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SG50: What We Love About SG!


Hi Loves!

SG50 What We Love About Singapore

Today on the 9th of August 2015, we celebrate Singapore’s 50th independence day! To commemorate this milestone, I’ve invited 50 special people to share their favourite thing (person / food / music / place / history / memory) about Singapore. Enjoy!

loveforskincareLeanne@loveforskincare | http://loveforskincare.com/ 
When I participated in the National Day Parade in 1990.

Linda SilverkisLinda M.@silverkis | http://www.silverkis.com/
I love SG for the food obviously, but this is home where all my favourite people are. 🙂

rachelxoooRachel Hoe | @rachelxooo
My favourite place would be Fullerton hotel. It’s the place where my husband and I got married and it’s also the place where we first met. Plus its rich heritage around that area and even the beautiful Fullerton bay hotel is simply stunning.

_winnie.h_Winnie H. | @_winnie.h_
Favourite memory of SG are the playgrounds i grew up in. Lots of happy memories were made playing catching at the watermelon slide and mangosteen swing at the Tampines Central Park.

flyingpistachiosQi Yun | @qiyunz http://flyingpistachios.com/
There so many things I love about my homeland : ❤ Great food in many variety, apart from local favs such as char kway tiao, or jian etc, we also have Indian, Malay… all the way to Mongolia! ❤ Awesome people who work hard for the country and our families. ❤ Efficient, cheap and friendly transport system (some may not agree, so I urge you to try ditch tours and travel bag pack instead). ❤ Shopping malls that have everything and if not enough, ❤ super fast Internet networks to fulfil our online shopping desires! ❤ safe and well-built homes ( small but I choose to think cozy) ❤ high standard of living (comes at a price, surely. But there are places where it’s citizens can’t even afford a clean plate of rice. I cannot imagine myself born into a country as that, or a different time. I thank God and my forefathers that I’m a Singaporean today. ) ❤ clean ❤ green ❤ patriotic citizens who take extra effort to don red and white today on national day … it really warms my heart the same way I see my fellow country man queue to pay our last respects to Mr Lee our founding father earlier this year. ❤ While we’ll never know how Singapore and the world will be like like in another 50 years, I say, let’s guard our hearts and our country, and hope that when SG100 comes along, we are still the same successful , lovely and highly praised – Singapore.

vinnaVinna Er | @vinvolahttp://vinvola.blogspot.sg/
My favourite part of SG is that it’s a safe and great place for family growth. We are able to live freely without worrying for our safety.

Celine ChiamCeline Chiam | @chiamhuiyhttp://www.chiamhuiy.com/
Food, cleanliness and safety of the country.

Alene BreddemannAlene B. | @paperkittieshttp://www.paperkitties.com/
For me, it would be the Joo Chiat heritage and culture that is prevalent till today. 🙂

crystal wu secondsacharmCrystal W. | @secondsacharm
Food or course! We have food from every corner of the world!

alethia tohAlethia Toh | @alethiatoh
What I love about Singapore is SINGLISH! Haha cause that’s what makes us unique.

Christabelle PehChristabelle Peh | @bellepqz
I like the greenery here in SG.

Clarabelle ChewClarabelle Chew | @clarabellechew
The food!

yinglingYing Ling | @icolegal
The food; like Chomp Chomp, different types of food found at one place. :)))

Loretta ChanLoretta Chan |  @thesecrossroads
Personally, its a place which stores memories of my life growing up and I guess that’s irreplaceable no matter what. Food and safety are bonuses!

Gan DaGan Da | @haagandaz | Mr Da Photography
Safe streets.

ClintonClinton | @ongton

Justin Justin Siau | @justhinksiau
My favourite thing about SG is walking through the arrival hall in Changi Airport. Always feels great to be home. The efficiency of the automated immigration is a bonus. Haha.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 8.51.54 pmSister | @waynerooney88
Too many favs!!! If I have to narrow down, it will be SG PEOPLE: My family, husband and his family, colleagues, uni friends!! If I can choose more: SG’s food. SG’s safe and crime free streets.

