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DessertGuroo, delicious & fun dessert party packs to your doorstep!


Are you a jelly dessert lover and wonder where you can order them for parties?

Wonder no longer because today I’ll be reviewing dessert packs from DessertGuroo,
touted to be Singapore’s original online dessert store! ^^

Just in time for my sister’s birthday in March, my family and I got to enjoy delicious desserts
delivered right to our doorstep, thanks to DessertGuroo!

DessertGuroo ReviewDessertGuroo Review

DessertGuroo Red Tea Jelly Review

DessertGuroo Red Tea Jelly Review

DessertGuroo Red Tea Jelly Review

DessertGuroo Red Tea Jelly Review DessertGuroo Red Tea Jelly Review

This is their Red Tea Jelly Party Pack
with dollops of Passionfruit Nectar and sprinkle of IQ balls!

The Red Tea Jelly and Passionfruit Nectar are rich in flavors on their own
yet delicious when blended together. I am a fan of IQ balls which are chewy and bouncy. ^^
I also love that these jellies come in individual packs and disposable spoons are provided,
which is perfect for parties as there’s no preparation and cleaning up required!

A box of 12 cups is available on their site here at $17.80.

DessertGuroo Mangotini Review DessertGuroo Mangotini Review DessertGuroo Mangotini Review DessertGuroo Mangotini Review DessertGuroo Mangotini Review DessertGuroo Mangotini Review DessertGuroo Mangotini Review DessertGuroo Mangotini Review

This is DessertGuroo’s best-selling (they didn’t say so, but I presume so, either that or it will soon be their best-seller :P)
Mangotini dessert pack.

I love how everything is packed and labelled so neatly and clearly,
it made the entire process of putting the dessert together very simple, fun and under 5 minutes.
It took me 3 minutes. 😛
The only extra thing you need to prepare is a bowl of ice.

The entire presentation is beautiful to say the least. The mango jelly linguini is delicious as it is elegant.
My mum said it looks like “kway teow” which is another type of local delicious flat and thin noodles.
You can call it whatever tickles your fancy!
The flavor of the mango puree and peach nectar is rich without being overwhelming
and the mango linguini and crystal pearl jellies are tasty and chewy.

If you’re planning for a party at your place sometime soon and you’ll be having a crowd to please,
look no further and order this. You won’t regret it. 😉

A set that serves up to 10-12 pax is available on their site here at $27.90.

DessertGuroo Lycheetini Review DessertGuroo Lycheetini Review

DessertGuroo Lycheetini Review DessertGuroo Lycheetini Review DessertGuroo Lycheetini Review DessertGuroo Lycheetini Review
And this, is DessertGuroo’s Lychee Linguine.
The soursop puree is the right touch of sour without being overwhelming (omgoodness I am salivating just talking about it now), the lychee nectar is sweet but when mixed with the ice it becomes like a refreshing dessert juice/drink. My mum and second sister absolutely love this because they like the soursop! The lychee linguine jelly came really packed tight together and required a lot more stirring to loosen compared to the mango linguine. I personally perfer the mangotini dessert. But if you prefer your dessert with a tinge of sour (still sweet, but a little sour) then you will love this. 🙂
A set that serves up to 10-12 pax is available on their site here at $27.90.

Check out & like the DessertGuroo Facebook page here
for new product updates and cool dessert recipes! 🙂

Thanks to Crystel and DessertGuroo for these tasty desserts for my family and I!

Thank you for reading~! <3



Chat Masala Indian Cuisine Singapore Review


A while back, my dear friend Smita brought me to Chat Masala,
a mid fine dining restaurant that serves up Indian cuisine that has been rated 4.2/5 on their Google+ page.
Pretty good ratings I’d say. Was my experience as good or better?
Read on! 😉

Enabalista Masala Chat Singapore Review Seekh Kebab

First up, we had Seekh Kebab. I love this! It’s like tandoori chicken but even better, softer.Enabalista Masala Chat Singapore Review Ladies Finger

We also had ladies fingers. Two type were mixed in it, one crunchier, the other softer.
We definitely enjoyed this as well!

Enabalista Masala Chat Singapore Review Chicken Chattinad

Chicken Chattinad. Spicy Indian chicken curry. It was spicy!
We couldn’t finish this because it was quite a big share for two of us and a bit too spicy for me. But delicious. 🙂
Enabalista Masala Chat Singapore Review Chapatti and Naan

Chapati and Butter Naan! Smita had the Chapati and I had the Naan. I enjoyed the Naan.Enabalista Masala Chat Singapore Review Chaas/Muru

Chaas/Muru. Chaas is what the north indians call this drink, Muru the south indian.
Essentially it’s like an smoothie drink with jelly mixed it.
It has a unique mix of sweet and savory tastes, which was surprisingly pleasant. Enabalista Masala Chat Singapore Chaas/Muru

Enabalista Masala Chat Singapore Review Lassi Enabalista Masala Chat Singapore Review I love Seekh Kebab

Smita didn’t want a photo together. ;( So it’s just me and the lovely Seekh Kebab! 🙂

I’d definitely re-order the Seekh Kebab and Butter Naan the next time I’m back.
And try other dishes there. All in all, I’d give it a 4/5 in terms of good food, portions, ambience.
$$$: ~ $20-30 per person.

