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For Vitality & Radiance – Hao Yi Kang’s Collagen Beauty Essence

Hi Loves!

Today I’d like to share about a new beauty supplement in the market – Hao Yi Kang’s Collagen Beauty Essence!

Before we go into the Collagen Beauty Essence let me share a little about the brand.

Hao Yi Kang is the official sole distributor of Lao Xie Zhen products. Established in 1928, Lao Xie Zhen is a well-known brand in Taiwan. Being in the industry for 9 decades, Lao Xie Zhen prides itself for bringing the best to its consumers, as a favorable and trustworthy brand.

And more about the Premium Ingredients that’s found in the Collagen Beauty Essence here:

Hao Yi Kang’s Collagen Beauty Essence is a proprietary formula that consists of Japan patented Nano Collagen Peptide and 4 plant-based ingredients that are rich in Plant Polyphenols and Vitamin C to achieve glowing radiance from within.

Beauty Collagen Essence

Proprietary Formula from Japan Formulated with Collagen, Plant Polyphenols & Vitamin C to boost production and absorption of collagen by the body

Premium Collagen

Purest and highest grade of Japan Patented Nano Fish Collagen Peptide 5000mg

Lower molecular weight allows quicker absorption of collagen into the body within 1 hour

Plant-based Ingredients

Beetroot, Figs, Hawthorn & Acerola Cherries

100% Natural

No preservatives, additives & artificial colouring Zero fats & cholesterol


❑ Achieve anti-aging

❑ Protect against radical damage

❑ Improve skin complexion & elasticity

❑ Lock in skin moisture & prevent loss of collagen

❑ Promote natural collagen production within the body

❑ Repair joints

❑ Aid in digestion

❑ Boost metabolism

❑ Aid in iron absorption

❑ Help with wound healing

Suggested Intake 

A sachet before breakfast
Start the day with beauty and vitality

A sachet right before bed.
Wake up to a glowing complexion.

20s Beauty Plan:

Build up skin foundation Consume 1 pack every 2 days

30s Beauty Plan:

Maintain youthful skin Consume 1 pack daily

40s Beauty Plan:

Pair 1 pack daily with our Chicken Essence for a nourished and radiant complexion.

I’ve been taking this Collagen Beauty Essence almost daily for more than week now. It’s beetroot in colour and tastes like a sweet fruit concentrate – you can’t smell or taste the nano fish collagen at all! I usually have it in room temperature in the morning on an empty stomach. I like the added boost of energy that I get from drinking this beauty essence in the morning and I find that my skin is also more hydrated from within.

I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a Collagen Beauty Essence supplement especially if you are unable to have a healthy diet due to your lifestyle and need a booster. It will also make a great pre-wedding or get well soon gift for friends! 

Thank you Hao Yi Kang for the products for review! Visit their website and shop here~