Jia HuiJia Hui | @jiahui2289
If I really have to choose I think I like that one can get all types of food in a place at cheap prices at hawker centres. Yay food! They are unique to Singapore. A public place with lots of stalls selling many varieties of food. And a good reflection of our multi cultural society. And you see rich people in suits eating there with old uncle in shorts and singlets. It’s just #uniquelysingapore.

Clarabel TanClarabel Tan | @clarabeltan http://theperfectmonologue.blogspot.sg/
I would say it’s the food. We have everything and anything here. Japanese, indian, chinese, malay, korean, mexican, western, european, italian and french. Endless choice every meal! 😀

cassansaurusCassandra | @cassansaurus http://cassansaurus.blogspot.sg/
I love that I have lots of great memories of my family and I at the beach and the secondary school memories where my best friend and I of 8 years now met. 🙂

Cassandra TanCassandra Tan | @cforcassan | http://thenicethoughts.blogspot.sg/
My favourite thing about SG is definitely the food! I think the chances of seeing a pig fly is higher than running out of food choices here! Though there are so many variations to choose from, I’ll always go back to my comfort food – chicken rice! 🙂

Anico HannaAnico Hanna | @anicohannamg http://www.anicohanna.com/
My favourite thing about SG is the food. Honestly, I am picky when it comes to food but local food are simply the best. You can find them anywhere at any time.

Hanna TantocoHanna Tantoco | @hannatantoco http://every18thofjune.blogspot.sg/
My favourite thing about SG is the efficiency of public transportation. 🙂

ChristyChristy | @christyfrisbee
I love how safe Singapore is. 🙂 And I really really love the stretch of coconut trees and bougainvilleas that line the roads leading to and from Changi Airport! For SG citizens, it serves as a warm welcome home and tourists, an introduction to our garden city! 

10843990_328881093972944_311526309_aAdele | @axdelwen
I like that we have different races so we grow up knowing more about others’ cultures and delicacies. 

Smita DeSouzaSmita DeSouza | @smitadesouza http://thebeautydesk.co/
My favourite part about Singapore is the food. You get to indulge in chinese, malay, indonesian, indian and of course all the international cuisines all on this beautiful, tiny island. If I leave Singapore, it’s the local food I will miss the most.

TarandipTarandip Kaur | @tarandip http://fashstash.tumblr.com/
My favourite memory would have to be growing up in Queenstown – from rollerblading in the estate to picking saga seeds and drawing hopscotch boxes everywhere – the neighbourhood felt like one big family. Everyone was a friend.

Sydney HoSydney Ho | @ssydneyho http://blog.myfatpocket.com/ssydneyho/
My favourite thing about SG would be Sentosa! It has been the place closest to heart to me since young. 🙂

Lorraine TanLorraine Tan | @lorraineclx
There are many but if I have to choose one it will be peace and stability. I appreciate that we live in a peaceful, safe and green country. The fundamentals of where we can build a happy and safe home. Then we are able to spread our wings and go further in our work and aspirations. <3

Charissa YvetteCharissa Yvette | @_charissayvette_ http://charissayvette.com/
My favourite thing about Singapore is the local food that makes us uniquely Singapore! Also, growing up in harmony with people and friends of all religions and races is a huge plus too. A very inclusive community.

alethea janeAlethea Jane | @aletheajane | http://blog.myfatpocket.com/alethea/
My favourite thing is singlish. It’s an accent you recognize when you’re abroad. So it’s easy to spot a fellow Singaporean. Also, with singlish we sum everything up so nicely in so few words. 😀


downloadJerlene | @musicalhouseshttp://musicalhouses.blogspot.sg/
For me it is the food! Cheap and good food available at all hours of the day is really a luxury we only get here. And the fact that our local fare is so varied and tasty means that you can eat local food everyday and not get sick of it.