158 Upper East Coast Rd Singapore 455254
Call: 6876 0570

Let me know how you find the restaurant if you make it down! 😉


CoCo Ichibanya Curry House @ Star Vista | Food Review

Recently I was invited down for an intimate food tasting session at
CocoICHIBANYA Curry House at Star Vista!

I was delighted to be invited for this food tasting session
because I am a fan of Japanese curry rice
which is flavourful and yet not too spicy
and I’ve previously dined at CocoICHIBANYA outlet at 313Somerset!

Star Vista is conveniently located close to Buona Vista MRT station
with sheltered walk way all the way till the mall.

Let’s take a look at what’s on the menu shall we? 😉
CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista ReviewAs you can see on the menu above,
First you select the curry dish from the various selection available,
then you select the quantity of rice,
choose the spice level,
& lastly add toppings if you’d like! 😉

By asking for less rice, there’s a $1 deduction!
Best for ladies who wants to enjoy Jap curry rice
without busting their waistline
& extra savings, woohoo~!

For the spice levels, level 0 is standard.
We also tried level 1 and 3.
More on the various levels in a bit!

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista ReviewHere’s another pic of the toppings available on the menu,
such as cheese, kimchee (!) & mushroom.

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review Here’s our lovely host Lucas ordering delicious Japanese curry dishes for us. \(^▽^)/

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review
With my sister, Jia Hui. (^▽^)

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista ReviewOur salad greens that came with our mains.

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista ReviewLucas’ salmon croquette with cheese
less rice
& spice level 3!

We had the a taste of the curry and it had a  stronger pepper/spice taste,
definitely recommended for those who’d like their curry that pack a punch! 😉
CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista ReviewOur pork cutlet curry rice
less rice
spice level 0.

The cutlet was fried to a golden perfection,
but it was a pity that it slightly on the overcooked side
and a tad too tough for our taste.
We gave our feedback to the staff and hopefully it won’t be too tough for others in the future!

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review Our omelette rice aka Omu rice with mushroom & cheese toppings
with less rice
spice level 0 standard.

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista ReviewWe ordered chicken karaage to add to this dish~

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review As mentioned, I am a fan of Japanese rice
and I am also a BIG fan of omu-rice!

The combination of eggs, mushroom and cheese with the curry was yummy!
I liked that the mushroom tasted fresh and flavorful in diced pieces
& the chicken karaage was also perfect!

I probably had too much of goodness in my belly that day.
So this has got to be my FAVE dish of the day.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista ReviewWe also tried beef curry, on Lucas’ recommendaiton
with extra spinach topping that added a sweetness to the dish
with spice level 1
My sister noted that this dish had a stronger tumeric taste to it!
Definitely recommended combination for people who like beef and spinach. 😉

We also ordered a strawberry yougurt smoothie
which was sweet & refreshing!
Def’ a hit with folks who love strawberry + yougurt. 😉

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista Review With my sis & Lucas!
Follow us on Instagram, @jiahui2289, @ena_teo & @niftylucas. 😉

Check out CoCo Ichibanya Curry House Facebook page here.

CoCo Ichibanya Curry Outlets in Singapore
‘cos you do wanna eat their curry rice right?

Star Vista outlet
The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-06, Dover, 138617

313 @ Somerset outlet
#B3-25, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road

Their latest outlet at Bugis+!
#01-10, Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street

~$11-15 person not inclusive of drinks

Did you know, CoCo Ichibanya is also the largest curry chain in the world in term of the number of branches?
There are about 1,268 branches (and counting!) w(°o°)w
around the world in countries such as US, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand!

So for all my non Singaporean reader friends, you can also taste this delicious Japanese curry
if you’re visiting one of the above countries!

CocoICHIBANYA Star Vista Enabalista ReviewA selfie picture I posted on Instagram after the lunch and
I commented that my face was bloated
probably because I pinned my hair back
but also probably because of too much delicious jap curry rice!

Check out my instagram @ena_teo for more of my updates~!

Till the next post,

Ena Recommends Nam Nam Vietnamese Noodle Bar! :)

So on the same night that my friend and I went down for the Sephora Beauty Night out, we had a late dinner after the event at Nam Nam Vietnamese Noodle Bar @ Raffles City Shopping Centre!

Here’s a quick review of our dinner!

