conditions naturally. This range is unique with their two star ingredients; Rosemary & Mint. Rosemary helps to stimulate hair growth, soothes dry, sensitive scalp and prevents dandruff. While Mint is a well known scalp and follicle stimulant. Using these products in the shower brings a very refreshing feel and scent to my hair and sense. I am very satisfied even long after my shower, knowing how well my hair is cleansed, cared and how good it smells. 😀

Unlike most tonic, this tonic is unique in that it is formulated to be used at the hair roots, to be massaged into your scalp. It is liquid and non oily. I use one spritz and massage from the top of my head and outwards.

Perhaps the only downside to this range of products is that you have to use all three shampoo, conditioner and tonic together to achieve the full desired effect. I always use shampoo and conditioner together (whether with this range or not) because each product has different functions and I tend to have frizzy hair, so conditioner is a must. However my sister commented that when she use the shampoo without the conditioner, her hair and scalp tend to be too drying.

L’Oreal Paris Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner retails at $14.90 for 250ml each, Tonic at $29.90 for 100ml at supermarkets, pharmacies and departmental stores islandwide. I’ve done the math for you, the whole system will cost $59.70. 😉

L'Oreal Paris EverStrong Extraodinary Oil Singapore Enabalista Review

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil is just as it is named. It is really a superb product. The difference when I apply it on my hair ends compared to when I don’t (on days when I am lazy or in a rush to get out) is remarkable. I do not have a habit of applying hair oil as I tend to find it a hassle and don’t like to have to wash my hands again before I head out. But after using this product, I am now convinced that I have found the solution to frizzy hair and I have found the secret to beautiful hair. I know this sounds damn exaggerating and dramatic, but I kid you not. The reason behind the powers of this oil is due to its flower extracts ingredients: Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Matricaria. The best part is, the new formulation now comes with UV filter protection, keeping your hair protected from harmful and drying UV rays, keeping it luscious.

Another reason why this hair oil is extraordinary is because its usage is mani-fold. You can use it before you colour your hair, the night before, so that your hair is deeply nourished and well-prepped for colour treatment so that your hair will not be left dry and brittle. Before blow drying. Mix it with your hair mask and as a finishing touch.

I use it as a finishing touch, while my hair is still wet and before blow drying. Just one spritz is sufficient for my whole head’s hair ends and when my hair is dry, it’s smooth and straight the entire day.

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil retails at $26.90 for 100ml at supermarkets, pharmacies and departmental stores islandwide.


If you want to experience this range of products, L’Oreal is now offering travel size products for you to use and take on their 30 day challenge. Find out how to redeem their products on their Facebook here. Valid for Singapore residents only.

Follow L’Oreal Paris Singapore on their Facebook here for more new product updates! 😉

Thank you Touch PR & Events & L’Oreal for the invitation and products.

Thank you for reading~ <3



Matsuri Day Beauty Workshop featuring Majolica Majorca, Senka & Ma Cherie


Today I’ll be blogging about my experience at Matsuri Day Beauty Workshop about 2 weeks ago. 🙂

Matsuri means Festival in Japanese. I am not quite sure which festival we were meant to be celebrating, but I think it should be the Mid-Autumn Festival or Lantern Festival which was just recently passed!

Once again, I’ll let the photos do the talking. 🙂

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Shiseido
The workshop was held at Shiseido’s office and conference hall.
Matsuri Beauty Workshop Hummingbird Palette
The little hummingbook III and a set of nail polish looking bottles which are actually blush tints! >_<

So I took these photos before the workshop started proper, and I thought those bottles were nail polish. When the time came for us to test and apply the products, I used them on my finger, only to realize they don’t dry up but rather they become a powder-like layer over my names! The girls on the same table and I have a good  laugh over it. 😛

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Hummingbird Palette 2
This is how the little Hummingbird III Palette look on the inside. It has a 3 light eyeshadow pots and 1 lip gloss pot.

The light pink is the eyeshadow base followed by two eyeshadow colours in gold and pink which you can decide to use them individually or together. I don’t like that the eyeshadow and lip gloss pots were placed together as the eyeshadow powder will contaminate the lip gloss pot. I also don’t like the lip gloss colour as it didn’t seem to go with the other colours. But what I do love, is the pretty and unique packaging…

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Hummingbird Palette 3
The palette with musical score which I believe to be accurate. Would be interesting to play it out on the piano!
Matsuri Beauty Workshop Senka
Senka Product Table

The workshop started first with Senka product introduction followed by testing/application. According to the trainer whose name is Louis, Senka means expert or specialist in Japanese and essentially the brand is known to be focus on R&D to produce the best skincare products for Asian skin. Hence they have good quality products without much fan-fare on the packaging.