Roanna TanRoanna T. | @paradeoflove http://www.paradeoflove.com/
My favourite thing about about Singapore is that we have different kinds of cuisine all in this one little red dot! We’re all spolit for choice when it comes to food here.

11116798_868638736505211_1664335146_aRusty | @missrustydotnet http://www.missrusty.net/
I like the country itself because of its stability and safety!

Juliana CJuliana C | @ilovebunnynet http://www.ilovebunny.net/
My multi-lingual and multi-culture community.

Sarah BeautybyrahSarah | @beautybyrah http://www.beautybyrah.blogspot.sg/
The wide variety and cheap food! 🙂

Jody LiuJody Liu | @joduluhttp://jodulu.blogspot.sg/
I love the fact that in Singapore it doesn’t matter what time it is, there will always be food available (you just need to know where to go); I love how we have come a long way to be this beautiful blend of racial rojak and it always amazes my overseas friends how culturally diverse Singaporeans are! 

Kersie Glammama.sgKersie | @glammama.sg
I love how beautiful and majestic our trees are, sheltering our journeys all these years. Whenever there’s more than one way to my destination, I find myself choosing the greener, more scenic route. Happy Birthday Singapore! I hope our future remains robust like our hardy greens and we grow to be a more caring, helpful and gracious society.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.20.38 pmKenny | @kenny_depression
My favourite thing is the education system! It made me effectively bilingual – which I’m very proud of.

Amos AnandaAmos Ananda | @amosananda
From the satisfying Roti-prata, the savoury fried carrot cake, the ultimate comfort of the kaya toast with two soft boiled eggs, to the heavenly teh tarik, there’s no place like home. Having been living away from Singapore occasionally due to work, makes me appreciate Singapore even more. Regardless of the indifference people have about the political issues within the country, it is with no doubt that we are fortunate to live in a safe and comfortable Singapore we call home.

Lindsey lipstickpassportpearlsLindsey | @lipstickpassportpearls http://lipstickpassportpearls.com/
My favourite thing in Singapore has got to be: early morning runs at the botanic gardens. Especially running through the rainforest area. The whole park is stunning and you get a reboot of fresh air right in the middle of the city! I totally loose track of the time when I’m there (which is convenient on a long run. 🙂

Sheena PhuaSheena Phua | @sheenaphua http://sheenaphua.blogspot.sg/
Laksa & chilli crab ! 🙂

CharleneCharlene | @pinkmartinipink
It has to the food! Convenience of food everywhere. Hehe. And the transport system too. May not be the best, but certainly much better than most places.

Jacqueline SengJacqueline Seng | @jacseng
I’ll say it’s the hawker food, because I can’t pick just one single dish. It’s the one thing we miss about home whenever we are overseas for extended periods of time, other than our loved ones. It’s the one thing we talk passionately about with visitors to Singapore, and can connect over with people we’ve just met. 😋

KiranKiran P. | @kpkr
I’d pick hawker food, the other thing would be familiarity with common folks I.e talkative taxi drivers, aunties and uncle in wet markets offering disc, the convenience having everything in one city (both modern, historical and Asian feels to it).

Elvina LiowElvina L. | @elivinaliow
Definitely hawker food!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I miss it so much! 
And also our cultural diversity.

Annabel TeoAnnabel Teo | @annabelteo
YES TO HAWKER FOOOOOOD! And how it’s so convenient to get from place to place with our transport system

Rachel ORachel O. | @rabeyy
I love that we can call anyone uncle and auntie here in Singapore!

Ena TeoMe! | @ena_teo
My favourite thing about Singapore is the Marina Bay area especially in the evening. I love chilling there with family and friends whether we’re at the Gardens by the Bay watching the lights show or at Sky on 57 bar overlooking the beautiful skyline in the night. 

An overwhelming 22 people picked food as their top favourite, hehe. To find out what’s tasty in Singapore, check out my review of OpenSnap, a local food app here if you haven’t.  What’s your favourite thing about Singapore? 😉

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!