Nam Nam Vietnamese Noodle Bar @ Raffles City Shopping Centre
This is the view of the store from where we were seated. I tried my bestest to capture the Nam Nam sign board but the light box made it impossible for my IPhone camera, hahaha.
Nam Nam Vietnamese Noodle Bar @ Raffles City Shopping Centre
I like how quaint the entire decor and vibe of the noodle bar was. Although right smack in the CBD area of Raffles City Shopping mall, one still feels as though she could be right next to the vietnamese road side. And of course, here’s the old school tiny cup that came with the coke can!
Nam Nam Vietnamese Noodle Bar @ Raffles City Shopping Centre
This was my dinner of the night, beef pho and typing this at midnight is making me saliva very badly. I LOVE IT. I am not quite sure if it’s because I was hungry or it was delicious, I believe it is more the later. What I loved about it was definitely the delicious fish sauce flavour and the lime in the soup. The meat was tender and the noodles were cooked perfectly.

I did not manage to take a shot of my friend’s dish which was a stir fry beehoon and I tried a bite and it was DELICIOUS. I did not expect it to be so delicious. So I am going to go back to eat that dish the next time.

Now time for my review!

Taste: 5/5 

As I mentioned, I loved my pho as well as my friend’s stir fry beehoon. The ingredients like meat and noodles were cooked just right and I love the authentic flavours in the dishes!

Price: 3/5

I think at SGD$9/10 per dish it is definitely on the pricey side, for a basement venue at that. But for the taste, I think it is still worth it. For young working adults like myself, we probably will head there once in a while.

Service: 3/5

 I think the service was fast, considering it was 9pm and still packed. But they could do better with more friendly staff as some of them seemed quite shy and not articulate in english. I think language barrier is not that big an issue but rather the friendliness was lacking. Maybe they are worn out from the day.

Decor & Ambience: 3/5 

I love the decor, but the ambience was not great because of the tiny space, guests are seating right next to each other so we could hear the conversations on our side and vice versa. Definitely not the place for meetings or catch ups but if you want to grab a good quick dinner with old friends, yes.

Overall verdict: 3.5 /5

Yes, if you’re a fan of Vietnamese food like me, go for it! But don’t expect the world. Though the taste is great, I would think it’s on the pricey side and expect service and ambience to be like that of the roadside stalls but interestingly situated in a mall basement. 😉

If you want to visit them, here are  the details:

NamNam Noodle Bar
Website: http://namnamnoodlebar.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/namnamnoodlebar?fref=ts

Raffles City
Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-46/47, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Contact: +65 63360550
Opening Hours: 8am – 9.30pm (last order)

Wheelock Place
Address: 501 Orchard Road #B2-02, Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
Contact: +65 67351488
Opening Hours: 8am – 9.30pm (last order)



Lunch at Oca Grassa

Recently my colleagues and I visited an Italian casual fine dining restaurant, Oca Grassa for lunch.

They were featured on TimeOut Singapore online, here.

Oca Grassa means “fat goose” in Italian and it signifies prosperity and the good life. 🙂

From our experience at Oca Grassa, I most certainly agree that the restaurant lives up to its name!

2013-07-23 12.37.13

The cute namecard with a lightly embossed goose with 3 golden eggs. ^^

2013-07-23 12.30.32The restaurant has a lovely lobby / entrance with a beautiful painting. 
2013-07-23 12.30.44

My #ootd, a black dress with pink floral prints and blue wedges.

I matched my earrings with the dress, but you can’t see it here, haha.

2013-07-23 12.35.44

Oca Grassa has an open kitchen concept where you can watch the chefs in action. Here’s our starters of bread with meat slices and vinaigrette.

2013-07-23 12.57.57

For salads, we had seafood with avocado. I love avocado and the squid was grilled to perfection! It was akin to savouring the bounty of the sea in a mouthful. 🙂2013-07-23 13.05.09

Next up we had a seafood fritter platter of prawns and squid. 2013-07-23 13.11.14

Then we had a tomato based seafood pasta. I felt that the pasta was a tad overcooked, could have been better.

For the last main… We were in for a surprise! 2013-07-23 13.37.29

Look at my colleagues shocked expressions! 😛

2013-07-23 13.37.44

And all of us eager to Instagram the chef’s recommendation, the florentine steak served on himalayan salt. 😛2013-07-23 13.41.19

I had never tasted steak so good. It was served medium rare, I had a few cuts, one served more cooked and another in medium rare which tasted better because it was tasty and chewy.

2013-07-23 14.14.00

Lastly, we ended off our meal with desserts, Tiramisu with gula melaka and Panna Cotta with a guava base and topped off with pomegranate flavoured ice. I can’t decide which I prefer more!

Located at 6 Bukit Pasoh which is near Duxton, the restaurant is nestled among shop houses which provides a nice background for a stroll after dinner in the evening. 🙂 The budget per person is about $100, without drinks. For wine, add another $50. If you’re planning for a date, you can request for a smaller Florentine steak for two.

I would most definitely be back again for the seafood salad, steak and desserts!

If you’d like to visit, here’s the details:

Oca Grassa

6 Bukit Pasoh Road

Tel: 6534 9854

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat: 12pm – 2.30pm (Lunch)
Mon – Sat: 6pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)

Till the next post,