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Depend GelLack Start Kit for Safe & Easy Gelish Nails

Hi Loves!

Are you a gelish nail fan? Ever wished you could apply gelish nails in the comfort of your home at your own time and pace, without having to book a slot at your usual nail salon?  Or wished that you can enjoy the longevity of gelish nails without damaging your nails with all that buffing? Well, now your wishes are fulfilled with Depend’s GelLack home salon kit!

Depend Gellack Start Kit Home Nail Salon 003Depend GelLack Start Kit

Depend Gellack Start Kit Home Nail Salon 001 Comes with before/after cleanser, base coat, top coat, orange wood cuticle stick, nail file and an LED Lamp, to be used with GelLack colour (sold separately) for a high shine finish that lasts 2-3weeks. Depend Gellack Start Kit Home Nail Salon 002The LED lamp is easy to use and comes equipped with a timer – both stregthens and dries the nails within minutes, leaving an extremely durable surface.

Additional benefits of the Depend GelLack system:

1.         Most gel nail application requires the surface to be buffed first, resulting in thinning and brittleness of the nails. However, GelLack doesn’t require buffing, as curing the polish under the LED lamp smoothens it out to achieve a shiny, ridgeless look (also good news for people who cannot paint nails very evenly with their non-dominant hand). Since it is equipped with an LED lamp and not a UV lamp, the curing and drying process is quicker (30 seconds) and kinder to the nails.

 2.         Plus, once the nail polish is cured, there is no drying time (YES, THE BEST!).

3.         The removal process is the key highlight of GelLack’s system, as it requires only GelLack’s Remover Oil and warm water. Most (if not all) gel nail removal requires an acetone soak, which dehydrates the nails. The remaining polish is literally scraped and buffed off, which usually leads to damaged, brittle nails. However, GelLack only requires you to massage the oil into the nails, after which you place the nails in warm water (about 40 degrees) for about 5 minutes or so (depending on how long your manicure has been left on. If you’ve left on the manicure for less than three weeks, leave it in warm water for 7 – 10 minutes) and the nail polish can be peeled off with your fingers or with a cuticle stick, causing no damage to the surface.

 4.         If there is an event in which your current gel nails don’t match your outfit, you can paint them over with regular nail polish and remove it afterwards with acetone – the gel nails will not be affected! 🙂

Depend GelLack Start Kit retails at Watsons for S$99.00 and additional colours at S$13.90 each. Highly recommended for gelish nails lovers!

Watch Depend GelLack How To Video here:

Watch How To Remove GelLack video (in Swedish, but you can watch and follow the steps) here:

Thank you Depend Cosmetics Singapore and Chen Ting of Mediaflair comms for the kit for review! It’s taking me forever to actually get down to reviewing the kit as I’m usually with gelish nails, but I will update again either on the blog or on my IG once I have tried the kit!

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