I won’t go much into details about the products except for the Senka Perfect Watery Oil, which is known to be a makeup remover that also helps to remove and minimize blackheads!

Perfect Watery Oil Senka

Louis was raving about how effective it was and that he used it and it works. So I even asked him if it is non-comodegenic (non acne causing) and he said it is! Out of all the products, it’s one that I’d like to try and thankfully they handed us a sample bottle to try! So I’ll likely try and put up a review after I’ve used it. ^^ Meanwhile, you can check out QiuQiu’s sponsored review on their makeup removers here.

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Majolica Makeup 2013

After the Senka introduction portion, we had our hands on session with Majolica Majorca makeup! I tweeted after the session how I love this brand for its fantasy concept… It’s so beautiful lah! *^^* They remind me of Anna Sui, except with a stronger concept with more story telling. 🙂 Check out their website and watch the video on the site! You can follow their FB page here. This season’s story is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland with a strong baroque styling. Not exactly the most original concept, but still interesting and captivating!

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Majolica Makeup

My favourite items out of the tray of testers/samples will definitely be the Skin Lingerie Pore Cream with its BB cream like effect and it acts much like a lightweight primer and the golden brown eyeliner, which I also have one at home. I bought it at Watsons sometime last year when I was hunting for a brown liquid liner and the lady recommended me it. It doesn’t have the best of mechanism as it requires one to shake and dispense on a brush tip, but when I mastered it, the effect and colour is most lovely. 🙂 Matsuri Beauty Workshop Majolica Tints

Saying Hi again to the deceptive blush tints, nail polish wanna-bes! 😛

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Ma Cherie

The last segment of the workshop was Ma Cherie, it means my dear in french. Looking at the branding and design it looks just like a French pastry store logo doesn’t it? I guess Ma Cherie wishes its customers to feel sweet and happy when using their products!

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Hair Demo

Louis the skincare and hair trainer showing how to work a Ma Cherie product. I think this was a hair curl setting spray.

Matsuri Beauty Workshop Ena and Friends

Taking a photo for memories with the ladies on our table! Wei ling, Huihong, Winnie & Huili! 🙂

My review! 

Out of all the workshops/events I’ve attended thus far, this has got to be one of the most light-hearted and enjoyable event, much credit due to Louis’ good humour and entertaining demonstrations! It was also really nice meeting new friends who are also makeup lovers! Thus the time during the session just flew past. 😀

It’s surprising to me that Shiseido would invite 30 female guests down for a free workshop and offer so many of its products for free testing. But I reckon it works out for them if after the session 1/2 of us or more would actually buy their products after testing and potentially become loyal users. This is especially so if there are also existing and similar Japanese brands such as Hada Labo skincare and Liese haircare in the market who are stiff competitors. Also, I got a chance to attend the workshop by taking part in Majolica Majorca’s Facebook contest and was 1 of the 10 winners. So it’s also a strategy of giving back to the fans, thereby reinforcing brand loyalty. 🙂

I don’t love every single item that I tried on that day, there were definitely some hits and misses. But for what it’s worth, it made me fall in love with the Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cream and want to try the Senka Perfect Watery Oil! That’s a pretty good desired effect from a participant, I reckon!

Oh, as a note to self,  it might also be a good idea to bring a small set of usual makeup so in case there aren’t some holy grail makeup items to achieve my desire effect, such as my eye makeup, at least I would have backup… I didn’t that day and took the longest time using Majolica Majorca’s makeup (which are not close substitute to my usual ones) to draw my eye makeup. >-<

So with a face full of makeup (which is rare for me, since I usually don’t put full on foundation) I decided I’d snap more photos!

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup

After the Nth time to get a good angle.

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup2

Still a bit dark.

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup3

Changed a spot to get the light on my face. 🙂

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup4

Anotther one. Panda eyes, Duck smile!

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup5

Retarded smile! 😛 Angles are so important for face selfies, really!

Ena reviews Majolica Majorca Makeup6

Gotta love my tiny eyes and funny faces! ^^

And yes, I’ve probably worn the exact outfit and necklace combination more than thrice. What do it, it’s nice like that right? 😛